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Employers: Quick and Easy Management Action Menus

Have you wondered how to give your contractor a bonus? Or what time it is in your contractor’s locale?  Well, we have now made it much easier to do the most common management tasks, all in one place.As part of our ongoing efforts to improve usability and enhance the My Contractors hub, we have added a drop-down menu next to each contractor’s name, where you can easily perform key actions related to the contract. The tasks include: send a message, view the Work Diary, change the Weekly Limit, end the contract, and more.
To take advantage of the new drop-downs, be sure you are using the new My Contractors page. If you are in the old Team Room, click on the link, “Test drive our new Manage Home Page”    Let us know what you think of the new drop-down menu, what’s working and what other improvements you would like to see.  Discuss with others below, or send us direct feedback via our survey.

Vote Result

Score: 8.2, Votes: 12
The Author gets a 10, the UI is the issue

I love oDesk. I am a Web Developer of 15 years and I focus on UI/UE - User Interface and User Experience.

Top suggestions:

1. Rethink navigation to include more consistency. Drop-downs are great for a number of things, but they are not good for changing the entire functionality of a page unless they are very clearly marked as having some other special function. I often find that WHOLE sections are obscured because of a drop-down or a very small faint blue link that appears whether I notice it or not... so the consistency is off... it feels like 3 websites smashed together rather than one seamless experience where all controls are uniform and all links are the same size; preferably easier to see.

This is just my honest feedback. Don't get me wrong, overall odesk is one of the most interesting new marketplaces I work in.