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Please help me to get my first job in the oDesk.

I am registered in oDesk for a long time. But I failed to get any job. Recently I come to know that Bangladesh is just behind Philippine and India and our share in oDesk is about 10%. Which is a great news for me. Smart young professionals are behind it. They are the real great hero to me. I wanna be a good solder of it. I wanna be a part of this great movement. Somebody in Dhaka please help me. Please call me ***removed by admin***. I'll be grateful to you.

Thank you.

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Well, with your profile

Well, with your profile private can't give you much help from here.

Thank you.

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your response. I'm making my profile public.
Please help me and give me some tips to get jobs.

Want to help you

Dear Ashraful,
I've just read your post and feeling so proud that you want to contribute for our country. I've working here since 2010 and always try to help new comer with great potential. Please, public your profile first, as long as it is private, I can't help you much. You may skype me at mohiuddin.ahmed.07 if you really need any help. Thanks...

need help and tips to bid

dear mohiuddin vi,
i have the honor to seek help from you for bidding tips, how to get a job etc.
i am also a new member of odesk.
i am willing to do job for 10-12 hours and i want to start the job with low rate, no problem.
i need some tips which contract i will bid,when, how etc.