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Contractor tips for new custom match feature

oDesk is experimenting with an offering to employers, that suggests contractors for specific job postings. The goal of the offering is to increase the rate at which employers hire on oDesk. Increased hiring leads to more job postings and more contractor opportunities.

Here are some tips on how to increase your chances for getting included:

oDesk creates the short list of contractors by matching the skills mentioned in a job post with the skills that you have listed in your profile. The best way to impact your chances of showing up in the short list is by completing your oDesk profile.

List the skills that are your primary skills. Employers want to hire contractors that are skill experts, who also have the portfolio and work experience to support their extensive ability in that field.

Take the oDesk Readiness Test. It increases your job quota, helps you become more oDesk-savvy, and shows employers your commitment to being successful on oDesk.

Finally, pay special attention to choosing the right categories and sub-categories. Listing skills where you are not an expert or associating your profile with many different categories is not helpful in netting you a higher ranking in search--nor will it improve your matches in this new offering.

And remember that employers use oDesk Search to find appropriate contractors for their job postings.  Be sure to regularly update your profile and only apply to jobs that are relevant to your skillset.

By accurately listing your skills, taking the oDesk Readiness Test, choosing applicable work categories, and updating your profile regularly, you can make the most of the opportunities presented by this new employer offering.

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Lets say that Employer in few

Lets say that Employer in few sentences explained some feature he wants and says it should be done in java. What kind of sorting algorithm you are planning to use in order to create that offering list for employer? My first guess is standard oDesk search feature with keyword java, right?

Hi Milos.... Yes you are

Hi Milos....
Yes you are correct it is skills match plus how the skill is demonstrated in previous engagements, job experience, etc.