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Hi All,

these thread are for you to share your experience in,

hopefully with your sharing everyone can get motivated and try their best to do the work.

for starter, let me share my Experience.
My name Hery Hendra, i start working on since January 2010. When i first joined, i could not get any job in one month. after one month period, i try to do something :
- update my profile.
- do a lot of test on my specialty. i'm always failed in english basic skill if you want to know, because i never take a course in English Smile.

after 1 month, and i update my profile, comes my first job, $2 job (job converting perl to php task. i do the task before i apply, kind of crazy thing i do). hmm, pathetic right. But i never though these ways, i always thinks larger results. so i do these jobs, and come another one, $3 job (hehe, still pathetic. a very low paid job). after these two job, i get another job, an hourly job that paid me in total $28. these all happen in 1 month.

after these job, in the next month, i could easily get another job. especially hourly job. why, i think because the rating are good Smile. but i never stop there, i always taking test. minimal 1 in 1 month. no matter if i passed or failed, because test to me are to see how much we improve in that area.

I always get good feedback because i always communicate with client everyday. but sometimes there are client that hard to communicate or requesting to much, i faced these kind of client before, usually i cancelled the project and refund the money, if the money are less than $50 Smile.

ok i think that's my experience in, anyone here want to share too.

please don't hesitate Smile.


Hery Hendra

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Until now, i could not get

Until now, i could not get any job in odesk Sad
nice success story. hope me can be like you brother Smile
sorry if my english is not very well


Ashadi Cahyadi wrote:
Until now, i could not get any job in odesk Sad
nice success story. hope me can be like you brother Smile
sorry if my english is not very well

You must confident that can get your first job.. Dont frustased...

hi hendra, thanks for

hi hendra, thanks for sharing. it's nice to know someone who's shared the same experience.

My first time in odesk, started as a translator, originally a programmer myself. It's low paid, but It's an important step for me as to get use to how things going in the virtual job market.

So I began to send out resumes, 10-20 resumes a day.. can you imagine. 18 out of 20 declined, only 1 or 2 got interview, some award the job. I started with small fixed price jobs under $10. It gets me going. To my luck, all the employers are nice ones, and they gave good reviews. By the time I finished my $50 fixed price job, I said to myself, it's time to start selling my self.

I complete my profile, write a lot of experiences, skills, completed a lot of tests (I mean a lot), and set an hourly price for myself, and also .. put in a lot of sleepless nights.

So right now, I got 4 projects active, and 1 in idle, and they're quite rewarding.

Hope to inspire anyone who's looking for inspiration Smile

Hi Raddy, Thanks for your

Hi Raddy,

Thanks for your story, its very inspiring to know you struggled.

Can you please see my profile and help me understand what other improvements are required atleast to get my first job.

My Profile

I would appreciate if you can help me look at my profile with critics.

Thank you.

I think your profile looks

I think your profile looks great and seems you know what you're doing.. but in my personal opinion, the overview is a little generic. The key is you want to stand out and get noticed at the first 7 words they read about you. (well, the '7 word' thing, just made it up, but seven sounds like a good number Smile

One thing that's equally important is you could take a look at OCONOMY. It gives you general description on how much employers willing to pay for someone with your expertise... Employers tend to search by hourly rate. If you want to get noticed, well you could lower your hourly rate, but not too low, you don't want to be seem too desperate and takes the job seriously. your name will show in their search results, and you'll get noticed.

Perhaps Hery could give some insights as well?

My Name is Salnan Sabdo

My Name is Salnan Sabdo Wibowo, i have joined odesk since okt 2008, My firts job is on nov 2008, it onlye $10, fix SQL query. And i can finish it no more than 10 minutes Laughing out loud, my 2nd job is $15, it is fixe html design. And i can finish it on 1 hourst with 5 start. After that i got hourly job. Now i have ongoing client with $12 / ours rate ( without odesk fee ). And very month i can get $2400 - $3000. Thank to odesk so i dont need full job on office Smile

here my profile

First Job

Hello guys!

Good to know that a lot of Indonesian here. (:

I just wanna share my first job.
I signed up to oDesk last year, but actually just start using it about a month ago.
Started with completing my profile, uploading my portfolio, actually I wanna take some oDesk test but there's nothing related to audio thing, so I just take the oDesk ready test. Then I start bidding job here and there.

