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How do you withdraw your money in Serbia?

I just wanted to ask the people who had experience with withdrawing money in Serbia from here. How do you do it? In which bank? I am new here so I don't know for which paying method to decide. Which one is the best for our country, in your opinion? Thank you. Good luck.

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I am using Payoneer card. It

I am using Payoneer card. It is 2$ per withdrawal , plus 2.5 $ if you don't wanna wait for 2-3 days. Activation was 10$ but now it seems they put our country to some list of high risk countries and now its 25$ Sad Good thing is that at least you pay it only once, when you withdraw first money on the card. After that they take only 1$ each month from account.
This Payoneer card is master card so u use it normally in any shop that accept Master cards (almost everywhere in Novi Sad). Also u can use all ATMs to withdraw cash but then there's a fee. My experience is that its better to withdraw larger amount of cash at once then to take smaller amounts several times.
I don't have any experience with bank. It would be interesting to hear some real figures if its cheaper to do that then Payoneer card.

Thanks. It seems too

Thanks. It seems too complicated for me. I don't have experience in this. It is so stupid to give away half of your money on a fee. The money you earned with your hard effort... :/

I agree with

I agree with Marina,
Moneybookers is the best options for Serbia,
fast transaction and low fee Smile


Do you withdraw your money to your credit card or to your bank account? And how do you deal with USD to RSD? Do you take your money in USD or in RSD?


Marina I. wrote:
Do you withdraw your money to your credit card or to your bank account? And how do you deal with USD to RSD? Do you take your money in USD or in RSD?

This is very confusing. I have wire transfer account in raiffeisen bank and they say that conversion from usd to rsd, during transfer is not possible in any bank. So, for my logic, for example, it's not possible for employer to sent you rsd from his country.
For my understanding, you can only withdraw usd for 30$ fee. If someones can enlighten this, suite you self.


In one bank(don't remember which) they told me that the bank takes only 1 $ on 100 $. SO if moneybookers takes let's say 3, and my bank 1 isn't that 4 $ all together?!!! 30$ is very much! Should it be better if I withdraw it directly from 0Desk in RSD? It is this:
Wire Transfers in RSD now available! The most direct, low cost way to withdraw your funds.

$3.99 per withdrawal in RSD.
Highly competitive exchange rates.
Direct transfer. No need to deal with 3rd party-payment providers.
First withdrawal is FREE!

Is it only 3.99 and nothing else?


Our banks don't support foreign withdrawals in RSD. Not even one.

So lets then use good old

So lets then use good old payoneer card.

Hi there

My experience is very positive with the way i withdraw my money.

I have a Raiffeisen bank account (foreign currency) and i use as an intermediate bank to withdraw money. It's a cheap and efficient way to get your money safely.

First you have to take instructions for receiving payments from abroad.
It's a piece of paper that you get in your bank with SWIFT and IBAN numbers that you will need to enter in your Moneybookers account to set up money withdrawal.
Register your Moneybookers account with oDesk account and you're all set up to go Smile

The fee is 1$ when you transfer from oDesk to Moneybookers, than 2.54$ to send your money to your bank account from Moneybookers.

The amount that bank itself takes depends of the money quantity that is withdrawn.
Check that with your bank.

Hope this helps,
Good luck with work.



Very, very helpful! I will open Raiffeisen bank account and put moneybookers as my withdrawing method. Thanks a lot! Smile


I'm glad this helped Laughing out loud

I just want to say that it doesen't have to be Raiffeisen bank account.. that's just my case. My friend uses the same method in Komercijalna banka.

All the best.

Djordje, pls. help with

Djordje, pls. help with creating an account at moneybookers.
The options there are rather confusing and odesk instructions are not helpful at all, too.
Do I choose 'For Consumers' and then 'Business account', or some other combination?
Then, when asked 'What will you be using your account for?' which option do I select:
Payment processing or Expense account?
And lastly, what is the best to fill in when it asks about the Company details?
As a freelancer I've got no Conmpany, so what details should go there?

You have wire transfer on

You have wire transfer on odesk, you dont need moneybrokers now

Oh, really, do I have it? And

Oh, really, do I have it?
And have you tried in practice how this wire transfer USA->Serbia works?
Well, I did, but it seems to me you didn't.

