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"Last viewed" information is not working and this is misleading.

In the job postings under the "Employer Activity on this Job:", the "Last Viewed" information would be very useful if it was working. I found that it is incorrect and misleading. I rely on this information for evaluating how active and serious an employer is about the posted job and thus if it is worth applying and spending time writing a cover letter.

I realized this after an employer contacted me numerous times before hiring me but "Last Viewed" information was not reflecting this. The pop-up info when mouse over the question mark says: "This is when the employer last viewed or interacted with the applicants for this job"

I haven't checked all, but in the Illustration jobs category where I mostly apply, according the "Last Viewed" information it appears that all employers who posted today looked 2 hours ago and those who posted a job older than a day looked last one day after they posted the job and never checked back again which is very unlikely.

Please make sure that "Last Viewed" is working correctly.

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Yeah I've noticed this too.

Yeah I've noticed this too. Good call.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Since more recent jobs appear

Since more recent jobs appear to be updating correctly, I think this was a temporary/transient error. I've reported the bug.

Thank you for the prompt

Thank you for the prompt action.
Very much appreciated.

Nope. Still a bug

I have noticed this for quite a few jobs now. One of them still shows "last viewed" as 4 days ago, even though someone was hired yesterday for that job!
I only see an update in that field when I'm the one contacted, otherwise all the jobs show it wrongly.

I agree with the OP that this is massively misleading.

Last worked still broken too

Last worked is still broken too.

Same is happening to Last Viewed on Contractor's Side

Still not working.