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Does the time tracker shut itself off even though you are logged in, but not typing?

Not all work requires clicking. I noticed the time tracker did not take any screen shots (white blanks in the time log) during times I didn't actually need to use the computer.

Is the tracker not adding this time at all?

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The activity level tracked on

The activity level tracked by your oDesk Team application is based on counting the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes you make. It will fluctuate depending on the task, which means activities like phoning, reading and thinking will show low activity or none at all, thus, it shows idle.

Well that's odd then. I had

Well that's odd then. I had the thing running all day long, aiming for 10 hours. It ended up only accepting 8:40. So I added 1:20 manual time, which the client confirmed. Now my time clocked today is still only 9:20... even though it says I worked 10 minutes overtime.

This is kinda a serious problem. Is the system slow to update or something? it's been a couple hours since I stopped. Even after adding manual time, it is still not giving full financial credit for 10 hours.

Wow.. ok scratch that. It

Wow.. ok scratch that. It just updated again. Got credit for 10 hours now.... BUT i still think it had issues earlier tracking all the time. OR if there is hours of lagg reporting your time clocked... then I just added 1:20 manual for no reason. Either way, it's broken enough that a few minutes here and there could equal a couple hundred $$$ lost each month... which I'm sure oDesk would love to have their share of.

great system this oDesk is... just wished it worked as well as the contractor are expected too Wink

If you are inactive it stops

If you are totally inactive on the keyboard the time tracker design.
If I get up and go away for a half hour to have lunch and leave the time tracker on, it does not record anything...which is a good thing. I like it because I can do just that and not worry about over charging my client. The minute I sit down and start working again, it starts back up.
If you have work that does not required any keyboard action at all, then fixed price would be your best option.
There is sometimes a little time lag from the time it takes a photo of your desktop and the time it shows in your work diary. Usually that happens around the half past the hour mark. Otherwise it shows as soon as the photo is uploaded. I have no issue with that. If you use it often enough you will learn to understand how it works.
It does take 1/2 hour to show up in the timelog report and it says that at the bottom of the screen.

Needs option to track time on idle!

This is a problem for me too. I am a 3D generalist an parts of the job I'm required to do involve high computer/user interaction, but other parts, like rendering and simulation have little to no computer/user interaction. So far I have to get my clients to agree to add manual time but I'm still missing a few hours for this reason. Fixed rate does not work in my specialty.

I just spent 3 hours on a

I just spent 3 hours on a phone call, and added it using manual time this time around.

Problem with the lagg last week, is my timeline shows 10 hours worked, while my profile shows 11 hours... So is it just a guess at how much money is owed? This is a horrible situation, it's something that needs to be updated in real time. It's not a video game. People need to know how much and when bills need to be paid.


Just a suggestion.

When I'm Skyping or on a call with a client and I want to log it on the Team tracker, I simply take notes as I'm talking on a word document on my work desk. That way the tracker logs all my time, takes the screen shots to prove what I'm doing, plus I have a total record of what has been said by both myself and the client. I can then also send those notes to the client so they have a record.

That seems to work for me and might help with some of your time issues.

Hey, The most recent


The most recent place to check for accurate time is the work diary. The timelogs are approximately 20 minutes to half an hour behind.

As for the difference in the hours, is your work diary set to UTC time or your own? as the diary will calculate a week's total time logged on the basis of UTC (this got me worried once and then I figured out it was my UTC+5 timezone that was giving incorrect hours!)

The manual time lags further in adding up to the total so you may have to count manually the hours using your work diary to clear the confusion!

Hope this helps Smile

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Only look at work diary

The Reports are 1/2 hour behind and it says so at the bottom of the page. The profile is 12 hours or more behind.
If you look in the right place and select the right time (your time not UTC time), you will see it is accurate. In 5 years I have had no issue with the time tracker and I have put in almost 5000 hours.

Shows inactive when I was actually working.

The system is definitely flawed. I have been proofreading webpages that are very well written. Yet the client still wants them reviewed so that they are polished and professional. There are long passages which I am reading (actually working) that do not require any editing. The time tracker shows these sections as inactive. I have lost a great deal of time because of this flaw.

Debra you need to maintain

Debra you need to maintain some activity (Keyboard/mouse clicks) in order to get the tracker to record that time.

Talk to your client, explain the issue and get permission to add manual time to make up for the past work session. (Manual time isn't guaranteed though) For future you could use the arrow keys to navigate through the pages that you are editing or maintain some sort of activity, between the screenshots to show that you are actually working.

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