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Contractor profile skills update

You may have read our recent post, Introducing the oDesk Skills Dictionary, in which we announced a new standardized list of skills. We are now in the final stages of our transition to the new oDesk Skills Dictionary. Over the next week we will be changing any remaining non-standardized skills in contractor profiles to match the new oDesk Skills Dictionary.

If you have already transitioned your skills or if you created your profile in the last few months, you will not be impacted by this change.  

If you have not yet completed this transition, we will automatically update the skills in your profile to match the skills in our dictionary. You should receive a message asking you to review the updated skills. When you receive this message, please take a look at your profile and make changes if necessary.

These changes will help us ensure that your profile appears when employers are looking for contractors with your skills. To learn more, please read our original announcement

Thank you to all our contractors for working with us through this transition.

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I am finally back on the first page for my first set of skills!!!! Hooray!!!!

same here

Horray Smile

Well i am not back really..first time..