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Withdrawal this year is always delay

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delays again

Me too I haven't received my money yet.I spoke to their CSR and they said that they are speaking with their bank to shorten the period of time of the process. And I ask her when's the expected date of my money hitting my bank after the long holidays, she said earliest is 04/12 and might take up to 04/16. I am very Unhappy with odesk right now. I'm thinking maybe they changed their bank?because previously they process it for only 2 days withdraw Wed. and it will come Friday night. Hope this will be resolved soon.

Same Here

Me too , here are my thread

i hope everyone not getting same issue as i am. this is getting annoying especially when we need the money to pay the bills,etc

what is going on

i still don't receive my funds today. what is going on!!!!

Not sure. But whatever it is,

Not sure. But whatever it is, its disappointing.
My fault that i did not renew my Unionbank card because of this LFT.
Now, I know I'll be flying to Unionbank first thing in the morning.
Im coming home to Paypal


yeah, maybe odesk change their bank that is why it is always delay.


Hey Guys! has any one of you tried switching back to the Paypal withdrawal method? Did your money arrive by Friday night?

delayed again???

I know it's been a long holiday, but its already tuesday night and still nothing!!!!!

withdraw delay

Same here. I was even expecting it today. Can someone from the oDesk Team explain this? We would really appreciate any explanations about this. Thanks.


they should release an official statement about the problem.

receive funds today

hey, i just received my funds right now. how about you guys?

Still empty..

Still empty.. When did you withdrew your funds? Mine was last Wednesday, at around 8:50AM..

last wednesday

I withdrew last wednesday also around 8:05AM... Hope they can fix the problem as soon as possible.

Bring back the Friday Night!

Still no luck. I'm with BPI.

Still no luck. I'm with BPI. What bank is yours?


Yeah, what's your bank Regiemon? BPI here as well...


yeah, i'm bpi also.

hope you guys receive your funds also as soon as possible.

Withdrawal delay

Glad to hear that. Unfortunately, I still don't received mine. >.< When did you withdraw yours?

Update: Ahh, sorry. I just saw your post. Thanks.

wow..good for you..

I haven't got mine yet up until now,I'm with BPI too..what's your bank Regiemon? I'm getting pissed off at odesk. arrrrgggggggghhhhhh..I hope they're doing something about this. they're getting their money on time but they're not giving ours on time.

Still empty..

After an hour, no funds yet!!! THIS IS GETTING REALLY FRUSTRATING!!!

Super frustrating delay!

It's Wednesday morning and still no funds!

Contacted Odesk support and I was given the "3-5 working days" spiel. Rep even told me to contact my local bank (BPI). I called BPI support just few minutes before I wrote this and they told me there's NO pending credit at all in my account.

Odesk should realize how valuable Filipino workers are!


Well, this is easy to solve. If oDesk can't do then then let's go somewhere else. Nothing personal.

Wednesday already, and still no funds

Wow, it's Wednesday. For every week that passes the longer the delay becomes. We don't even feel a sense of urgency on oDesk. Wow.

Yes, very disappointing

I checked BPI yesterday at aroun 9PM and still no funds...hopefully I will get my funds later in the evening, are there others like Rogiemon who received their funds yesterday evening?


A co-worker of mine received her funds last night around 9pm Philippines Time. The nasty part is we work for the same boss, our boss' credit card has been charged for our pay and she transferred her funds late last week (Wednesday). Both of us are BPI account holders and uses LFT. So how come she received her funds ahead of me.

I thought I was the only one having problems

Our situation is getting more ridiculous by the minute. Maybe the problems are at oDesk's end or at our banks'. Whatever the case, it's the contractors who suffer, especially those who rely solely on oDesk contracts as the source of their income.

Wednesday afternoon...

Wednesday afternoon... EMPTY STILL! Shall we do this every week? Complain and rant? This is being unprofessional. Odesk, can you tell us what is your banks name? BPI is telling it's not a problem at their end. I've had BPI for many years and had no problem with any transaction. 'Will update later...

