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Withdrawal this year is always delay

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last year

last year, when i withdraw on wednesday i get the money friday night. but this year, it's been a couple of times that i get it monday night.


Yup this is very true but if you talk to a Chat Support rep they will just tell you that the processing time is up to 5 business days. This is the trend going on after 4 weeks as I can observe.I have discussed this thing with other Odesk pips and I agree I might switch to Paypal.Paypal has always been on time except for those days with holidays.Well, what's with the just $1 transaction fee compared to Paypal transaction that will include bank remittance fee. But I don't care as long as there is consistency so I am planning to go back to Paypal.

We apologize for the delays.

We apologize for the delays. We are aware that this is a problem, and are working closely with our bank to fix this as quickly as possible. We realize the importance of receiving your funds quickly and appreciate all your patience. We will update this community as soon as we have resolution.

Mike Ting


hi can some one help me to let me know that rate should i get per dollar if i withdraw through payoneer card in pakistan??

I don't think anyone can

I don't think anyone can answer that.
It depends on when the funds hit the bank that does the exchange.
The exchange rate is based on the close of the previous day.


I believe the problem is not with our local banks here but it's from Odesk's end.It's ok if you won't approve for this comment to get posted here at least you get to read this. We all notice there has been a pattern for this delay.

just talked to odesk support through live chat

Unfortunately, from my conversation with an oDesk employee earlier, they're not really admitting that there's anything wrong on their side. She just said that they have indicated before that we will receive our salary within 3 to 5 business days. So, she said - there really is no delay.

She kept repeating this - even as I kept telling her that I've been on oDesk for almost 4 years now and I have been consistently receiving my salary by Friday evening at the latest - unless there's a bank holiday or something went wrong with the oDesk system - as oDesk has admitted before.

So, I guess we just need to wait - and, as I was told - we can get back to them if we still do not receive our salary after 10 days.

I have always been grateful for what oDesk has helped me achieve in my career. It just saddens me that things like this happen.

One or two days is a big deal for most of us. Bills have to be paid in addition to our day-to-day expenses. But I'm sure oDesk already knows that.

I have to agree

I have to agree with Grace. If there are delays caused by whoever on oDesk's side (not the local banks), then we would certainly appreciate it if we are told of this by your CSRs when we ask them. Like in this particular case, we're being made to believe by oDesk support that the delay is 'normal'. When in fact, oDesk knows (as Michael T mentioned) that there are issues with their processing bank. Conflicting information can get really confusing.

I really hope that whatever the back-end issues are with LFT processing, that oDesk resolves it immediately and efficiently so it doesn't happen again. Sad I really do prefer using oDesk LFT, it's more convenient and the exchange rate's a bit better than Paypal's....BUT, if these delays and inconsistencies continue...Hmmmmm, makes me want to think twice...

Odesk issue

I would like to commend Mike T's honesty though for apologizing on this issue when all of us know it's really not our local bank's issue. I agree with Grace that we pay bills and we set time or schedule to pay some things believing we will get paid that day.@ Christine, I agree with you also that if this happens again, I will switch to Paypal. I don't care about the remittance fee charged by our local bank if it means that I will be able to bring my mom to the doctor for a check up on Saturday being assured(Paypal is consistent as I used it before except when there are holidays)that my money will come in on Friday night or Saturday morning.

I know there are only a few or just three of us commenting here but I know many Odesk people know this situation already. Hopefully, this will get fixed soon as we love Odesk.

oDesk Issue

A lot of us are experiencing this. They should fix it ASAP with their bank as its been going on for a couple of weeks already.


Yeah... PAYPAl is more OK than This... So much Delays.. Almost every week....

And I think This week AGAIN... COZ it hasn't show on my Bank so far...Sad...

I'll go with Paypal Starting Next week...

I'll also use paypal next

I'll also use paypal next week until this issue is fixed.

There is actually really no

There is actually really no problem on their end if you look at their policy. It will take 5 business days for the money to be remitted. BUT for better service, they have managed to cut it down to 3 days, unfortunately, there is a change in policy on the bank that THEY use so the money is taking longer than the usual 3 days.

what bank do you use?


