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A Powerful New oDesk

A little over a month ago we quietly rolled out a Beta of our new site navigation.  We’ve received tons of great feedback and it’s now time to let everyone in on our little secret.

Starting tomorrow, all active users will see the new oDesk when you log in.  We are in the midst of creating a whole new platform on oDesk that allows us to deliver rich, personalized working environments.   It’s a new, highly tailored world on oDesk, and we think you’re going to love it - now, and even more in the months to come!

To start, employers and contractors are no longer mixed together and served the same dual-purposed pages.  Instead, we have built specific applications for employers and contractors to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Also, team members can be given role-specific permissions.  As a manager of others, you can set up your team to only give access to the areas of your oDesk application that workers need to effectively do their jobs.  You set who sees what, giving you a whole new level of privacy and control.

And, best of all, this is a platform we can all grow with.  As employers and contractors, as teams of one and teams of hundreds, you have unique needs.  Rather than a one-size fits all, or a few added features, we will be giving you powerful new applications tailored to your specific work situation.

Today we also launch our first application, oDesk Recruit - a great example of where we’re going with the new platform.  oDesk Recruit is designed specifically for employers and gives them everything they need to find, evaluate and connect with their next remote worker.  Read more about it here.

Stay tuned for more!  In the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling several more rich applications for contractors, employers, and agencies.

For details on how the new platform is organized, and what’s already available, read our previous announcement. (Info for Contractors and Employers, including FAQs and a “Where Is. . .” directory.)

Have feedback?  Please share your comments with the community here, or send us direct feedback via our survey (see the link at the top of every page in the new oDesk).

Vote Result

Score: 4.8, Votes: 39
Well... I love new features

Well... I love new features and ehnancements. I love when web-applications become more usable and powerful. But each time oDesk announces updates all I want to say "NO! Not again!". Why? Because each your update produces at least few annoying bugs, most of which can be avoided with simple proper testing before deployment. And each time frustrated users start to give you "great feedback" (riiight!). How can this work so horribly for commercial application? Is oDesk so greedy that cannot afford one or two qualified testers on site? I can't understand this.

It sucks. At least let me use

It sucks. At least let me use the old navigation.

It sucks big time hating it

It sucks big time hating it

I much prefer the new

I much prefer the new interface - it saves me a lot of time. I just wish that, after applying for a job, you would be taken back to the job board you were searching immediately.

Can you please have "My

Can you please have "My Teams" show in RHS in the new look(for contractors)? (like it is in the old one).

I like it its easy and convent!


I have 2 issues right now:

1. to reach the workdiary is not easy now Sad
earlier I would simply type in and done! now it is cumbersome... or am I missing something here? Smile

2. earlier we had the submenus come on 'mouseover', now we have to click and wait for that particular page to load. For eg., click on 'my jobs', wait for the page to load and then again click on 'contracts', wait for it to load, go to contract name, then reach workdiary!!!

phew! Smile

Another issue

ok, so going thru my contracts, earlier we had active and ended contracts in different tabs which was so good. Now it is all together and the column of 'client name' is missing. At times, I need to see the name of the client and it isn't comfortable to click on every project name just to view the name!
about the workdiary issue I raised above, my bad, I saw the col. in the 'contracts', but then again, I liked how it was before...
maybe you can have the option of 'return to old navigation', forever Smile

Yes please :)

Divya K. wrote:
maybe you can have the option of 'return to old navigation', forever :)

I prefer the old method.

I prefer the old method. Change is time consuming an unneeded in this case.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Some Issues

I mentioned some issues here 2 month ago (May 03, 2011). Most of them has not been resolved yet.

Agree with some issues

I am agree that followed issues is most annoying:

- In header, there are 4 icons (notifications, inbox, setting, help & community) but there is nothing to notify tickets updates.
- Main navigation menu should have hover sub navigations.

And full load time more then 20 second is awesome Smile
Looks new UI is more weighty then previous.

Here the ling for pingdom

Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your feedback. At the moment, tickets alerts should appear on the inbox (letter) icon, with a link to the tickets tab showing up at the bottom of the list. Or, if you click the Help ? icon, then Contact Support, you'll see a list of your recent tickets.

They're working on making the ticket alerts appear on ? icon with a direct link, but it might be a while before that's added.

I personally haven't noticed significantly slower load times between the version, but I have passed on your link.

Staffing console

Well, I wasted some time looking for "Staffing console". I really do not understand why if I have a "Manage my team" you did not put "Staffing console" there, but instead have put it under "Find work". That's confusing.

There's actually an important

There's actually an important reason for that:
Different tabs show based on your permissions. Receiving staffing manager permissions makes the Find Work tab show up. Manage my team is turned on by recruiter, hiring manager, or team room viewing permissions. You may have both tabs, but not everyone who needs the staffing console does. It can't live in the company settings (gear icon) for the same reason - only admins get access to the company settings. Again, that could work for you but isn't true for a basic staffing manager.

New oDesk Site Navigation

I prefer the old navigation system to this new one. Please don't remove the option to "return to the old navigation"
The old one is more simple and easier to use. Whoever thought of changing the navigation system should be made to clean up the mess.

