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Positive wire transfer experience

Hello everyone,
I would just like to share my experience with the wire transfer in RSD because I see many of you have had a lot of problems with it.
First of all some details Smile This transfer was made at Banca Intesa using my DOMESTIC account (tekuci racun). I think this is where a lot of people are making a mistake because they are getting the wrong information from their banks about their IBAN number. Most employees at the bank branches are not very familiar with these kind of payments and will most likely give you an IBAN number that is connected to your foreign currency account which is of course wrong since you want to withdraw RSD not USD. I had the same situation when I went to my bank branch but was suspicious of the IBAN they gave me so I called the main office of the bank in Novi Sad and they explained it to me better.
So what I did is this: when setting up a wire transfer account you type in the SWIFT code of the bank you got from the bank and then when you go to type in the IBAN just type in the number of your domestic currency account (tekuci). You can find it on your debit card just don't use the dashes Smile I did it like this and got my money fairly quickly considering I made a withdrawal just before new year. All in all it is a very cheap way of getting your money, the commission was in total 200 dinars (on a withdrawal of around 160$) plus the wire transfer commission I would have payed if it wasn't the first withdrawal. I hope this will help people get their money more easily and those that had trouble using this method.
Best regards and a merry Christmas

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Nebojsa , thanks for this

Nebojsa , thanks for this useful post! Do you have to pay some monthly fee in Banca Intesa for your domestic account?

monthly fee

Hi Milos,
the monthly fee for the domestic account (tekuci) is, i think, 300 dinars. But since i use it anyways to get my paycheck for the job i have in Serbia i forgot to mention it Smile It's an expanse i am used to every month Smile

Wire transfer experience in Serbia

Hi Nebojsa,

I'm having a little trouble with setting up a wire transfer in RSD. I read your post and tried to do the same thing but every time I type in my domestic account number I get a "invalid format" massage. I have contacted the odesk support team and they informed me I have to use the IBAN number, in spite of my explanation that only foreign currency accounts have IBAN numbers. Do you still use wire transfer option and do you have any problems with it?