Im new here in odesk and I would like to ask for suggestions on how I could get my salaray. What is the process on withdrawing your salary? Do I need to get my local bank account then Odesk will just deposit it directly to my account?

Thank you


Hi Anne

Welcome to the oDesk community!

You need to register first to any our Withdrawal Methods to get your earnings at oDesk. You can choose any method that suits you best. You can also find relevant threads here at the community on which method is usually preferred by fellow contractors.

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Best of luck! Smile

I agree

Emile G. wrote:
I believe the problem is not with our local banks here but it's from Odesk's end.It's ok if you won't approve for this comment to get posted here at least you get to read this. We all notice there has been a pattern for this delay.

I agree with you... almost all my payments are delay since 2012 entered. My employer always pays on time and getting irritated with this proccess. We've tried and funds arrived within 24 hours.

Bad conversion rates

I think of late withdrawals are not just delayed but also are processed at bad rates - the difference between the market rate and oDesk rates is increasing.

Another Delay on Odesk Remittance Tonight

It would be best if Odesk would just say that it withdrawals can be processed 3-5 working days and avoid having to make their contractors expect for the funds to be credited by friday. atleast we can advise our merchants that we can send payments by monday or the following wednesday I hate it whenever they do this. Another delay this week means they have not fixed the problem. change their advertisements and say 3-5 business days, that should lessen the agony.

second time in a row

Didn't receive my money again Sad will need to wait monday night again Sad so depressing.

Don't want to use paypal because $1 fee + Php150 BPI fee.
If LFT only .99

Another disappointing delay

I really thought that after last week's delay, the transfer would be credited on time for this week...Boy was I so wrong. I should have followed my gut instinct and went the oDesk to Paypal to Bank route. But I gave LFT yet another chance and failed me again. For the third time.

Thing is, yes, the 'expected date' of arrival that we receive in our confirmation emails is always Monday of the next week (for withdrawals made on a Wednesday). Because that's really how service expectations work, you make the client/customer believe (in this case the 'client/customer' is us, contractors) that the completion of the transfer is anytime within that particular timeframe, so the client will think that the transfer can complete either earlier or later.

In LFT's case, this holds true. It DOES gets processed within that timeframe.

But, here lies the issue: LFT has consistently been completing the transfer within 2 to 3 days at the most. So it was always completed earlier than 3-5 days. And that's almost ever since LFT started. The delays have just happened recently, and oDesk has always admitted the delay to have been caused on their or their processing bank's end. This simply means that technically the transfer is really completed in 2-3 days, and the only reason for a delay would be errors made on their end (or the receiving bank's).

I think the question to really ask is: 'what is going on with oDesk's (or their bank) LFT process? what are the issues they encounter that cause a delay in the once-smooth and timely procedure? what are they doing to iron out these issues'?

If these issues will not be worked on...hmmm... there's always Paypal to Bank. Might as well go that route, even if it's going to cost more than a dollar.


Don't want to waste my 150 Smile that's 600 a month. I'll just endure the sufferings Smile

You have a point Reggie have a point Regiemon, that's 600 pesos for a month. Smile But we don't have the endure the suffering... oDesk just has to work on their processing errors. They just posted another notification on the support page that there's going to be a delay, which means simply that the errors is theirs again this time. Sad

delay again

Ok delay again today just like last week. Up to when this will happen? Ooooppps sorry this is supposed to be replied to the odesk staff. hehe


A Agrawal wrote:
I think of late withdrawals are not just delayed but also are processed at bad rates - the difference between the market rate and oDesk rates is increasing.

True! their rate is far different than what's in the market.

Delay.......Why always Delay??

There's no Problem with the Banks Here in the Philippines but I think odesk is the problem. When we withdraw our earnings, we will receive a notification that our withdrawal has been processed but I don't think that it really happens. Because according to Some Bank Managers in the Philippines they process the remittance once they receive the payment from odesk, but sadly they didn't receive any remittance coming from odesk. What Happening? Please oDesk answer our question and give us a clear answer on what is really happening., We need fast action in this matter. Thanks

Been experiencing the same

Been experiencing the same thing huhu..

i don't know

i don't know if you can really say it's delay because if you check your email - the expected date of delivery is always monday.

bring back the old times

i hope they could make it every friday night again or earlier much better. 2nd time in a row. what's happening.


