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Try a beta SMS alert application

Hi Contractors

This is not part of the official oDesk service, but we have created a free application (in beta) that will send you an SMS every time an employer sends you an interview message. You need to authorize it using your oDesk account, and it uses the APIs to send an SMs alert. I am trying to figure out if a feature like this is useful for oDesk contractors, and it's free for now.

- This only works during the interview
- This only works for a user to user message
- There is no security or legal risk in using it
- This is not part of - it's a separate application

Check it out - and please write feedback about this application here.

Note: this SMS service can be turned off or changed at any time since this is a trial run.


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Very helpful

Hi Shipra! I tried this myself and so far so good. I signed up weeks ago and I'm receiving notifications from the Message Center -- real-time! Nice! Smile

I had few comments about it

I submitted few comments about it here at Jan 31, 2012 titled I love oNotify. Did you get that?

Great service! Now I don't

Great service! Now I don't have to wait around for a reply by keeping my laptop on or activating the mail client on my phone, saves me a lot of time and tells me exactly which job post it is concerned with. Love it!!!!

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Hi Shipra. This is very

Hi Shipra.

This is very helpful especially for those that cant sleep wondering if they received invitations for interview just like me Laughing out loud


Was using this app from the

Was using this app from the last month or so, but did it stopped working as I cannot get any sms messages now, Deactivated the app & then when I tried to activate again it cannot send the verification sms to my cell.