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This is why you are unemployed

It's pretty simple.

Learn to read the job posting. As a client I don't care about 100 people who apply, when not a single one of you can read the instructions.

If you fail to read the instructions in a job posting you will not succeed in reading the actual project specifications. There is no reason to hire someone who can't read the information they are given.

I always ask for a simple demo and I still get standard cover letters.

If you want a job, try harder.


Even if I don't ask for a sample (depends on the job), but 5-10 questions that needs to be answered in the application, people fail this too. And if they can't answer 5 questions there is no way I will hire them.

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I am so sorry!

And I used gender so often in that reply. Ugh! Thank you for being so generous with your graciousness.
I actually wrote that reply on the way to bed and clearly just made a quick (wrong) assumption about your gender.
My apologies, again.

Thank you for NOT hiring

Thank you for NOT hiring anybody who does not do a part of your work for free... if we are jobless then congratulations you are 'contractor-less' and if all contractors agree on not doing any part of work for free then you may end up learning and doing work yourself.

Harsh, But True

While I don't agree with HOW it was said, I totally agree with WHAT was said.

As a client, the first indication of how a contractor will work with you is found in how s/he responds to the project application. Just like Johan said, if you won't follow the application instructions, chances are you won't follow the project's instructions.

Sample work is just that -- a SAMPLE. A sample is NOT free work. If can do what you say you can do, then you should be able to provide a sample of your work. If you already have a portfolio, then where's the dilemma? As a contractor, I weigh my options before applying for a project. If the time it takes to create a sample exceeds the value of the completed project, then I don't apply. It's just that simple.

Like I said, I don't agree with how Johan voiced his frustrations, but I totally agree with what he said.