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I need help, people. Can somebody explain me this hourly thing... I am new here. I got this hourly job, and the client told me that he approved me for four hours. What does that mean? Does it mean that I have to work for 4 hours(it is something about filming a video) or what? How the odesk measures my time? Thank you!

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Hourly means that you are

Hourly means that you are payed by hour. Employers often place a weekly limit cause that way they can control expenses. So it seems that you have limit set on 4 hours. In order to trace your time you have to download and install oDesk team application. This application , when you start logging time, takes your screen shots one on every ten minutes approx. Also it traces your keyboard and mouse activity (just number of keys pressed and clicks , not the actual content). Hope this helps! If you need more details just ask here.


Thanks a lot! This job is about interviewing people and filming it. So I must have 4 hours of video???? Arrr, stupid! :/ Is this team application essential?

That means you can't bill for

That means you can't bill for more than 4 hours. If the job takes less than that, you will bill for less than that.

Note that the employer is billed based on what you have in your work diary. If you're doing work on your computer, track it with the team app and it will automatically be uploaded and billed. If you're doing work that can't be tracked with the team app (like interviewing in person, not on the computer), you'll need to add that as manual time in the work diary.

Please talk to your employer about how long the video should be, and understand that the number of hours you work may not be equal to the length of the video (if you bill for editing, etc.).

Thank you.

Yes, I did. I talked with him. I started adding my offline hours. Sometimes I work, but people won't get interviewed. Should I be paid for that too? I mean: I was still working, just that some people were not so friendly to work with me. You know what I mean?

Thank you!

That's between you and your

That's between you and your employer. You need to convince them your time is worth paying for.

Very helpful!

Thanks a lot! Very, very helpful!

Greetings from Serbia.


You must download "oDesk Team" Software and log in with your oDesk user id and password to "Clock in" or "Start Billing" your client by the minute. oDesk Team will show your Employer your good honest work by taking screen shots.

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Thank you.

I did that. Now I got a little bit more into this. Thanks everybody!