Wire transfers

Hello everybody I'm new to oDesk Smile I just made my first $ and I want to withdraw them Smile There is a wire transfer option but as I can see on this forum and others the experiences doing it this way are not positive. Dalibor, can you tell me what exactly went wrong when you tried to do a wire transfer, and also if you could tell me what bank were you using here in Serbia. I've seen someone say that the wire transfer didn't work for them but they also said they entered their foreign currency account in the information which I think is a mistake since you are getting the money in RSD.
As far as I have informed myself, the money flow goes like this. Money is on an account in a bank in America, then when you make a withdrawal they send the USD to a branch of that bank here in Serbia, there it gets converted to RSD and then it is transferred to your local currency account (tekuci). That is the way someone explained it to me who works in a bank.
Thanks in advance for any information given Smile

Moneybookers VS Wire Transfer for Serbia

Hello Nebojša,

I'm also new to oDesk and have the same dilemma as you had Smile. Could you tell me which payment method you chose in the end? I'm looking for the cheapest way to transfer my earnings. I have a foreign currency savings account in Komercijalna Banka, and a Moneybookers account. This account is "personal use" not "commercial use", and I read somewhere on oDesk that in order to have the lowest 1.9% fee, the Moneybookers account needs to be "commercial use". Is this correct? Also, could anyone tell me their experience with the RSD direct wire transfer? I'd just like to know all the costs, without any hidden expenses Smile
Thanks all for any help you can give me!

wire transfer in rsd

Hi Tamara,
I understand your dilemma Smile I finally chose to use direct wire transfer in RSD because I didn't have any other payment method already active like you have with moneybookers. I'm not sure what is the provision when you withdraw money from oDesk via moneybookers but I wrote a post in the Serbia forums about my positive experience with the wire transfer. In short, the transfer costs are the oDesk fee of around 5$ (unless it is your first withdrawal in which case it's free) + bank transfer fees because the money has to go through around three different banks before it gets to your bank in Serbia (however these fees are very small, mine was around 200 dinars on a 13.000 dinar withdrawal). If you choose to use the direct wire transfer please read my post about it because there is a possibility for a mistake when setting up the wire transfer.

Sorry for my late reply

You choose for consumers. Just read all instructions carefully to increase your monthly withdrawal limit so it doesn't convert your profile to merchant automatically. If you respect limits the fee for withdrawal will remain cheap.

All the best.

P.S. sorry, i haven't been here for a while, didn't have time.


Tomorrow I should give some kind of a statement in my bank so that they approve my transaction from moneybookers. What kaind a statement can I expect and what should I write? I cannot believe I have to write this so I should receive MY money on MY foreign currency acount.

Don't be concerned

That's a money laundry control... it's normal and common. Just fill the form they give you, or write your own. You will have no problems but that's the way it is. In the end you get your money Smile


Dear Djordje,
thanks for replying Smile I went to the bank and they were pretty confused how to define the transaction as it was coming from Moneybookers. Since it is the company that sent the money, in this case Moneybookers, regardless the fact that it was me who made the transaction, I had to describe it in their form as a money paid for some kind of service of mine. I hope that doesn't change things in the future Sad

Don't worry

It's a stupid thing that they don't have a usual way to handle that kind of things.

But remember... you're living in Serbia... nothing easy here Laughing out loud

They are confused every time i withdraw my money, but i get it anyway Smile

Write whatever you want, they will still be confused, and all is well if you don't break the law Wink


Djordje, your advice and help are priceless. A big thanks!! Smile

Some more questions

Thanks for all the things mentioned above, they really help.

I have few other things to ask.

Which currency should I chose when I register on moneybookers? $? euro? Do I have to register my account on moneybookers with odesk mail?

And I couldn't find max withdraw for one month that you have mentioned.

Thanks in advance

Few more questions

This thread is most useful! Thanks for that!

I have few more questions..

The first one is about creating moneybookers account. Which currency should I use? $ or euro?
And what is monthly quota for withdrawing in Serbia?

Thanks in advance!

I've opted for $ because €

I've opted for $ because € went down due to uncertain situation with economy in Europe.


$ definitely... Smile

hey, great help reading this,

hey, great help reading this, I didn't even do any of the jobs, but, reading this helps me a lot ...

I almost started seeing Serbian language on all this posts form Nebojsa, Marina, Vladimir, DJordje, Tamara...

Greetings from Smederevo, feeling welcome here allready ... Smile

Welcome :)

Good to see some new smart people here trying do do something with their lives online Wink

Thanks Marina Ivanovic

Your problem is general, I think for withdrawing fee purpose, we have to spend a lot.

Thank you Marija for posting this question

Thank you Djordje for clearing me some second thought about