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Mentoring Program for new contractors

Hello to all my fellow Armenians. If you are a new contractor on oDesk, didn't get your first job yet, and would like to fix that, then this post is for you - please read on.
oDesk has launched a Mentoring Program in Armenia to help new contractors start earning money and reputation on oDesk, using the help of an experienced contractor who will be the mentor, and will assist you in creating profile, applying to jobs, talking with prospective employers and in other ways that can help you to get up and running on oDesk. That mentor is me, Gevorg Voskanyan, and I am ready to give you my hand with advices and answers to your questions. You don't have to pay anything for mentor's services, so please don't hesitate to contact me to participate and get mentored. Your success is my success so I am looking forward to a rewarding cooperation with you.

Gevorg Voskanyan
oDesk Country Manager, Armenia

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Dear Gevorg! Very nice to have you here as a moderator and a mentor! I am on Odesk since January this year and still did not get any job, except one, which turned out a disaster. So, I wish to participate and get mentored to have some first jobs done. Please, engage me! What are my further steps?

Nice to meet you

Dear Sosi,
I am sorry to hear you had a job which did not turn out well. You surely are welcome to participate and I'll try to help you with whatever I can. Just send an email to the aforementioned address and we will arrange it.

Dear Sosi, Never mind, first

Dear Sosi,
Never mind, first job is very hard to get. I got my first job here after 4-5 months waiting.
Dear Gevorg
I am glad to see person from my country who will help us to improve our work and approach here. Wishing you good luck

Thank you

Dear Avetik,
Thank you for the kind words. Good luck with your projects too!


i think it's some kind of motivation for starting work on Odesk, thanks for assistance in future Smile

Glad to hear that

Sure, you are welcome Ashot! Just ping me when you think it's time.

Hi Armenians, Im very glad to

Hi Armenians, Im very glad to finde You hear!! Dear Gevorg I'd like to talk to you about odesk and how to get work here at last:) in more details.

Just send me a mail

Dear Artur,
You are very welcome here!
Sure, let's do that and for that just send me an e-mail. You can find the address above, in the original post I made that got this topic started.

Dear Gevorg, It's very nice

Dear Gevorg,
It's very nice to have you here.
I also need your help in getting jobs here and would be glad if you could help me.
I have been here for about a month and couldn't get any job at all:-((

e-mail would be the start

Dear Nanar,
I am happy to be of help to you. Just send an e-mail to so we can get in touch.


I am so happy to see that each of us is ready to help especially Gevorg. Now I am sure that everyone will find his first job soon as well as me.

May God Bless You Gevorg jan

Need Help !!!

Dear Gevorg !!!

I also need help. I am in oDesk from the beggining of June. But I couldn't find any work yet.

What I'm doing wrong?



Let's fix it up

Dear Vardan,

Please feel free to send an email to my official address: so we together can have a look at the issues with your profile and I'll then help with writing cover letters so hopefully we will get a job for you soon. Looking forward to your email!

Kind Regards,


Hello to all Armenians.
Great to know we have a little community hear on oDesk. Wish You all good luck and only the best and Happy New 2014 year and Merry Christmas. I have a little issue with my client, he refuse to pay and he didn't response my mails inside and outside oDesk. The work is 100% complete and delivered to the client. What are the steps I must take?
Best Regards,
Davit Harutyunyan