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Can anyone check my profile and give me feedback?

I know I'm asking too much of you guys, but I really need help. I've never been good in presenting myself in the best light and that's why I'm asking this. If there is anyone who can check my profile and give me guidance about how to fix it, I would be rather grateful. Thanks in advance.

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My two cents' worth...

Hi Vesna,

Welcome to oDesk! I am sure there are people more experienced willing to give you advice, but here's my two cents' worth:

1. I would rephrase the "overview" section. Here's an example:


I have a degree in English language and Literature, and my goal here on oDesk is to provide the best translating services. I am communicative, quick learner and willing to make a progress, initiative, team worker but also can be efficient while working alone if the circumstances are such, ambitious, creative, thorough, persistent, and most of all, able to meet the deadlines.


With a degree in English Language and Literature, I aim to provide exemplary translating services here on oDesk. I am a self-starter who can take the initiative, but can also flourish in a team environment. I am :

> Creative
> Thorough
> Persistent
> Punctual

Client satisfaction is my priority, and I am always willing to go the extra mile to achieve it.

2. The first thing a client would want to know is which languages you work on. You need to mention that in the overview. I realize you have mentioned "Serbia" in your profile, but it wouldn't hurt to put it in the overview. A potential client can miss out on the first, but will most likely notice the second.

3. I downloaded the document in your portfolio and believe it can be formatted better. For example, a line break between paragraphs makes the content easier to read.

4. I would advise breaking down the above document into two for the following reasons:

> Although both the translations deal with education, they deal with slightly different topics.
> Your portfolio will look fuller with two documents instead of one. Of course, if you have more work, you can upload that as well. If you don't have soft copies, you can scan and upload them. Since you are new here, the more evidence you can show of prior work, greater is the chance of bagging contracts.

Best of luck on your new journey!

- Sourya.

Thank you

Dear Sourya,
Thank you so so much for the advice. As I mentioned, I am new here and I have never been able to present myself in the best light. I can talk about everyone else, but not about myself the way that I do for others. Thank you again.
Greetings form Serbia.

You are most welcome. Enjoy

You are most welcome. Enjoy the journey!