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Reagarding Phone Number Verification


I'm getting a new message while applying new jobs- please enter your PIN. I've not got such PIN number yet. I'm getting this message last 15-20 days. Can Anybody help me? Thanks in advance...

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You must pass phone

You must pass phone verification in order to apply to additional jobs.

There is a link to request a new PIN inside that message. Please click this link and you can enter your phone number to receive a new PIN. If you continue to have issues, please contact our support team to reset the process.


PIN code

good afternoon Ron,

i'm also stuck at that same situation. i was advised to contact support but haven't gotten a reply yet. I can't be able to apply for any job due to this...

Phone verification

I'm stuck with this verification process too. I try asking for help from contact support and I got immediate response from them. Case solved. Thanks contact support Smile