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Test score not visible

I have taken UK english basic skills test but my score and test status is not visible on my profile.

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Be patient. It will appear

Be patient. It will appear soon.

no it is not

i have the same problem and i see no difference , its been a day already

Hi Muhammad

I've checked your profile and see that the UK English Basic Skills Test is still not visible, make sure you have set it to public.

Here's how to edit your tests:

To edit your tests, go to the Settings icon to select My Contractor Profile, or select the Edit Profile link, located on the Find Work page under your profile portrait. In the User Settings menu, choose the My Tests page link. Once there, you can use the Actions menu to edit your test visibility settings. You can also use the Embed link to publish your test scores anywhere online - this link will lead back to your oDesk profile, too.

Hope this helps. Smile


I have a similar problem.
My profile also doesn't show this result

I have made it public, but it doesn't work.
plz help.

The oDesk Readiness test doesn't get shown on the profile

I don't think the profile ever shows the oDesk Readiness test, which is what the link you posted refers to.

It's not exactly a "qualification" - is it?

Actually it is shown on the

Actually it is shown on the logged out profile view.

So it is!

John Bampton wrote:
Actually it is shown on the logged out profile view.

So it is Laughing out loud

That does, however, means that clients will only see it when they search for a contractor while logged out, and if the contractor's profile is set as totally public. Strange. I wonder what the reasoning behind that is?