Until I found a $25 fixed price job, but I lowered the price to $18, and luckily I got hired. And I think this is quite important for you to know, especially if you are a newbie and have no portfolio or a work history, that I actually DONE THE JOB BEFORE I GOT HIRED, well maybe it's little scary for some of you, "what if you didn't get the job?". Well, if we think positive, we can use that rejected work as our portfolio, right? (:

And again, luckily they like my work, so the employer give me 5 more similar job to me in the same job contract, and the result is I got $18 x 6 for my first job. And I'm very happy with it. (:

So that's my story, I hope it can inspire you guys.
And I'm working on my second job now.

Have a nice day! (:

Hi Satriyo, thanks for your

Hi Satriyo,

thanks for your experience sharing Smile.

Always apply a job. and eventually you will get more big paid job Smile.



Hi All, I'm a member of oDesk

Hi All,

I'm a member of oDesk since Feb 2008, my early job earnings was $1000 and few $100s. It was nice and communication was supportive and comforting. not long afterwards there's a surge of people from other countries (trying not to be specific) that lowering the bids drastically like other desperately-rushing-bidder freelance site.

and then employers started offering lower budget to jobs that requires specific expertise. That's when i started to be a passive member of oDesk and only waiting for interview invitation.

one thing i kept in mind was, I don't care about tests. although to be honest, the reason why I joined oDesk was getting a free tests! Laughing out loud perhaps it's good on some field of work but probably not on my case (i think). Portofolio and blogging about your experiences and experiments will let others found and looking for you themselves (apart from actively looking and bidding). There used to be a mail subscription for specific job search-result and i used them to experiment and learn to improve myself before i apply for the job next time that kind of job appears. I don't know if it's still there, perhaps i didn't look.




i got my first job from Data Base Entry...if you have difficult to apply for a job. You may try Data Base entry.But beware, usually.... i got job posting about captcha entry. You may be selective if you choose data entry a newbie, my sugestion is database entry for web shoping cart. they usually use some guys to input their data online.remember, you must on time, coz this kind of job need precesision & always have deadline.

Wow, that's superb!

This is my 2nd week, but just like others my job-box still empty. I wondering why this could happen to me, 'cause I have upgraded my profile, passed the test (english spelling) and filled both my additional skills and qualification until I met your post, I do realize how it needs a lot of efforts and patience on it. So may you guide me through this forum to be like you or other who succeed first?

Hi Mursalim, this is your

Hi Mursalim,

this is your second week, but i only notice that you only apply for one job. maybe that's the problem. why don't you try to apply for several a job. maybe 3-4 job a day. do these, since if you have a verified id i believe you have 25 Quota for bidding job.

do this everyday, and if there are no response from employer in 3-4 days, remove the job application and try to bid another one.

Email me at so i could give you some example of cover letter.



my story


i decided to retire from jakarta's traffic jam in january 2008, and a friend told me to check out - a place for freelancing jobs. for someone with minimal freelancing experiences - not to mention online freelancing job, i found this website is quite encouraging new contractors to move forward. i remember the time when i stopped taking any action, then i received automated email asking about my problems i might be facing and reminding me on the next steps to take. this is a huge difference compared to other freelancing website i tried, where after i have signed up, nothing happened.

then i took perl programming test, at that moment i ended up as third all time best (i got bronze medal icon, which is cute Smile. i was also looking for ruby programming test but couldn't find one at that time - besides ruby on rails test which wasn't a skill i'm interested in.

after completing my profile, i started applying for jobs. one of employers (it was called buyers back then) was interested in my resume, then i got an interview through yahoo messenger, followed by a programming test. i tried to do my best in the test and i made it. the best part is that this is a long term job and this very employer is the odesk engineering team itself. so i become part of odesk engineering team since february 2008.

who wanna share about making

who wanna share about making good cover letter ? honestly i need an example about this Smile i am very bad in make of cover letter Laughing out loud


May Helpfull Sugestion

Dear All, Nice to know that I Have a lot of friend from my beloved country here on odesk.

I became an Odesk Member since Desember 2012 and until now I allready have 4 Contract (3 fix priced Contract: done and 1 ongoing hourly job).

I think Odesk have explain to us how to make a good coverletter and profile. Please go to the Help Center. but from my experience, i think, most of employers on Odesk love a personal cover letter. Not an automate copy paste cover letter. if you are not good in English, try to use google translate (like me).