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New! Compose: our latest and greatest Message Center feature

Hello, oDeskers!

We’ve been working hard to make our Message Center as powerful and easy-to-use as possible. You may have noticed the new Compose button on the upper left side of your Message Center. This will let you start a message quickly and easily! And when you type in the name of your recipient, a contact list will pop up to help you find the right person. No more hunting for old threads or losing touch with oDesk contacts. They’re right at your fingertips, all you have to do is:

1) Select Compose from the Message Center
2) Begin to fill in the name of the recipient
3) Choose the recipient from the contacts auto-suggested by the name you type

Please note, your contact list includes all users to whom you’ve previously sent a message, for example during the job interview process.

Great communication is the key to working well online. So we hope that this, along with our recent Message Center improvements, make it easier than ever to get in touch and get to work!

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Thank you Smile

Very good

Thanks. It is very helpful for sending a message to client.


This is very helpful, I've been waiting for it so long...

New! Compose:

I am also very happy for oDesk give us also new service. Smile

Thank you oDesk


That's really nice Odesk. Love it!

Streamlining for Efficiency

Can't wait to try it out!

I appreciate all the logical streamlining oDesk has been undertaking; it surely helps us contractors use our time more efficiently.

Thanks for all your hard work.

I am new to oDesk.

This will help in so many ways for the new contractors and understanding
the best way to get in touch with others that I need feedback from.


So awesome. Thank you Mollie

So awesome. Thank you Mollie and oDesk!

Great feature

Its a very great feature I was looking for by the long time. Thanks to oDesk. Keep up the great work! Smile

Perfect feature

Hello. I salute your initiative to improve communication and make it more easy. Great job. Keep it that way.

Really superb Feature

This is really superb feature.

Well Addition

Thanks For Start this service this way we direct contact through odesk each other.


Odesk awesome feature and great



Been waiting for this feature

Been waiting for this feature for 3 years. Whoever had the initiative to implement this; kudos to you.


Keep it up guys! Smile I was wondering, How about rich text editor!(HTML will be also Great).


Good call. Thanks.

New Feature

The communication between Employer & contractor grow rapidly.I think file sharing process should developed like drop box software.

This is a good idea...

I think having something like dropbox can be quite helpful when there are large documents that need to be going back and for between client and contractor.

can you add this feature

I love how I can get the email sent to my iphone via my iphone mail app. Is there a way I could see more of the previous conversations this way? Maybe just the last email I sent before the contractor replied. Sometimes the contractor says (types) things that I have no idea what they are talking about.

I'm sure a lot of people on odesk have many contractors working at the same time and this would make it easier to communicate



Thank you very much.

Abdul, CN.

Great news!!

Great news!!


Excellent feature! Totally Impressed!! Smile
Keep the good work up.





I love it !

Really nice New Compose feature

Really appreciate work $$$$$$$

Compose? - Thanks!

Very useful.

Thanks for making 'oDesking' easier and simpler.


Nice Work

this is awesome. ^_^


Thanks Odesk Wink

Message option

Thanks - this will make communication more streamlined and save time.

New Compse Services

Many many thanks Odesk for Running a mew services.

I'll give it a try in no

I'll give it a try in no time.


a great news...


for your kind information...

Thanks for it , It is very

Thanks for it , It is very useful.

I am not satisfied with this...

I already have problem in finding all the threads of a contract. This service will create a new thread.
In My jobs, When we open the details of a contract there is also an option to send a message but it also create a new thread.

So, the main problem is, we can't find all the threads of a contract in a single place/page. I have to hunt them from message log and it really take too long to find the threads of a contract.

I have a suggestion for odesk as well. You can add a filter box on message center which will allow the user to select from date range, clients and contracts to filter the message. (if client selected and contract is not selected then show all the messages of that client irrespective to the number of contracts). The example of this kind of filter is on "Transaction History" page.

It will be a really nice option for all the odesk users to save their time in finding their conversation with client.


In my opinion it is Safe & Swift.

In fact it is a nice option for all o'Desk users.
1. To save time 2. Swift contact with Client.

The new message cennter

Very goog idea,'s a very big help to me especially I am newbies as I need to contact the oDesk support.


Excellent! It was boring to open many tabs to send messages to my clients. Now I am free from it.


Thanks for adding this options.

new! compose

great idea! i love the new feature! Smile

Thanks for it , It is very

Thanks for it , It is very useful Smile

thank you

It's a awesome features of message center. Thanks you for the new. It's helping very much.Great communication is the key to working well online.You really talk true that it is the key, yes, I agree with you. Thanks again.

very usefulThanks for it.

very useful
Thanks for it.


This is great news. I won't be going to the contract section anymore for sending messages to my client. Thanks!


Hi , how can I contact someone from Odesk?
For a mistke I subscribed the US W-9 Form, but I'm not Us citizen who lives outside Us.
Thank you for your help and to answer me to my personale email.


Thank you this is real great addition.


This must be one of the excellent improvements oDesk made.

THANK YOU oDesk! Please continue that passion.


I love the feature. I no have to login to several e-mails in order to respond to Jobs on Odesk. Its fantastic.

Nice!Very Cool

Very Cool Smile