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Withdrawal this year is always delay

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Delayed this week

So I just had a chat with Odesk CS and they confirmed that funds will be delayed by a day. They said it will be with LFT. Their not sure about Paypal. Just want everybody to know.

Yeah. It's 4th of July in USA

Yeah. It's 4th of July in USA and for sure the funds are going to be delayed..tsk2

I used paypal

Hi, I used paypal to withdraw last Wednesday and transferred to my bank (Allied Bank), when I checked this morning I was surprised to see the fund's here. =) I did not check last night though I guess it was there all along.

The funds are already here.

The funds are already here. It's not delayed. Good job odesk! I used LFT. Smile

witdrawal method

hello and hi everybody..Smile

i wanna anyone here knows which type of withdrawal method the are suitable in Malaysia?i am new here..need your help..Sad


I just withdrawn an amount of money to my payoneer account though have not yet get the card .
Is it ok ? Or i have to face problem and never get the money in my hand . any one can help me by advising . Please .....
Thank you


You can check your funds via payoneer's website. It takes too long to get the card though, I applied for a card last June and up to now it's not yet with me.

Anyone got their funds?

Were you lucky enough today to get your funds? None at my end so far..

Seems that Odesk is working hard...

I was surprised! WOW! Hey Odesk, great job(pat in the back!)! I hope this will be consistent! Also, I love the new color. Easy for the eyes. Again, great job!

Did anyone receive their

Did anyone receive their funds?

receive funds today

even though there is a message that it will be delayed because of the holiday.

Is that lft?

Is that lft?


I always use LFT. Always withdraw early in the morning. Got mine today around 7PM. Yes, again I was surprised that it was there despite the early warning I learned.

You guys are lucky for those

You guys are lucky for those who got there funds I've withdrawn my funds Since, Jun 27, 2012..... its been 10days now and still no nothing. should i just wait or does any body have an advice??

withdrawal method

What withdrawal method did you use?

I used

I withdraw sending to my EON

I do not use EON anymore


For several months I have been using EON to withdraw, via LFT but there was this day that it was delayed and those using BPI got their funds on time. Withdrawal Wednesday and funds hit the bank usually Friday night.

I then tried paypal to EON since there is no paypal to bank charge, same as LFT funds were available Friday night.

I tried using paypal to Allied Bank, funds were available Thursday night (but there's P165 paypal to bank charge).

After experimenting with the withdrawal methods, I guess the problem is with EON their fund transfer is taking too long. And I will not transfer my funds via EON anymore.

Have you tried calling Union Bank? Did you check your card's expiration? Did you contact odesk support already they can help.

7PM Friday

Great job Odesk!

Anyone received their funds

Anyone received their funds through eon lft today?

more than 2 weeks delay

Hi Guys Has any of your experience more than 2weeks delay its almost 3weeks now, or is that normal for the delay thing were experiencing?

Haven't experienced that but

Haven't experienced that but my money is not yet in my bank account. The bank has the problem this time not Odesk.

how would you know?

HI how could you tell? its the bank and not odesk?

Any update guys about our

Any update guys about our funds today?

got mine Saturday afternoon

got mine Saturday afternoon

Really need help

on Jun 27, 2012 I Withdraw $252.01, Until now iv have not received it, I went to my bank yesterday and checked it there were no flouting accounts of pending.

now on 16-Jul-2012 I with drew $50 hoping it would push the $252, I got my $50 today but no sign of my $252 Sad what should I do.

contact oDesk support

contact oDesk support

7:00 PM, Friday

Thanks Odesk! Keep it consistent! = )

i withdrawed 20$ to my paypal

i withdrew 20$ to my paypal account on last week, but still i couldn't get it,help me please.

should be there


Paypal transfer from odesk is the fastest, takes 3 minutes then funds are available. Then transfer to bank account in 24hrs. What do you mean you cannot get it?

Update on your withdrawal?

Update on your withdrawal?

kinda' late

kinda' late this week...

I'm Hoping that there's no

I'm Hoping that there's no problem this week:(

Is it delayed today?

Is it delayed today? funds aren't here yet..but my friends funds are already in his account..we just processed the withdrawal at the same time but mine's not here yet.. Sad


update? it should be here now. I withdrew my funds 8:01 AM. = (

what is your bank?

what is your bank?

I'm using BPI and the money

I'm using BPI and the money didnt arrive yet??

Im using BPI also. Ill try to

Im using BPI also. Ill try to contact the support and the CS answer me:

"I checked with my supervisor, and I was informed that there had been no reported delay on LFT"


Because you were the first one who reported the issue!

Now, CS will say - 'Some banks has latency in the withdrawal. Please allow 3-5 bus days for funds to arrive at your bank'. Unless they have a new speil...



Hi Maria,What's your bank?

Hi Maria,

What's your bank? Mine's with BDO and I haven't received my funds yet. Last time I checked was at noon today.


i'm also having delayed funds, and i'm using BPI

any update ?

any update now guys ? hope its not delay this week.

BPI users fund has arrive

BPI users fund has arrive already...

YES! Received mine

YES! Received mine also!Thanks BPI and oDesk!


that got me scared! thanks Odesk! a little late, but it's here alright!

LFT delayed - BDO

Hi Guys,

Anybody using BDO for LFT? I checked my account this afternoon and mine hasn't arrived yet.


Amount transfered to account but not paid to account

Can anyone explain that I have transfered $14 to my account from my Odesk account but in my bank account balanace i show only 2.26 rs only.

Pls tell me what is this?

Contact CS

You need to contact Odesk CS my friend.

Long Weekend

So this weeks 'withdrawal confirmation' came late. Odesk confirmed it, but said that it was still processed on time - just a late notification.

I wonder if it will affect the LFT arriving today.

on time

It's here. LFT via BPI. Thanks odesk!