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Do not lower the prices under reasonable amount

Wish to say hi to every one from Serbia and around countries.
I have started this topic so i can talk to my fellow country man and all people from ex YU and suggest that we are all here for the same reason. To work and get properly paid for that.

Maybe the biggest question is what is properly payment?

Please don't get reference from your own country and economy related, must see this as opportunity to work with rest of the world and get paid for your job as it really worth everywhere in EU,Canada, Australia, USA. (With minor differences).
Please don't bid unreasonable prices so you can get the job. Specially if your work is first class, have years of experience, professional education and references.
If your work is first class bid a reasonable price for that.
Don't give someone opportunity to get first class job done for pocket money.

Lets all stick together, and good luck to everyone!

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I second that. It is already

I second that. It is already bad enough to see (some) employers hold cheap, giving away peanuts for the works they have on offer..

There's a saying here in

There's a saying here in forums: "if you pay them with peanuts you get monkeys".
My advice is don't work for employers that wants to pay ridiculously small amounts. e.g. Once, one "employer" told me that other guys who applied have much better java test then me but will choose me if I accept rate 2$ per hour rate. I was not lazy so I took one applied contractor after another and checked their java test score. Guess what? I had the best score. So obviously guy just send the same story to everybody hoping to get somebody very cheap.
In the domain of serious projects and programming I don't believe in story where lot of Pakistan and India contractors can work for close to nothing. Good programmer costs money regardless the country of origin. On the other hand , in fields that don't need too much expertise , like data entry , it is totally different story.