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Help.. this is about pin no.

I didn't receive any Pin #. This is my ***removed by admin** i need it asap.. thank you

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Hi Tyrone

There should be a link to request a new PIN inside that message. Please click this link and you can enter your phone number to receive a new PIN.

Please contact Customer Support to help you reset the process, if you're still having problems.

I'll try it thank you..

I'll try it thank you..

HElp still not working..

You attempted to change your phone number too many times. Please contact customer support. but it i didn't receive any message.

I'm sorry to hear you're

I'm sorry to hear you're still experiencing problems, please contact Customer Support to reset the process.

Unable to work. SMS not being sent

Same issue with me. 5 digit SMS code is not being sent to my mobile and when I put other mobile number, it doesn't accept and gives an alert:

"You attempted to change your phone number too many times. please contact support."

When I contact support, they says wait wait and wait.

But our bills do not wait. We have to pay bills. I have been out of job for four days because of this odesk's very cruel verification system to it own family members.

I have been working in odesk for so long but now all of a sudden odesk realizes that "oh we should play verification from Mars!"

Please don't ask me to contact support. I have been doing that multiple times for the last four days. Its no use. People will leave odesk for good because of this.


about pin

I didn't receive any pin.For this i can not apply any jobs.
My mobile number *** from bangladesh.
Please help me ASAP.

***removed by admin***

Hi Tarek

Please follow the instructions mentioned above, otherwise, you can contact Customer Support to help you reset the process.

PIN Number

please help me.
I didn't receive any pin in my mobile number.And I now i do not change my mobile number.