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How do I leave feedback?

I just ended a job but I don't know where to leave feedback for my contractor? When I ended the contract oDesk asked if I wanted to add any additional comments. I didn't have any additional comments about the job completed but I am starting to think that is where feedback was to be left. oDesk wasn't clear anywhere as to what area will be shown as "feedback" on the contractors profile. It looked as though it was just going to be an additional comment added to the job archive in which I didn't have any. Now it seems I am unable to leave feedback. I cannot find anywhere to do it. Can anyone help explain where to leave feedback for a job that is already ended?

Thank you

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Hi Myles

Welcome to the oDesk community!

To leave a feedback to your contractor -- you can click on the Manage My Team to choose Contracts, and then click on the contract's title to use the End Contract link. If this is a fixed-price contract you'll have the opportunity to make a payment on the end contract form.

You can find more information from this help article: How and when can I leave feedback on a contract?

STILL not clear where to leave feedback AFTER ended contract?

I'm having the same problem but you didn't seem to answer the question for someone who has ALREADY ended the contract.

I've already ended the contract and I'm not seeing any of the options you mention above. There is no 'End Contract' link, only an option to 'rehire' the contractor.

Please help!

If you ended it in April

You can no longer leave feedback, there is only a two-week window. Generally, you can go to your dashboard select the tab that says "contracts" and you'll see them there. Contracts that can still have feedback added will provide you a link (when you click on the contract) and you can leave it there.

Leaving Feedback for a Contractor

You guys need to change this so that people can give positive feedback after the contract has ended. I can see why you wouldn't want people to be able to go back and give negative feedback, but you should at least let the clients give the contractors positive feedback.

I have several people that I hired last year for temporary work and now I am not sure if they will want to be re-hired by me because I forgot/didn't know how important it was to give them positive feedback. One of them had the balls to approach me and let me know and I feel horrible that I didn't give any of them positive feedback.

Can you guys fix this?

Same issue

I have encountered this issue several times.
Please change the way that this works.
Thank you,

Hi Monique, If you feel

Hi Monique,

If you feel you need to change the feedback you left for your contractor, the only thing that can be done is that you ask them to click the link next to their feedback that says "Enable client to change feedback". This can be done only once, and you can change the feedback either way.

Hope this helps!

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Feedback when contract is suspended

I suspended the contract just in case I want to reopen it.
Can I leave feedback with the contract suspended?

Feedback for Buyer

I have a similar request to Greg T's but the other way around i.e. positive feedback for my Buyer. The 2-week window is short, can it be extended to 2-3 months instead?

Feedback Info

Do not worry about leaving Feedback. Every Contractor
can delete all things negative.

only the comments can be

only the comments can be hidden, the number are still there and caculated into the score.

And like i said before, Clients hide bad feedback also.
It's a two way street on that.

No they can't

Simon S. wrote:
Do not worry about leaving Feedback. Every Contractor
can delete all things negative.

Nonsense. They can hide the comments, but the stars remain visible and affect the overall score which is what clients mainly look at!