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Best Payment Method to Indonesia

Hi all..

Sorry if I'm bit make a rant to this forum Smile. Based on this forum posting:
I'm curious, what do you used fr payment method to Indonesia? And could u guys give me some advice about which one payment method that problem-free? (well, or at least, with minimal problem).

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Hi Resa, It will really

Hi Resa,

It will really depends on your lifestyle:
- If you like shopping online, you might want to withdraw to paypal.
- Wire if you want trouble free I think. (I registered my BCA account, and it was easy).


I use paypal

Dear Resa,

I mostly use paypal and then withdraw it to your bank account. I use BII up to this time and had never find any problem. this is just my opinion though


You should also consider

You should also consider Payoneer. We provide you with a Prepaid Debit MasterCard, issued in your name, that can be used online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide.

Your oDesk payments can be funded to the card within minute, providing you with instant cash in hand.

Let me know if you have any questions about Payoneer.

Nissim A.
Head of Community at Payoneer