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Updates to the new contractor profile page

We appreciate all the feedback our users have provided on the new contractor profile, and we’ve made some updates based on this feedback. You should see the updates later today. This is part of a series of updates we'll be making, so keep your comments coming!

  1. The work history section now has denser, richer information.
    • Your high level results from the past 6 months and all time are now easily viewed at the top of your profile.
    • If you have a strong work history, past jobs with your feedback will be shown, while jobs in progress will be collapsed. This allows employers to see the great results you’ve had on oDesk.
  2. Easier navigation to see detailed portfolio items and work history with next and previous arrows.
  3. Improved color-contrast, and use of white space.
  4. Already updated last week - longer titles and objectives, badges for top test scorers, and skills listed in the order you specify.

We are continuing to iterate and improve the contractor profile and we’re listening to all your feedback (even if we don't respond directly to all the comments)! We’re still working on better ways to display both portfolio items that don’t have images and long work history sections. We’re also working on new and improved profile editing tools for contractors. We’ll let you know when we have some prototypes to share with you for these areas.

Vote Result

Score: 6.7, Votes: 25
Perfectly Awesome!

The Public Profile is now looking amazing and now designers are doing the great job!Keep it up guys...Smile

needs more color to the top

needs more color to the top header, say a light yellow background would go really well.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

I'm happy to see that some of

I'm happy to see that some of the changes we requested were implemented. I like the improved work history and feedback section and the utilization of some of the white space on the right side of the profile.

I would like the option to sort my portfolio - right now, portfolio items are displayed in random order.

The tests are still randomly sorted as well, unfortunately. My tests section looks like this:
Test1 - 4.55
Test2 - 4.90
Test3 - 4.60
Test4 - 5.00

It would make more sense to list the highest result first and so on.

I'm not sure what you did to the employment history, but it looked much cleaner before the last update.

Since we can't go back to the tabbed view, it would be great to add shortcuts to each section. This way an employer could easily navigate to the section/s they are interested in.

Please add back the skills section. If you want to list skills randomly under the title to make the profiles more scannable, fine. But please also give us a section where we can elaborate on these skills.

tests & skills

Hi Krisztina,

Glad you're happy with some of the changes. A few comments:

1) On Tests - they are now sorted by percentile rather than absolute score. Given that mean test score differ dramatically across tests, percentile is a more meaningful measure than absolute score.

2) On skills - they aren't sorted on your profile randomly; they are sorted in the order you put them in. To change the order, go to the profile editor & drag the skills up and down.

3) For skills elaboration/details, I suggest using your overview to elaborate on your skills and experience with them.


Hello John The tests are not

Hello John

The tests are not sorted by percentile but date taken. Is this a bug?


it might be - let me get back to you. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be sorted by percentile, but I'll have to talk to someone else about it.

by that logic...

John H. wrote:
it might be - let me get back to you. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be sorted by percentile, but I'll have to talk to someone else about it.

If they are sorted by percentile , why not show the percentile , instead of the score out of 5 that is shown. I have a 1st place spelling test result which is half way down my tests. Just looks odd like that.

test details

Junelle A. wrote:

what dates? there are no "dates taken" on my tests, unless i'm missing something here.

Yes, when you click on a test on your profile, you'll be taken to the test details page which includes date, percentile etc.

I agree

Krisztina U. wrote:
Please add back the skills section. If you want to list skills randomly under the title to make the profiles more scannable, fine. But please also give us a section where we can elaborate on these skills.

if click few times on work

if click few times on work history item while it is loading, result will be - broken dialog without information

Good Work


Its good to see the new changes. The Work History now looks better and is nicely organized. Thanks for considering our inputs.


Much Much Better

Much much better look than before ..

- Groups on the sidebar is not properly aligned , groups tags should be side by side so the area should not look blank ..
Check my profile for an example , if it remain in the same way , i will be thinking to leave one or two groups

can you elaborate?

Hi Aamir,

Can you explain? Are you proposing that they should be two or more side-by-side instead of stacked vertically?


IMO you have not improved anything

You have not improved anything, all you did was fix what you messed up , such as the title.

Tab system was much better! This wall of text forces employer and hiring managers to look at everything. The good part about the tabs was that we could look at exactly what we wanted/needed.

Portfolios: In the old system we could see the description as well as the image at the same time.

Color: What color? I still see a white profile on a white background.

I fail to see what is better about this new profile.


(No subject)


Veni, Vidi, Vici.

other issues

I would really have preferred the old method of dividing the profile sections into tabs. Currently, it seems very simplified at first glance but when you start expanding section items, it requires a lot of scrolling on the user end...which becomes very complicated. I'm thinking about employers who are annoyed about having to view items in our portfolio that is irrelevant to their project. The expanding button requires a lot of clicking contrary to just doing a single click on the tab and everything is laid out in plain view. I use to just tell them which slot I would like them to see which use to work out well, without hassling them.

Not a fan of the subtle grey on white scheme either. It doesn't help in easy viewing of categories. It's just trying to be slick, without consideration for functionality. It also reminds me a lot of my old printed resume, back to the time when we didn't have very good printers yet :-}.

Another thing that I don't like about this is the idea of laying out how much is earned for every project. It's like allowing everyone to view your account balance when transacting at an ATM machine. I don't think anyone here would like that (except Mr. Bean of course :-}).

if you like to keep this set

if you like to keep this set up, please allow expandable items to be collapsible as well, and, set the window size for the portfolio at the same size. The next/back button keeps moving around as the item changes in size. I'm cool with the diary...good work.




Profile looks much better now. It's great that you guys took the feedback into consideration. There's still room for improvement (like some way to add more information about the skills or perhaps an anchor link to the portfolio section somewhere around the header of the profile) but it's definitely better. It's scannable and much more informative than the initial layout.

Keep up the work : )

/// Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it's the courage to continue that counts.

I'm new around here and have

I'm new around here and have been trying to read as much info as I could while doing my first work and found the other post about bettering the new profile (though I never got the chance to have a look at the old one).

I was actually looking forward to see Ms. Maria F.
I love the way she points out specifics and back her knowledge up Wink

Also, I have a question, not at all relevant to the on going issue here. But why is it that every time I post something, it shows that I have joined oDesk since Oct 07 2011 when in fact, I'm not even a week old here?



work problem!


I am also doing work from 2008. I have no idea about the jobs from last 2 to 3 months why the peoples are not giving me work. I also down my profile rate and update my profile daily. But there is no work for me. I love odesk. I don't know why odesk is angry with me.