Not again...I hope they will fix this. I'm switching to Paypal next week.

odesk = paypal rates

From the last time i checked about a year ago. I think the rate of odesk is similar now to paypal rates. last time they are around 50 cents in difference.


wew... just received my funds today. hope on wednesday, won't be delayed but i doubt it.

Still Delayed LFT

It's 8:35pm over here but I have not received my pay yet. What's happening oDesk?! Is this going to be delayed another business day? Any update on this aside from your usual pre-written, copied and pasted replies on Live Chat?

Your support is not working too. The window opens and then shuts down.

What is wrong with oDesk now. Should I be concerned about the safety/security of my payments here?


I am also facing the same problem, what's happening?

I checked my ATM 5 ticks ago

I checked my ATM 5 ticks ago and still did not get my money...I wonder how long we have to wait..

Try paypal in your next

Try paypal in your next withdrawal. That's what I'll do.

You may contact Customer

You may contact Customer Support if the funds have not arrived yet.

not for better but for worst

LFT Philippines - it's not getting better but it's getting worst Smile

How long will it take for the

How long will it take for the funds to arrive in my bank account?

Local Funds Transfer withdrawals will arrive at your bank within three to five business days. Some banks may place a hold on the incoming funds. Please ask your bank how long it will take your funds to clear; they may be available instantly or require a security hold of several days.
Taking advantage of Local Funds Transfer withdrawals means there's no waiting for a third-party to send the funds to your bank or risk of delays/restrictions imposed by a processing vendor. You withdraw your funds from oDesk and receive them directly in your bank account; fewer steps equals more control, lower risk, and faster transfers.

Three business days from Wednesday is Monday whereas 5 business days would be the next Wednesday. There should not be any complaints until the Wednesday after payday.

Switch to Paypal

I will switch to paypal on my next withdraw to avoid delay in transferring my money even though there's $1 transfer fee. I just dont want to be delay again. oDesk LFT really disappoint us.

Next Week PayPal

Yeah, I'll switch to paypal next week. oDesk won't tell us the real problem.

the question

the question now is, do odesk plans to make the LFT back to normal, as you will receive the funds on friday night?

how long does it takes to

how long does it takes to withdraw paypal funds to eon thru bank account not credit?
Thanks a lot

This ***

This delay of withdrawals really *removed by admin*. Everything was going smoothly and perfectly with funds being available by Friday night. Monday would have been okay if only funds were made available on morning,not evening. Paypal charges too much so I guess I'll just have to be stuck with this. Disappointment lvl: over 9000. Sad

True, up until now the issue

True, up until now the issue is not yet fixed..all they're csr is saying is that the process takes 3-5 business days and they'r always giving you that canned message. it looks like oDesk is starting to process their LFT every 3-5 business days and then the money will go to our banks Monday evening. Odesk CSRs don't want to admit that it's an issue on oDesk's side. I'm very unhappy regarding this change that they made. Having your money go into your bank by Monday is not very convenient esp. when you have a day off of sat-sun..arghhhhhh

True, the csr don't want to

True, the csr don't want to say that they have a problem.

But Michael admitted there is a problem.

We apologize for the delays. We are aware that this is a problem, and are working closely with our bank to fix this as quickly as possible.

We understand that...

We understand that... However, it has been almost a month now since he posted that and we're still having the issue. I hope that they're not pushing us to solely use paypal.

Did your funds arrived yesterday evening?

Mine did not, I dunno why, maybe bcause of the long weekend? Did your funds arrived yesterday evening?

Nope. Hoping tonight.

Nope. Hoping tonight.

not yet

hope will receive my funds today. long holidays... grrr.... if i'm still working on a company... yes holidays...

Withdrawal delay

No, I still don't receive mine. Very disappointing. I was really expecting it every Friday night just as usual but right now it's so much delayed. It's Tuesday and still nothing. I hope this delay problem will be resolved soon. >.<