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New! Use PayPal to Pay on oDesk

Here at oDesk, we’re always looking for ways to improve how employers hire, manage and pay their online teams. As part of this effort, we’re proud to announce that PayPal is now a primary payment option on oDesk!

In addition to credit and debit cards, you may now choose to use your PayPal account to make payments to contractors on oDesk. As a verified PayPal user, you’re immediately ready to post a job, and pay for online work using your PayPal balance or through your bank account, without any additional account verification.

To select PayPal as your primary payment option, simply log on to your Payment Methods page (click on the Wallet tab > Payment Methods). Once you’ve used PayPal, drop us a note at and tell us what you think. Or, share your thoughts with the oDesk community below.

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Payment Problem

Hi Odesk, I am a member before of * team, Our team manager said that our withdrawal in paypal has encountered problem, in fact i lost $510 due to that withdrawal problem, he said that our money until now is floating because of some verification need to submit to paypal to get our money. if this is true so, this is a big problem of paypal. Can you please verified this problem. I leave to that team anymore because of that problem. Thank you.

*removed by admin

This announcement was about

This announcement was about the ability for employers to pay oDesk with PayPal - which has nothing to do with what you asked.

oDesk cannot assist with problems with your PayPal account. The account owner must work with PayPal directly. It's not unusual for PayPal to require some sort of verification.

Card Still Required

As someone without any credit cards, I like the option to pay with my PayPal account. However, when I tried to verify the payment method I was still greeted by the familiar "Link a new debit or credit card to make instant payment" usually seen when we need to pay for recurring services such as web hosting or magazine subscription. Note that I am a verified user there, backed up by an actual bank account (I had to send them a scanned copy of my bank statement, just like here) - yet a card is still required.

I don't hate credit cards - I crave them. But no bank near me will issue any card to freelancers; they all want monthly pay records, signed and stamped by some phb (sorry for the Dilbert joke). I've had applied to Payoneer and they had helpfully sent me, twice, their debit cards but both seemed to be lost in transit - the bane of living in a backwater thirteenth-world country. So at present PayPal is my best option to pay internationally.

I am not sure if it were PayPal or oDesk who needs the card in the first place, but as there are other service providers *not* requiring it I have to regretfully assume it was oDesk. Maybe there are options to designate payments as "recurring" or "one time" when you were setting up the connection between oDesk and PayPal.

Is there an option here for us to "top up" our oDesk account balance directly from PayPal? Some email address whom we can send money to? It would be a kind of escrow, the amount of which will be the limit of our ability to post jobs? Say, to post a $20 job I need to keep $20 within oDesk, secured until the job is completed or canceled. I imagine it is easier to shake off our money when you hold the bag, rather than smoking them out of wherever we have it hoarded. I understand that it may be more complicated: keeping other people's money will make you susceptible to fraud accusations, laundering by unscrupulous people, etc. But I guess it takes no more than a stern Terms of Service, prominently displayed, to ward off the bad flies.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but for now PayPal payment does not actually work for everybody.

There are a few things going

There are a few things going on here.

You need a verified PayPal account to use it as a primary payment method. You say you have that, but requirements vary from country to country. I recommend you contact them to see if there is an additional step necessary to gain the necessary level of verification. If they say that involves a credit or debit card, I'm sorry but there's nothing oDesk can do.

This requirement is from Paypal - NOT oDesk - for the recurring billing agreement system we're utilizing. oDesk's core focus is on the hourly billing model with automated weekly payments, so our payment system is built with that in mind. A one-time authorization just isn't enough to qualify as a verified payment method.

Yes, we have a PayPal "top up" system too - we call it Pre-Funding. But it's not a security deposit system like you describe and it cannot be used as your primary payment method. Why? The most basic reason is that there's no way for the system to limit you to spending only what you pre-funded. It would take a major back-end overhaul to make that work. So pre-fund only or pay from oDesk earnings only just aren't viable right now.

Payment not received

I withdrawn my earnings from odesk to paypal and i haven't still received it. You said that the money is still at your "unclaimed" folder in your paypal account and has to contact paypal. I want to know where I got it wrong. My email was * that's what I used in the paypal account.

*removed by admin

Hi Erson

It would be best to go to PayPal and check your account, and then contact PayPal support for help since oDesk doesn't manage PayPal, Payoneer or Moneybookers accounts. We simply provide the means to transfer your funds to them. PayPal Support should be able to assist you with any issues regarding your account.

If that doesn't help, please contact Customer Support again and give them any information from PayPal that you can, such as transaction numbers, for example.

I hope this gets cleared up soon. Thank you for your post.

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