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Very Cheap Rate!!!

Why there are such clients ask for a very cheap rate!??? Why are you doing this to us? Like for example this:

Easy jobs as Virtual assistant

Job Description

I am looking for a dynamic candidate to work for me part time. It's just a 2 hrs job a day. If you would like to work more than that, I am fine with it. I will only pay $.10 for an hour. This is a very easy task to work on.

I will give it a try as a test phase, and if I feel you have the caliber, we can discuss further on the rates.

Only serious people required.


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even worse

Hello Camille,

The worst sentence I keep hearing on oDesk and bugs me the most is something like: "If you are skilled, it won't take you more than 20 minutes to finish this job".

OK! why aren't you paying a skilled man's rate? Puzzled


Camille Infante wrote:


even worse

Showing 50 candidates of 97 total.

The simple answer to such

The simple answer to such clients is "Just Ignore them". Like I do. I never bother applying to any job which pays less than $10/hr now.

If you think any job pays less than what you are worth. Do not do it. But please do not complain. It is client's right to decide what he is willing to pay. You cannot force them to pay higher and neither Odesk. If you think you are worth more, you'll surely get other high paying jobs.

Qs: Why there are such clients ask for a very cheap rate!???
Ans: Because they are sure they can get workers at this rate.

Qs: Why are you doing this to us?
Ans: No one is doing anything to you, unless you want it yourself.


so true

Samiullah Khan wrote:
Qs: Why there are such clients ask for a very cheap rate!???
Ans: Because they are sure they can get workers at this rate.

Qs: Why are you doing this to us?
Ans: No one is doing anything to you, unless you want it yourself.




This type of practice has really been bothering me lately. I feel like I am being discriminated against because A. I am not from the Philippines, India, Asia, etc. B. Work for a rate above $1.00 per hour, $.50 per hour, $.10 per hour, etc. (we have all seen these ridiculous wages)

My problem is I see US clients participating in this type of discrimination all the time. Here we are as a nation struggling with underemployment, unemployment and a devastated economy and we are sending jobs to other countries and trying to under pay.
On top of it all they want SKILLED contractors, but don't want to pay accordingly???????

I did as was advised. I finished high school and went on to get a higher education. Then eventually businesses started requiring Masters degrees instead of just Bachelors degrees, so once again I went back to school to meet employment requirements and stay competitive. However, then I started hearing "over educated", "over qualified", downsizing, etc. So I entered a budding industry of virtual employment and did well for the last 3 years but now as the industry grows I am finding the competition is outrageous because there are candidates in other countries willing to work for nothing (might as well be) and here I am struggling again.

No I am not willing to work for $1.00 per hour for 20, 30, 40 hours per week. That won't even pay for groceries!

So now I am having to research this issue and see what laws might apply and the approach Odesk with regulation...any one who might be able to help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Providers should stop doing

Providers should stop doing jobs so degrading. But as usual the buyers will find new contractors who are willing to do the job just to get in the game.

Until providers decide to value their work this kind of job offers will be there and we can not do anything about it. We are the only ones who permit this thing. And I will not give examples because I will be judged as a racist Tongue but there are some providers from certain regions of the globe that will do anything just to get started even if they lack the skills and ruin the market.

Those certain regions

include the USA, the UK and probably your country. I've certainly noticed quite a few people from the first two applying for/accepting positions that only pay a fraction of the respective minimum wages. Right. You are taking a gig that pays *less*, sometimes a lot less, than you'd get stacking shelves in the nearest supermarket, why? Sometimes it is a case of inexperienced freelancers grossly undervaluing themselves or believing, erroneously, that they need to "start at the bottom". Sometimes it is also a case of somebody thinking they can do a job that they don't have the skills for. You see that quite a lot with the writing/editing jobs - it is fairly reasonable to assume that if somebody cannot put a sentence together or even spell correctly in their profile, they can't really do such jobs properly.

They're all over this platform

Plenty of people who think they can "right articals", or "spin" articles and make money without showing any published work or skills.

And somebody, usually those clients who won't spend money for original work and who don't really care about quality-- or even recognize quality, will pay them at lower wages.

What are the clients doing

What are the clients doing with that junk then?

Are they still posting it somewhere.

Must be going on Ehow, that is about worst info site I have seen.

Hi Camille, The topic of what

Hi Camille,

The topic of what rate is too low come up on these forums almost daily and always ends up with the same arguments. personally, I don't care what people offer. It's up to the contract if they want to ask for thh job or not.

When you create a post about $.1/hr, other people create posts about $1/hr, and maybe not as publicly other people people may find $10/hr too low for things like website development.

There are always people more than willing to work at all of these different rate levels, yourself included at $1/hr.

I'm wondering if you would be willing to share why $1/hr works for you? Many people make assumptions how it's impossible to work at that rate. Your perspective in this area would be greatly appreciated!

I'd also love to hear why others work at $.1/hr too, but I haven't asked anyone yet. Everyone has a story or a circumstance, what works for some won't for others. maybe it's about more than money. Honestly, if I had a chance to work for $1/hr and gain the kind of knowledge by working that I did in college.. I would have done it in a heartbeat! College costs lots of $$$... working for $1/hr is like free education if the job is decent. Everyone had a reason for why they work at their rate.

You are advertising an insane rate

I would like to understand why the OP is complaining about low priced jobs when she herself is advertising her rates at $1. I know Philippines is cheap, but I'm pretty sure even there, $1 buys you nothing. By advertising at such insane rates you are making the clients salivate for more. If I can have something at $1, why can't I go even low?

Kindly consider revising your advertised rates before you can complain of low wages offered by clients. Try to set your rates closer to the international market rates in your chosen sector and that would work well for all of us - the developing world contractors (who get better money for the family), developed world contractors ( who don't need to compete with insane wages) and also good clients (who get better quality of work).

I really don't understand why

I really don't understand why people freak out about these job postings so much.

Most of the people paying crazy low rates aren't even real business owners, they're just people who read some self help book and are now trying the internet business thing for shits and giggles.

You know how on online dating sites, you just ignore the messed up people and go on about your business?

Same principle.

Ahhh spring time. Mating

Ahhh spring time. Mating season! Smile

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The weather is actually pretty gross where I am right now (eastern Canada).