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oDesk Automatic End Contracts

I noticed that oDesk ended contracts thatI'm not working on for long, is oDesk closing it automatically and not the employers?

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Might be. oDesk shuts down a

Might be. oDesk shuts down a lot of jobs that people complain about. Don't start work until it says 'Job in progress' in your panel.

Yes this has happened to me,

Yes this has happened to me, 3 contracts were all ended by oDesk. All 3 were hourly and I hadn't worked on them for over 3 months.

There was an announcement

There was an announcement which I cannot locate at the moment, that they are automatically closing any contract that has no activity for 90 days. I think they said they would send the employer an alert first.

Re: oDesk Automatic End Contracts

For the protection of our users, oDesk will automatically close contracts after 90 days of inactivity. Please refer to this help article to learn more info about this matter: I received an idle contract warning. What should I do?

How do employer provide feedback for ended contract?

One of my contracts is ended today without any prior notification and even my employer doesn't know about it. In this context, how my client will provide feedback for the ended contract?

Please advice.

He can login and give feedback

He can still login to odesk and give feedback. All he has to do is go to his closed contracts and leave it.
Also, I seriously doubt he got no notice. I had a contract I let go stale and oDesk sent me notice and 30 days, 60 days, then 90 days that it was going to be closed. Maybe they went into his spam folder or maybe he just deleted them unread.