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Want mobile sms alert for odesk massage or any notification.

I have found a nice system on all notification directly goes on mobile sms.I wish if there are any system on odesk...

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About SMS Notification!

Although it's a good system, it has it's bad sides also. When you will receive messages after messages you might not like it. For verification purposes, it may work well. But for notifications, it will be annoying.

I don't think so

If someone doesn't like it, then he can turn it off Smile

Some important points

I got something at account setting page what is saying Security (SMS) Email. Here is the details about it.

1. Possibly it's not a SMS notification, because It requires an eMail address. e.g.! May be it is an mobile email service as blackberry etc. However I am totally illiterate about it Sad

2. We need SMS alert for message, notification, ticket etc. We are not talking about security alert only. Then, it'll be much easier to be stay updated.

3. We want to input our cellphone number as we did for Facebook Not an email.

SMS notification

I am agree with MR Mamun!

agree I think this will be

agree Smile

I think this will be really helpful for all of us !

Notification SMS

I agree with this. I think receiving an SMS notification would be best applicable when you apply for a job for instance. You'll be notified that the employer responded to your application, thus you will log in oDesk as quickly as possible just to reply to that employer. Perhaps create this SMS notification and have choices under it like 'employer's response', 'co-contractor's message', 'an invitation for interview', and such.

Agree With Mamun S.

Agree With Mamun S.

Yes, I want that too, this

Yes, I want that too, this will be really helpful.

If somehow someone get stuck with no internet connection , this system will definetly help him to get his message or alerts. Smile

Want mobile sms alert for odesk massage or any notification.

Bithy Akhter wrote:
I have found a nice system on all notification directly goes on mobile sms.I wish if there are any system on odesk...

agree with Bithy and Mamun Srizon Smile

I agree that it is nice that

I agree that it is nice that notifications will go directly to our mobile because we are not facing the net all the time.This is very helpful specially if an employer wants to interview us, or there's a new instructions and we are not online.


really useful service!

Thanks Gigia Tsiklauri for agree with this

There are many day I passed without getting any odesk msg from my buyer but I have Waited for whole day long by opening my laptop Sad

Again many time when I become offline I found many urgent msg or interview..I miss that job Sad

I hardly want Mobile SMS System

I am agree with Ms Bithy & Mr Mamun.

I Agre with this

I hardly agree with this

We badly need this service .......

Actually, we're from Bangladesh and it is quite difficult to always get connected with oDesk .
We've a lot of; slow internet connection, Load shedding, high price of laptop and a lot.......
If we get notification on our mobile then we can stay connected with oDesk for 24/7........


If we get a mobile notification alert for our employers massage it will be easy to contact with him !

I really really want this !

Hi everyone!This is not part

Hi everyone!

This is not part of the official oDesk service, but I have a free service (beta) that will send you an SMS every time an employer sends you an interview message.

Check it out - and please write feedback about this on the forum.


Hi Shipra, I will use it, but

Hi Shipra,

I will use it, but have any oDesk account security risk?


Hi Sathi, I don't believe

Hi Sathi,

I don't believe there is any risk, but please rely on your own sense of security around this.

Also, it will help me to learn, what are some specific security concerns you have around this?


Thank you

I'll use and write review about it BUT is it for interview messages only?

I love oNotify

Hi Shipra
I am using oNotify and I really loving it. I found some issues and I'll be glad if oDesk think about it.

1. I works only for interview stage message. It'll be better if it works for all message.

2. Little HTML problem as it says- You have received an invitation to interview for the job &quot ; Web Design &quot ; but it should be "Web Design" or Web Design without quotation marks. They have to understand, HTML tags doesn't works in mobile SMS Laughing out loud

3. I am an employer also. Few days ago I posted a job in oDesk and called someone for interview. But when he responded to my message, oNotify says, "You have a response from an employer on oDesk about your job application to..." LOL! It should be employee, applicant or candidate; Not employer and of course that wasn't my job application but it was my job posting.

Everything else seems cool. I believe oNotify will be a great way to speed up the communication. Thanks again for that link. Smile


Thanks for the link. But I have ask- is it a legal way of oDesk? Please answer...

Hi - It is not illegal to

Hi -

It is not illegal to use this app.

I must repeat - this is not officially part of oDesk. It's a experimental application using oDesk APIs.


sms alert

Please do it as early as possible.

About Mobile sms alert

I think it would be a best system if o-desk built it....

Mobile SMS

Definitely agree, it would be a wonderful step-up from having to refresh email pages. Nice idea Bithy.

You may visit this post --

-- Try a beta SMS alert application if you want to try using oNotify for SMS alert application. Although, this is just a trial run, I tried it myself and so far, it's good! Smile

Was using this app from the

Was using this app from the last month or so, but did it stopped working as I cannot get any sms messages now, Deactivated the app & then when I tried to activate again, it cannot send the verification sms to my cell.

Hi Muhammad

It would be best to contact Customer Support to help you pinpoint what has been causing the problem.

Thanks for your post! Smile

odesk mobile massage notification

If odesk stars free mobile notification than it will be great for us, for both buyers and workers .

Very good theory

Wow ! that is a great idea . I want to done this idea. Please Odesk admin sir, add this system in a short time. Thanks for Bithy A.

itz much needed for us..

itz much needed for us..

Emergency need this system

This really need for odesk contractor. because always we have lost just see for job invite msg. if the system in mobile msg available. then we can save our time. and forward contract quickly with employer .



it will be really helpful for us................

I also agree with Bithy and

I also agree with Bithy and Mamun Srizon

Notification On My Mobile via SMS

Its More Help to Get Connected on oDesk. Hope oDesk will think about it.

Want mobile sms alert for odesk massage or any notification

we need mobile sms alert for oDesk immediate..


I also want it.If odesk open this it wood be very nice.

Mobile notification

I agree with Bithy Akter. Also i want this system that to get notification at mobile.

Want mobile sms alert for odesk notificatin.

It will be very helpful me. Thanks Bithy Akhter.

oDesk Mobile Notification

Yes, it's would be great opportunity for contractor to reply or attend in interview very quickly. This system can be make oDesk more attractive for client.

I appeal to oDesk that, please kindly consider our request.




its a very nice step for us

Check out this IFTTT recipe

Check out this IFTTT recipe made by one of our product managers - I am not sure if this works internationally though Sad

Also, did oNotify work for you guys?

Disclaimer: neither of the above 2 options are supported or provided by oDesk, they are simply apps available publicly.