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Indonesia Contractors - Questions & Discussions Regarding Your Profile.


Please feel free to ask me any questions, discuss anything regarding your profile in

We can discuss issues we face frequently - like how to create a better profile, and what need to put there.

basically what you need to do at first when you register at :
- make sure you complete your profile [100%]
- dont' leave blank for Skill, Education, and if you have any portfolio, don't hesitate to added in your portfolio, along with the screenshot.
- and one last things. do the test :
a. oDesk Readiness Test.
b. other test. minimal 2-3 other test based on your skills and experience.

if you already do these, don't hesitate to contact me directly so i can reviewed your profile and give notes to make your profile more attractive.

Also, please feel free to share your experiences on oDesk, so newer contractors get helps from that.

Thanks & regards.

Hery Hendra

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how to get jobs in odesk since i already have odesk account

Hi Hendra,

Nice to talk you in this forums, what i should to do with this "A scanned image of a recent utility bill or bank statement"? please tell me if you know about this.

thank you


Hi Dadang, do you have

Hi Dadang,

do you have Internet Banking :
- BCA. you can print out "Mutasi Rekening" from klikbca. just make sure it have screenshot of your name there.

if not, you can scan your account bank book, the front that written your name, and the transaction history. combine these into one image in psd, and send it Smile.

scanned bill statement


I'm Revina. I'm a designer from Surabaya. Could u please take a look at my profile, too? i;m looking forward to hearing any feedback. thanks before Smile

Also i wanna say thanks for the info about the bank statement. i've been wondering about it, too Smile i thought it wasnt permitted to combine it myself.. now i can apply to be Odesk ready Laughing out loud

Cheers, everyone!
Have a bright day Wink

Hi Revina, hopefully you will

Hi Revina,

hopefully you will get your first job here at oDesk Smile.

i just take a look at your profile. lot of portfolio wow...

now you need to take :
- odesk readiness for contractor test.
- other test maybe that reflect your skills, 1-2 test more.

and you're ready to start a bidding. just email me if you need an example of cover letter



Hi Hery, thanks for the

Hi Hery,

thanks for the feedback Smile
Anyway, i just realized the bank statement is used for ID verification, and not Odesk ready -_-' also, mine is BCA bank book, and the book doesnt have my address on it. i think all BCA's book should be the same. will it be fine? Will Odesk be ok with it? :s
Thanks again..

Have a gud day Smile

Hi Revina i also used BCA

Hi Revina

i also used BCA when ID Verification. but i used Klikbca to generate the screenshot. if you go to klikbca, you can capture a screenshot of your transaction statement with your name on top.

only need the name, no need for your address. as long the name are same with your odesk that's ok.

hope it help


Well, from my exp, employers

Well, from my exp, employers biggest concern working with foreign contractors is : English.
They tend to search 5 stars in English (excellent)
If you put excellent english in your profile and you can prove it, I think you can compete fairly well with contractors from other countries.

Hi Hendra, I have already

Hi Hendra,

I have already follow two test, before continuing another test. Please check my profile first.


Ahmad your profile looks


your profile looks good. send me your email address, odesk username, link to odesk profile to my email. i will send you example of cover letter to help you start bidding job.

Example of cover letter

Dear Hery,
i love to have the sample of your cover letter too. But i can't found your email address Smile
will you please send it to me?

I also have a problem with a portfolio.
I am looking job as a data entry. What kind of portfolio should i provide?


Employers Feedback

Good morning...

It's nice to know the new Indonesian Forum =)

If you already work hard, but the employers give you standard or bad feedback (2 or 3 stars), and said that your "communication" or bad quality job..
What do you think?

Thank you

is your communication with

is your communication with employer are bad or not ?
- these are one of problematic issues. why, because there are always two side of stories, and the answer are very subjective. Employer have a right to give feedback, we could not force employer, and same like that. Contractor also have a right. and if you feel employer give bad feedback, you can always backfire the employer.
- my suggestion, never apply with employer with bad feedback or new employer that have no payment verified.

btw i only see one bad feedback, not too bad. it will not affect your profile pretty Smile.

more and more contractor , but few client

hi, nice to know that now we have an indonesian forum in Odesk

right now i see there are a lot of indonesian contractor in Odesk, well thats good, but i think we must also have a client from indonesia too, maybe we can promote Odesk to indonesian which potential to be a client.

Hello all

Hello Hery, hello all my fellow Indonesian colleagues,

Nice to have this forum, so we can share knowledge and experience. As our numbers increase so, hopefully, will clients needing our services. Hery, can I also receive a copy of the cover letter template?

Here's to more business for all Indonesians !!


send me email raphita . i

send me email raphita Smile. i will send you later on.

cover letter

Hi Hery,

Can you send me cover letter too?

thanks man

My Bank Account is always low ...

