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Are you a technical contractor in need of more jobs?


This is a post trying to get a feedback from you, and use that feedback to help you be more successful on oDesk.
If you are a technical contractor (for example a programmer) and you need more jobs, more opportunities, and especially if you didn't get any job on oDesk yet, please reply.
Why you think you don't get jobs?
What could help you to change that?
What is missing in the system that prevents you to be more successful?
What can oDesk and/or I do to help you change the things for good?

If you feel a need for assistance, this is the right opportunity!
There is a sponsored mentoring program active and ongoing that is just right for you. 8 Armenian guys already started earning money on oDesk as a result of this program, and you can be the next Smile
Remember that we are here to help!

Gevorg Voskanyan
oDesk Country Manager, Armenia

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