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No money in my wallet

I have been working (hourly) now in oDesk for more than two weeks. the first week i received 3.5 dollars, it was OK.

Than now when i end my second week, i did not get anything in my wallet (no sender and no pending money)!!!

When i go to My JOBS than Reports than my weekly time sheet, i can see that last week i got 20 hours and total earning is 24$.

But i don't see anything other than the 3.5dollar (of the first week) in my wallet.

Did anyone have an explanation for this?

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Hi Souissi

Welcome to the oDesk community!

Please contact Customer Support to help sort your account out.

Souissi - Why you doing this

I just gone through ua profile and was so sad to your hourly rates.

Its just pity to see when someone working at a dollar less for an hour.

I am really confused why you are accepting such low wages.

Are you really that much worth Tongue

i haven't the choice

I stopped working for pennies.
When I started, i haven't the choice Smile

It takes 9 days for hourly

It takes 9 days for hourly job payments to get to your wallet. Btw.. as some the poster commented, your wages are insanely low ($0.56 for a mobile developer??). You seriously have to understand the market for the best long term results for both you and the community. You are worth more than that. By charging $0.56 you will find it impossible to sustain freelancing over the long term.

Hi Souissi

Looks like you're on your third contract with the same client. You started at $0.56 then it went up to $0.89 and now on your third contract you are still working for $0.89, even though the client said in the feedback he had no choice but to keep increasing your pay. You're so good at what you do that the client knows he will soon not be able to afford you. I hope you stop working for pennies.

i haven't the choice

I stopped working for pennies.
When I started, i haven't the choice Smile

Hate to point this out

but you keep saying you stopped working for pennies...well obviously you haven't at .89 cents for a mobile developer. I take it these are mobile applications you're developing? I'm sorry, but .89 cents is a ludicrous amount to even consider putting down for payment. You have better skills than that surely, and certainly you value your time and effort more than that?