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How to earn the trust and start to work

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How to get the first job?

Yeah, really an actual question especially for those new to oDesk!
Maybe people who have much experience with oDesk could provide some valuable tips and advice on how to gain that trust and get the first job. You got no points or feedback yet to your profile and it makes it very difficult to look professional and drive interest towards you as a professional.

Sometimes it feels the employer could not reveal all your skills and did not fully identify you as a valuable resource. So please, share your experience on your first hire.

Many thanks.


thanks for this topic, I think it will be very usefully Smile

tips on ho to get the first hire

I represent Intracall Center in Armenia on odesk, and being the business development manager, I use odesk to find new clients. The first and most important part is the presentation of your services. Start with what you have already done, who you have already worked for, what did you do. You can mention that you can give some contacts for reference from your previous employers. Also attach your CV or portfolio when bidding. tell them why you are the best and why they should choose you but not the rest.For Armenians the most important advantage from others is the flexibility of language skills. We have a neutral accent if not the proper one, we are always very flexible during work, and we can always work out magic ones we figure out what to do

Good profile and impressive cover letters

When you don't have a history and feedback on oDesk yet, you have to stress on the other things you can show: a well-crafted and complete profile (including portfolio), and intelligent cover letters. There are some good specific advices out there: in oDesk tutorials, contractor forums, and outside of oDesk as well. Here are some of them:
5 Tips for Applying to Jobs
How to Create a Unique Profile
How to Get Your First Job: 7 Step Guide
How to Write a Stunning Cover Letter

Also, you can participate in the oDesk Mentoring Program that is currently under way. In scope of that program, I will provide you individualized help to get your first job and start your successful career on oDesk. I'll review your profile, provide suggestions for improvement, help find relevant jobs, assist in writing cover letters etc.
More on that in a dedicated topic.

Gevorg Voskanyan
oDesk Country Manager, Armenia

First of all I want to tell

First of all I want to tell thanks for the forum.
Dear Gevorg will you be so kind to check my profile also and help me to start my career here. I will really appreciate your help.