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Wire Transfer (RSD) – 1st hand experience

I’ve opened up two accounts at Komercijalna Banka: a debit one in local currency and the other one in foreign currency (€, $, etc.) Then I’ve set up withdrawal at odesk as per instructions from the bank for payments from abroad. The minimum amount for wire transfer is $51.00

A few days upon withdrawal, there was a call by a clerk from Komercijalna Banka to summon me at their premises. Allegedly, there was a mess due to a failed attempt of money transfer in RSD to my foreign currency account. So, I had to give a statement in written before them, authorizing the bank to re-transfer RSD amount to “an unassigned account”, and then to write another statement where I request this money to be deducted from an unassigned account to my debit account in RSD!?

Conclusion: wire transfer in RSD for withdrawal of payments earned at odesk to local bank account in Serbia sux big time. Our local banks are not capable of receiving RSD from abroad onto a foreign currency account, so stay away from it.

For the time being, the best solutions are Moneybookers and Payoneer Debit Card, as PayPal is not available in Serbia as yet.

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As I understood you transferred dinars to your foreign currency account, right? If that's the case, why didn't you transferred dollars for instance and asked to withdraw those dollars from your foreign currency bank account? I'm just confused, that's all.

Another thing I didn't quite understand: Did you use moneybookers or something similar to transfer money from oDesk to your bank or you did it directly oDesk -> Komercijalna?

I am asking because I plan to use moneybokers one day(for the first time), when I get rich here lol and then trasnfer the money to the same bank.

Hi guys, I am from Bulgaria

Hi guys,
I am from Bulgaria and local funds transfer works ok for me,
I use Societe Generale - french bank with branch in Bulgaria, is it true PauPal doesn't work in Serbia?

Hi Angel, yes that's true

Hi Angel, yes that's true unfortunately. Seems we have some obsolete law which prevents paypal of coming. Also there's an issue with tax for any stuff you buy. E.g. I have received 4 odesk T-shirts which total price was $90 (shipment price included) and had to pay $30 additionally "import tax"! I was so mad I wanted to leave T-shirts so the customs officials can wear it Smile but eventually I had to pay it and get my T-shirts.
To summarize: There's some rumors it will be available for us as well soon, but I don't believe it until I see that with my own eyes.


Wire Transfers in RSD via Odesk, i will try that transfer.. we are funny country.. only specialized for 700 year long war not for money and business, thats why we will never got paypal here