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Javascript oDesk API wrapper

Hey there,

I've created basic javascript wrapper for oDesk API.
Check it at:

Will add module support and push to npm soon.
Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Great job, Grzegorz! Thank

Great job, Grzegorz! Thank you for using API.

I have only one question, have you already found a way how to protect secret?
I see it is open and there is no attention on this for other developers, who will try your app.

p.s. I will check it once again in details (from first sight looks good) and it is possible that we add link to it at as an example of non-official libraries.

Hi Maksym, As for any client

Hi Maksym,

As for any client side applications, whole code is available to user. So are constants application use.
I see possible solution in additional service for frob/token generation, but server side is something we want to avoid here.
Also username/password authorization could be used to eliminate secret, but its not supported by oDesk API.
Library in current state is meant for "home" use on the client side.

However anyone can use it on the server side (node,js), as secret will not be exposed to the users. I will remove unnecessary dependencies and add it to node package manager within few days. Then I will post update in this thread and we can start to treat it as a production ready.

Hello again, oDesk API

Hello again,

oDesk API library is now available on npm for all node.js developers. To use it just:
> npm install odesk

Source code is on github:

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

Thank you, Grzegorz for your

Thank you, Grzegorz for your work and help doing oDesk API better
After review we will publish a link to your library.

I want to thank you for the

I want to thank you for the JS library. I used it to figure out what I was doing wrong with my Perl code. I have a question, have you done any POSTs (beyond the access/request) token with this code? I was hoping to post a job using the library but noticed only get was implemented. Mainly I'm curious if anyone has done a job post using the JS library and any tips they might have.

google script

Hi, I have a question, this API wrapper, can be used with google script? I see that the installation process requires node. Isn't just possible to include the libraries?

Thank you.

Hi. Yes, It's a node.js

Hi. Yes, It's a node.js library. You need node to use it.