I agree

They're always giving us the canned message of 3-5 business days except holidays. This is really unacceptable. One of their agents told me (as I've mentioned on my first post) that the earliest we can receive our funds will be April 12 and may take up to April 16..for me that's crap.Odesk should not treat us this way. :{

This is a disaster

Odesk has been in the business for a long time already and they should have anticipated the holidays!! And they should have given us prior notice that our funds are going to be THIS LATE!!!

Funds Wednesday

Is there anybody had received the funds now? Thanks

This is ridiculous

Nope, no funds up to now. I'm sure next week it'll be like this all over again. How convenient.

just now..

Check your funds guys.. I got mine just now..

Made a Mistake Using LFT this holidays

It usually takes just 2 days with LFT to BPI. Didn't know LFT has gotten worse. It's already past 7pm here in the Philippines and the funds I withdrew last Wednesday morning is still not here. Have to remember not to try LFT again.

I withdrew early this morning using Paypal to Unionbank. I think that will even come earlier than the one I withdrew last week. I usually receive that Thursday night.

Wednesday / 7:30 PM

Wednesday / 7:30 PM - That's the time I received my funds! How about you guys? See you again in this post next week!


You just got your funds now?


Yes, at approximately 7:30 PM. BPI said that it maybe a problem from Odesk third party bank. Guess what? I withdrew again using LFT awhile ago, so.. I'm sure to be in this post again next week - and I don't like that!

Still Waiting

Good for you. Still waiting. Will check again later and update you guys. Well, well.


I still don't received mine. I feel so unlucky here! >.<

Hmmm... seems like

Hmmm... seems like alphabetically?

These past few weeks, I noticed that I always got my funds first compared to my friend with a surname starting with "V". My surname starts with "C"

I will check mine in a few minutes

I will check my card in a few minutes if the funds are there...I will update you guys in a while, I really hope my funds are there since I need it badly Sad

Are we talking about BPI here?

Alphabetical? It can't be alphabetical because banks no longer credit bulk remittances (like payroll) manually. The batch remittances are normally uploaded into the system as a file or something.

Actually just a thought, I'm

Actually just a thought, I'm not sure.
But lately my funds are available in the bank first even if she withdrew her funds from Odesk first.
I dont think the problem is with BPI. Its the third party partner of Odesk processing the transfer.

Still waiting

How much longer do we need to wait? I'm still hoping I get mine today...

Not yet there

I just went to check but my funds aren't still there.

Then my theory is wrong.

Then my theory is wrong. *confused*


My friend who has the same employer as I have already received his funds. How unfair it is. Hope oDesk will find a solution for LFT issue as soon as possible.

no funds.. still

I have been checking my account hourly. Too bad still no funds =(


Still no money hitting my bank. What's the matter oDesk it's already Wednesday?

Hi everyone, I have the same

Hi everyone,

I have the same dilemma. I've already spoken to a chat representative and she just made me look like a fool explaining last week's holidays and Monday's. I'm surprised that others have received theirs and there are still some of us who hasn't.

I am more surprised that no admin has made any comments here yet.

Hmmm... nobody dares to

Hmmm... nobody dares to response from their side because they know that most of us are already desperate and mad, and joining this conversation is actually the same as putting their heads between blades.

I know Odesk is also hoping that we will receive our funds soon. Nobody wants tension after all, esp that Odesk is alive because of us and the clients.

Well said. But I hope they

Well said. But I hope they try to look at it from our point of view. We have dues that we have to take care of, and the decent thing to do is to at least explain to us what's happening and why it is happening. *Sigh

I'm readying my blade for their heads!

I'm really really upset right now,what the heck is their problem, if they can do it early before why can't they do it early now? it seems like they don't even care about us having this dilemma. I just checked my online banking still no funds..arghh