Is it okay bro? and nice to see you here as my manager Wink

omg . my partner . hi eddy,

omg Smile. my partner Smile. hi eddy, waiting for the project in sawit Smile. don't know you work in hahaha

you should become the manager instead of me Smile

about work experience

if this "work experience" must be filled by real experience? I meant, work at office that can give you a prove that you have already worked at there?

what if I havent had that experience. I am freelancer, all my job is being my portfolio. can I skip that progress? so I can reach 100% of my profile?

just filled up that with your

just filled up that with your Brand Name, for example you work as IT Consultant / Web Developer on Hendry_company? something like that ?

these are subjective, so you can put it anything, but realistic enough.

I only done some project for

I only done some project for personal people. even an organization, it dont have Brand that people can trust..

In my humble opinion,

In my humble opinion, Experience is something that tells the employer that you have done something related to their needs, so the key is not to be restricted of any rules. as long as your Experience sells you, then put it in.

Please Review

Helo Hery,
It is nice to have your advise, I've just checked in onboard and join the community for the purpose of getting myself work out with how to win work on Odesk from the experrienced like yourself ,please assist accrodingly, many thanks.


Hidayat Nataatmaja

how to hide rate in your profile?

I saw some profiles with hidden rate in their Hourly Job History.
E.g. "10 hrs" instead of "$10 (10 hrs @ $1/hr)".
How to do that?

This is a beta program for

This is a beta program for large employers to hide their payments. Contractors cannot choose to hide their earnings.


hi, i am new here. i have no experience in online jobs. i really need help to get a job.

Hi Sam i already look at your

Hi Sam

i already look at your profile, it's looking good. but when i see your job bidding, you only bid at August 2 and 3, do bid the job you feel you can done every day. bid a job for 3-4 job every day. if there are no response from employer for 4 days remove the application so your quota refreshed and you can use that to bid another job.

you must do these everyday. try those method


asking advise

Dear Mr. Hendra,

I'm another Indonesian newbie, joining this August.
I've tried to complete my profile n taken few tests as u suggested.

Kindly check my profile and give inputs^^.
I really want to start seriously in this site, since I think this is a great opportunity to fill my free time.



Melyn i just see your


i just see your reviews, it looks good. but do you have another portfolio you could insert into portfolio sections.

i think that's i can see. and every day bid 3-4 job, if there are no response from the employer in 4 days, just remove the bidding so you could use the quota to bid for another job


Thanks for the reply. I'll

Thanks for the reply. I'll try to add more Portfolio.

I have another question too.
Few days ago I got a very quick job, paid in fixed amount.
I had the contract and the employer had already paid me.
I had entered my time manually for an hour.

But since the employer didn't end the contract, I just ended it today.
However, I was confused since it's not shown in my profile.
Usually, the job history n job on progress would be shown right?

When I check under my Contracts tab, I could see this ended contract. I just dont know how to put that on my profile.

Could you give suggestion?
Thanks a lot.


You can check your Transaction History page under the Wallet tab to see if the payment is there. It should be in the Pending area at the top.

Look at the first column, the Due On column, to see if there is a date. That is when you can withdraw the funds.

Also, a contract has to earn you at least $1.00 to post on your public profile.

I should also mention that you do not have to log or add manual time to your Work Diary on fixed-price jobs. The Team application/Work Diary is for hourly jobs, unless your employer requests you use it for time or resource management purposes.

For lots more info, please check out the oDesk Learning Center.

Feel free to ask more questions here, too.

I hope this is helpful to you! Smile

"Everybody is talented, original, and has something important to say." - Brenda Ueland


salam alikoum everybody , ..
i wanna join a translation team or s designing team !! how can I so this ? ! where can i find oDesk teams ? !!

You have to be invited to a team

The best thing to do is to apply to job postings. After a while, you can ask the employer to add you to their team and they can invite you.

"Everybody is talented, original, and has something important to say." - Brenda Ueland

Hi Hendra, I'm newbie here

Hi Hendra,
I'm newbie here ...
Can you give me a suggestion about my oDesk profile ?

Hargono i just look at your


i just look at your odesk profile:
- update your profile. make sure your profile completeness are minimum 80%, these can be done with:
a. add your employment history, education and certificate if any.
b. do a TESTS. start with odesk readiness test for contractor, and also other test like php test, sql test, commerce test.

email me at Hargono if you need any help. or reply in here Smile.


Hi Hendra,Nice to meet you.

Hi Hendra,

Nice to meet you. I'm a newbie on this site and need advice about my profile.
I don't have any employment history, portfolio, or certificate since I've never worked at any real offices, so I can't make my profile completeness above 40%

Could you give me any suggestion, please?

Thanks before Smile


There are free certificates offered at Brainbench: (needs registration, go to if necessary). Since you came from Binus I believe some of them will interest you, like "Internet Technology Fundamentals" and other "fundamentals" for several Microsoft products. There's also a "Written English" test that may support your translation applications although your English is excellent already.

Thank you for your advice

Thank you for your advice Chris, I will take some of that Brainbench's test Smile

My English is a little bit rusty since I rarely use it after graduation. So, I'm sorry if there are some mistakes. Think I'll need to improve it...

I just remembered that I've ever been a Tupperware seller a couple years ago. Should I add that to my profile? It's not really an office, though. But still, it was an experience, isn't it?

