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Showing Document of work and 10% Tax for Withdrawal from Bangladesh! - Is it true?

Hello everyone.

Today I created a bank account on DBBL and was asking the employer about the requirements they need for the transaction. The employer told me that I will need to show relevant document indicating what kind of work I did and where is the money coming from. He said Bangladesh Bank needs to be informed with the document for giving away the money.

Moreover, he claims that the government has included 10% tax for withdrawal.

I want to know if this information are correct? As I didn't know about these rules.


Al-Mamun Talukder

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This information is not true.

This information is not true. I have withdrawn $1500+ through DBBL. There is no deduction on the ground of 10% tax. I had received the full amount every time. You don't need to talk with the officers of bank. Just setup your account with moneybookers and setup your bank through swift code and your account number. Simple.

Cheapest Withdrawal method

Hope you are fine brother. This is Raquib from Bangladesh. I think you are doing well here. I haven't withdraw balance yet from oDesk. I want to know what is the cheapest method to withdraw money to any Bangladeshi Bank account? If I need to withdraw 500 USD, then what is the best method? Direct withdrawal charges 30$. While transferring to moneybookers costs 1$+9.5$(1.9% fee for moneybookers's receiving). Shall the amount become more less when going to my local bank balance? Please share.

hey bro, can u help me with

hey bro, can u help me with how can i deposit some online dollars in bangladesh?????

Few months ago tax was

Few months ago tax was included by our GOVT. for the freelancing payments. However These rule was withdrawn by the GOVT. So do not worry about it. And also keep in mind none all of the bank officer know well about these freelancing payments. Only few of them keep good knowledge on it.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info.

I have heard GOVT. again

I have heard GOVT. again started to add tax on freelancers earning. Anyone know well about it?

Hi Pradeep, Nothing happens

Hi Pradeep,

Nothing happens so far. I have just withdrawn $1000 today and received 77,269 BDT within 5 hours in my DBBL account which is the same amount calculated by oDesk in the time of withdrawal.

Bank statement also shows no extra charges as usual.


can u help me to deposit some

can u help me to deposit some dollars????


Md Estiaquzzaman wrote:
can u help me to deposit some dollars????

What you want him to give you money for nothing? Really? How about filling out your profile and searching for assignments.

Why would i want money for

Why would i want money for nothing???? I want to buy an amount of dollars for online shopping. I have one international debit card for online shopping. I just want to use it

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u seem like one of the very old odesk users. I will like to call u big brother. i would like to ask you for a very big help. Can i have a chat or talk with you ??? Smile