I would appreciate it better if you changed the inbox file system and placed a search bar and folders in the messaging systems. It is so hard for us who work with several clients (and who does recruiting for several clients) to go through and sort the messages in the inbox. It will be a lot better too if we can send bulk emails from there.

I was looking for the like or agree button on the comments here so I don't have to submit my own comment which could be the same as the others that have been submitted. There should be a like button that should be counted as additional comment similar to the one that was liked.


Any attempt to make a small Blackberry App for contractors to accept or reject jobs?

I want the old navigation

Please give us the old navigation.

line item hours?

This week, in the timelog summary, the total hours for each contractor are not showing up in the timelog Summary. When an employer needs to send in a line-item invoice, it's a nice feature to have. Can you put it back in, please?

[Edit] Nevermind, I see it in Hourly Detail.

Job Offer

Just now I notice that we won't be able to accept job offer until the employer has verified their payment method.

Payment verification

Now if we could just get to the point where there were no jobs posted unless the payment is verified.

Payment Pannel

The most important thing on home is not there. There should be a payment pannel on home page when any contractor open their odesk account.

In new system it is not there. Plz include it. It is the most important thing for us. That's why we are working here! As in previous environment it is showing payment we earn.


waqas ahmed

Earnings will be included on

Earnings will be included on the upcoming "home" page for the My Jobs tab. And they're looking at ways to make the system smarter about which of the tabs (Find Work vs My Jobs) you land on when you log in.

Earninig should be on Home Page

But earning should show on home page. As in previous system.

The most of the people here wants this I am sure. As we are working for money ultimately. I seen in employer account, you did a really great job for new interface. But for contractor it is not such a good system.

Plz show money in home page. You can set a pole and you will see that all people will agree.


Upon login, it should take

Upon login, it should take you back to the last tab you were on - wallet, my jobs, or find work. Two out of those three do show you your balance.

*removed by admin*

*removed by admin*,the old one is better i don't understund why u changed it ,put it back i want to use the old one .!!!!thx .

Is No One Listening At Odesk Management

"A little over a month ago we quietly rolled out a Beta of our new site navigation. We’ve received tons of great feedback"- Really?

Your new set up really is the pits. If I am on the hire side of things you guys have made it so complicated. Before it was just a matter of "hover" and I could read the entire message. There were the decline, hire etc buttons but now I have to do at least 3-4 extra steps.

Your new interface, to be blunt,*removed by admin*. Get the old one back. Why are you trying to complicate what was so simple to do.

Not happy.

No One Likes Your New Set Up

You may have received "thousands" of likes for the new set up, cant see them anywhere here???????? Dont fix what aint broke. You will just push people to other sites, which is what I'm about to do if you dont get the job postings side of thing fixed asap. You have complicated it so much.

I like it

Over the two years I have been here I have seen many changes. I have seen many complainers also.

The look is very clean and very functional. The home page loads fast on my slower connection.

Overall I think these improvements are great. Odesk is getting better everyday. Are there still low ball employers? Sure but they are everywhere. Its a new learning cycle for them also.

This is the future of work. Odesk is the leader and their systems are fantastic.

And they care enough to have a FREE (to us not them) message board.

New navigation

Just please leave us the option to choose. I personally don't care about the new navigation. You leave it optional, but every now and then you forcibly switch to the new one. Can we actually choose, or are you quietly forcing us to use the "great" new one?

Again, please, if our vote matters anything, don't bug us if we chose the old one.


I would rather...

see changes than nothing at all... Smile


The new navigation is horrible - it's confusing compared to the old navigation. As an employer, I come to this site to do one thing, hire people quickly and easily. If it's confusing and time consuming to do that, I'll simply go somewhere else. Change just for the sake of change is not good! Don't make me go through an obstacle course to do the smallest of things, it's stupid and frustrating.

There's not even a Home page that shows me a dashboard of all the things I may want to look at on one single page? Instead, I have to stumble around separate sections hoping to eventually come across the information? Oh yeah, that's awesome...

Worthless. Stay with the old navigation or you're likely to lose a lot of business. Don't push us away - if nothing else, permanently offer the option to use the old navigation.

Here's a quick guide

Here's a quick guide

Too many changes at once

I know oDesk likes to move stuff around and this has been in beta for a while but honestly, you should really have took the Google approach.

If you do change things at the same time, everything should pretty much be at the same place. But honestly, incremental change would have been better, a bit there and bit there, not all at once. I don't post here at all but this new navigation pushed me to do so and go out of my way. Look, you can't even find the Community link any more. The Work Diary is also sorted differently and the previous flow many of us have is now broken by this new navigation.

If this was another kind of site this would be fine, but since we use oDesk for work, many of us have a rhythm in using the site and if we have to learn things all over again, that takes time away from actually logging hours.

I really do hope this doesn't push employers away, with the tiny menus, etc.

I just clicked on the try our

I just clicked on the try our new navigation link BETA and now I cannot go back to the old format! I thought there would be an option to go back =(

The new navigation is confusing and it just does not feel right. It would take awhile for users to get used to it, everything seems to be in the "wrong" place. We've been using the old format for years.

Even when you click on the "Odesk" icon on the right which should be on the left, it does not even redirect you to the homepage. Please bring back the old navigation, it is far easier to use.