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Time zone announcement

Dear Armenian users,
This post will be of most interest to you if have registered in oDesk prior to around the end of this May - beginning of this June time ("old" users). Before around that time oDesk had no time zone specifically for Armenia, so most of you had no other choice but to use the UTC+04:00 Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Tbilisi, Kazan time zone. However that time zone doesn't have DST, and as we do, oDesk was displaying us the wrong local time when we were in summer time. For example: in past April oDesk would claim it was 02:00 PM in Yerevan when actually it was 03:00 PM here. That was creating a significant inconvenience, at least for me, when reviewing my Work Diary and adding offline time.
Thankfully oDesk was supportive on this issue and the technical team worked on a fix that changed the things for good. Now we have UTC+04:00 Armenia added to the list of oDesk's supported time zones that you can choose from. I encourage everyone in Armenia who doesn't use the UTC+04:00 Armenia time zone yet, to go to and edit his/her timezone for oDesk to display the correct Armenian time at all times Smile

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