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Withdrawal this year is always delay

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Same here. And I am still

Same here.

And I am still surprised that no one has jumped in yet on this thread!

I checked my funds around 8pm

I checked my funds around 8pm and it was there...I really hope you guys will receive yours tonight or tomorrow...Odesk is yet to explain why this delay

It's past midnight here but

It's past midnight here but still no funds in my bank account. What is happening, oDesk? This is so frustrating!

Thursday Morning and Still Nothing in my BPI Acct!

It's Thursday morning and no funds still. I don't understand why some have already received their funds while others like me haven't. It's especially frustrating when it's over a long holiday. I'm totally wiped out and yet they choose to delay it further.

The last time I tried LFT, it was just a day delayed compared to Paypal-Eon. I'm not making the same mistake again. I'm sticking to Paypal and Unionbank Eon now.

Please relax people. It have

Please relax people. It have been holiday in Philippines. Of course it is a delay.
If we transfer money last Wednesday, bank holiday Thursday and Friday and also this Monday. The money will be on the account after 3-5 Business days. I guess the money will arrive tonight or Friday night.

Paypal has no issue

Paypal has no issue transferring to bank,its Odesk LFT alone? And considering that its been a couple of days since holiday, the process is actually slooooowww--and thats a fact.

Paypal has an issue too!

I withdrawn my funds to paypal and then to my local bank last Wednesday April 11 around 8:12am. I normally received my funds the following day which Thursday around 6pm. But then it's Sunday and that was 4 days ago (including Saturday and Sunday) and the funds isn't credited yet. Maybe there was a problem with a third party bank where the money transmitted going to our local Bank?

Had a chat with another oDesk

Had a chat with another oDesk rep and she interchanged the "3-5 business days" and "check your local bank" line. I've asked about other people receiving the money when we are all from the same bank and I got the "check your local bank" line. I did check with my "local bank" and I was told there are no floating transactions. Since the "check your local bank" has been taken care of and if I go back and talk to the rep again, I'm 100% sure I'll get the "3-5 business days" line. Tired

funds ok

Guys, I just got my funds now (Allied Bank) 6:45pm. Check yours. I hope this will not happen again next week.

Good for you..I just checked

Good for you..I just checked mine..still not there..this really sucks

Just received my funds

Just received my funds through BPI. Relieved to not have to go through tracing the funds. However, it was still a huge headache not getting answers.

Hi guys I just received mine

Hi guys I just received mine just now.Hope you'll get yours to.An odesk chat op said that the affected accounts with delays are usually with Union bank and BPI. is that tru?

Odd! I still don't received

Odd! I still don't received mine.It's been 5 business days now right? Arrggg!!

Finally! The long wait has

Finally! The long wait has ended~ Smile

Friday, 6:30PM

WOW! - My first reaction. Funds are already here! GREAT JOB ODESK! Hope Friday withdrawal will be consistent!

Keep it up!


Yeah!!! hopefully it will be consistent now!!! received the funds that i withdrew last wednesday!

I just received my fund, just

I just received my fund, just now... I hope there will be no more delay problems. Good Job oDesk!

Funds that arrived

What bank are you using? BPI?


My bank is BPI


Good to hear that funds have arrived. I will check later. Thanks
Hopefully it will be consistent

Mine arrived yesterday, friday evening

Hello...I checked my account yesterday evening and Walla! It is there Smile I really hope this will continue from now on Smile


My funds are here,were your funds credited to your bank last Friday evening? (withdrawal from last wednesday)..if that's so,GOOD JOB ODESK!if this will continue you'll make all your ASIAN contractors VERY VERY SATISFIED. Smile

Unionbank Delay

Hi! This is a bit odd. I withdraw my money last April 11 using paypal to unionbank, until now (Monday April 17,2012 Manila time), the money is still not there. Is there a delay that I dont know about? Please help. Thank you.

So how's the withdrawal?

So how's the withdrawal? Just checked mine, and it isn't there yet... I hope it won't be delayed...

Its here!

Its here! Great job Odesk!!! Hope it'll be consistent! Thanks!

Funds Here

My withdrawal last Wednesday April 18 is in my account already. I just checked. Thanks oDesk. =)

The Funds are here!Good job

The Funds are here!Good job odesk for putting back the withdrawal process into shorter period.Two thumbs up for you! Hope this will continue Smile

another thing that odesk should do is warn their contractors for any upcoming holidays so that we can prepare for any delays and we can find another way of withdrawing our funds!

Friday again

So have you received your funds yet? Still nothing. Withdrew on-time last Wednesday.


still haven't receive mine also. delay once again? hahaha

Let's wait awhile

Let's wait awhile before we rant... lol

But seriously, it isn't funny.

So it's delayed?

How about your funds?

Friday, 7:25 PM

It's here at the above time. I withdrew last Wednesday 8:06 AM. Compare to last weeks funds, this week is delayed by almost an hour. Better than to wait until Monday. Cheers Odesk! Hopefully next week will be faster.


amazing! received my funds!!!


Do you know how long it takes for Paypal-EON transfer to reach the bank account? Thanks.

an answer to my question

Paypal to EON is the same as LFT transfer time. Got my funds 8pm Friday.

received mine 7 pm earlier.

received mine 7 pm earlier. Smile

Is LFT FIXED now?? 2days

Is LFT FIXED now?? 2days process? thanks mga ka pinoy!

nothin yet

its already monday nyt and i got nothing in my account yet... This is frustrating as i really needed the money to pay my bills Sad

Have you spoken

Have you spoken to your bank Ali? Mine only takes 3-5 weekday working days now to come from oDesk -- so it usually arrives Monday/Tuesday and then sits in international transfers until they phone me or I phone them for it to be released.

its always been consistent

my withdrawals have always been consistent, the funds are either debited on my local account an friday evening or monday midday but this time round there nothing yet in my account and its already tuesday. Am going to wait till tomorrow then i contact support because i know if i contact 'em now they'll give me the same reason "transactions usually take 3-5 business days"

you're right Ali, but to make

you're right Ali, but to make sure you can contact your bank first and ask them if there's a pending remittance to your account, if they say you don't have any, then you can contact odesk about this, Smile

i have already contacted my

i have already contacted my bank and they said they are not holding any money for my account

Thanks Ali

Maybe I can apply for automatic release on my side. Hope things sorted out for you.


at last its in my account... Got it at midday Smile

withdrawal method

my status is still inactive... its been more than a week.. i am using the local fund transfer through BPI... how do i go about it? i cant withdraw if my status is inactive...thanks!

Please contact Customer

Please contact Customer Support to help sort out your account.

Friday, 6:30PM

My funds are here! Withdrew last Wednesday / 9:05 AM. Thanks Odesk! Keep it up!

what bank? unionbank??

what bank? unionbank??

hey are you using unionbank

hey are you using unionbank LFT? i havent received mine..i had my withdrawal last may 16..i used chat and i was told to wait until tomorrow..Sad

Exchange rate lower in oDesk.. why such a big difference?

Why is it that when I try to withdraw my earnings in oDesk, the exchange rate is different from the exchange rate in Google? For example, when the exchange rate in Google is 42.3 pesos per 1 USD, here in oDesk it's 41.2.. Already a big difference to me. Also when I checked the exchange rate at the Western Union, it's also 42.3 something.

Can somebody explain why oDesk has lower exchange rate?