It's work, so yes I think you

It's work, so yes I think you should put it on your experience: tell us how you came about doing it, why it was exciting, what kinds of marketing tricks and techniques you learned there, etc. I'm sure there were much to glean from anything we enjoyed. In fact as you seem to like language-related jobs, write as much about anything you like - your prospects will appreciate actual writing samples.

I have just update my

I have just update my profile, hope it looks better this time Smile

Can I ask you something?

Recently I applied to the job with title "A Very Easy Typing Job", and the employer stated that they need someone to type 11 scanned pages in MS Word. Then I got a reply from the employer, which tells that the work that he offers is typing captcha.. And I could start immediately.. Totally different from what was offered before.

I've already flag that as inappropriate posting jobs. But I wonder if I really do that job, will I get paid? Since he's not hiring me properly, and did not mention anything about it.


Unless he paid in full - upfront, that is Big smile
Or, better yet, ask to make it hourly so you'll get additional benefits in the number of hours working here. However even for hourly jobs let's make sure the employer has verified his credit card so payment will be guaranteed indeed.

There are threads discussing the moral value of such jobs; personally I don't have any opinion about it although the majority seems to diss it. My reason: we don't even know why the employer posted such jobs, and I like to give anyone benefits of the doubt - presumed innocence so to speak, so it's not really mine to judge their motives. I have a very good and reliable employer who once asked me to register accounts in a lot of sites, under his name of course - unethical, no? Turned out he wanted to promote his site using a sharing service where he could just upload a video and the service routed it to his accounts on other sites. I call that legitimate.

At another time someone asked me to help a young niece working on a school assignment. Now this should be flat-out rejected, until I learned that the niece was just enrolling in a design college that requires submission of brochure samples to be worked further in class. Was it wrong? Somewhat. I just couldn't help remembering my younger years, bumbling up in the beginning with little help or resources (no internet at the time), and ended up in failure.

I don't think he/she would

I don't think he/she would pay me upfront. If that's the case, of course I will accept it Tongue

He's not verified his credit card yet. That was my reason to flag it. I've seen several job posted that have similar job desc but with different employer. And none of it has verified his payment method. Maybe it's the same guy who posted it.

Indeed people have their own opinion about the moral value of a job. It's their right, who am I to judge them? Since I've ever asked someone to help my college assignment too. I just didn't expect to find such a job here in Odesk.

I still have not been lucky to get hired. Hope I will get my first job soon. Thank you for your help, Chris Smile

Good Luck

and have my best wishes. I have been here less than a year so I still remember those first three or four months: languishing every night in search of a small break, spending a lot of time for a little hope and none came. In desperation I even entered the shameful world of design contests: spec work, work for free, begging for attention, whatever. Until that day an offer came out of the blue and thankfully it was a quick and simple job, right here in oDesk - which is why I will be forever grateful to this site being the icebreaker.

So don't give up. Be yourself and shape your own future here. To help you keep that fire strong, here's a list of little things I bought from working part-time here: a galaxy s, two blackberries, a cheap laptop, a new smart modem every other month, and the largest martabak across the street anytime I want Big smile

Thank you for the wishes

Thank you for the wishes Smile

Wow, that sounds tempting, especially on the laptop part. That's definitely would be my first things to buy after I gathered enough money, so there would be no more fighting over one computer with my sister Big smile

I know the competitions here is very tight. But I'm totally shocked when I saw a job post this afternoon, where the employer has hired someone, and that man only get paid for $0.1/hour! Only 900 IDR! It's so ridiculous! What can you buy with that? I'm sure a beggar in Jakarta could earn so much more than that. And all they have to do is thrust a plastic cup.

I just can't figure it out. Why would he wants to be paid that low..

If I were him, buying a laptop would be a very, very long journey. Maybe I would have to work for a week to buy the smallest martabak Tongue

More Free Certs!

I just got an email direct from Brainbench; they will be holding a Bench Games worldwide competition between March 5 - 9 where users can take any test for free, with prizes for the highest scoring users as well as countries with the most certified users.

Here's the link: - login required.

Last time there was such a chance was 2006. Let's not pass on this one: their normal prices are $50 each Big smile

Thanks again. If not because

Thanks again. If not because of your post, I've totally forgot about it, even though I received that message, too, and saw it a few days before the game started. Shy

I got a few certificates to put on my profile, and so happy for that. And guess what? I've already got my first job!! It's still in progress. Hope my client would give me a good feedback score Smile

Hi everyone!!

Hello guys,

I'm still new here.
Wow, I thought i never found any indonesian in this forum.
And thanks Hery for your suggestion, it really help to makes my profile look better.

Hello, can you review my


can you review my profile? is it better for start a job on oDesk?

HI Hery Hendra,it's so nice

HI Hery Hendra,

it's so nice of you to initiate indonesian fellows forum on odesk.
I joined in 2009, but only active recently,
if you don't mind, please take a look at my profile page and give comments.
I've done everything i know to get this right.

Heri S.

What do you think of my profile?

I would appreciate any suggestion for my profile improvement. Thanks! Laughing out loud