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Withdraw in Egypt

I am from Egypt. After the talk about stopping the wire fire local currency transfer what is the best method people from Egypt is going to use?

This is so sad and bad decision to stop the wire fire transfer. Now I have money on odesk and there is NO paypal in Egypt Payoneer is so expensive Skrill or moneybookers, i made myself an account but I don't know anything about its costs or how to use. The site was not useful

Can anyone help me?
Can people from Egypt tell me what they will do to take there money?

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Same Prob.

Hi Jenny

I have the same problem here, I'll try to send a small amount via Skrill , The fee calculator in Skrill says that the fees is €1.80 for wire bank transfer but this is only the site fees for any bank transfer transaction, there will be a bank fees too, and I hope it's not 30$ like ODesk.


Same Problem here

I am really upset about cancelling Local Wire Transfer .
Skrill considers money from odesk as business so you have to open Merchant account.
and Fees are for receiving money 3.90% + 0.35€ then withdrwal will cost around $2.5 + intermediate banks may take some money.
+ too much verification required and stupid forms filled .
I think the only option is normal wire transfer which costs $30 you can save some money then transfer every few months or use Payoneer which is very boring and expensive and hard to estimate the it's rate.

PLEASE ODESK get the local money transfer back to make a check option pleaaaaase

Hi i need some one form egypt


i need some one form egypt to tell me how could i receive my money from Odesk in egypt .

its easy way to use payoneer

Roudanya ,Do u know that the best way to me is payoneer ,its very easy to deal and more safe and u can withdrew your balance any time with small fees only 2 dollor for the withdrew not 30$ dollor as the wire method .only payonner take 3$ for month (3$ is nothing for month) and they are safe and trustful .they not take any other thing .payoneer is like u have a moving bank with you and u can trust it.

the one thing which make others think payoneer take a lot is ,its just take from u roughly 15$ for the first shipment (15$ to send the payoneer mastercard to u only for first time .and only for your life...they didn't take any more from you after this ,just 3$ per month)



*"Removed by admin"

Same Problem

It is now so hard for us to withdraw money, the fees to draw are huge as well as there is stupid setup for other payments other than the local wire transfer. I think we should all contact Odesk to see why they cancelled the local wire transfer.

Hi Jenny, I'd be very

Hi Jenny,

I'd be very interested if you could provide me with some feedback as to why you do not prefer using Payoneer. Even if you do not plan to use our service, we are always looking to improve our services, so hearing from you will be much appreciated.

You can contact me at

Nissim A.
Head of Community at Payoneer

I am thinking of shifting to

I am thinking of shifting to Payoneer now that the local currency transfer is out, but I dont understand the fees especially so that I could put it in comparison with Moneybookers for example how much in average do I have to pay yearly and at first to activate, another drawback is the fact that ATM withdrawal is expensive for the payoneer mastercard. still I am thinking through using Payoneer because it's easier,faster and available through other websites as a withdrawal method.

Horiblle Exchange Rate

Very Simple answer . a horrible exchange rate , while 1$ = 6.05 EGP when i withdraw using payoneer you take 3% exchange rate so last time i used it . it exchanged 1$ for 5.82 EGP which is really low compared to 6.05 + i had more than 1000 USD so i had to withdraw it on 2 times so i lost $5 which is the 2 withdrawal fees + maintaiance fees + transfer fees .
if i used local money transfer i only lose 2% + 2$ . compared to payoneer i lose 3% + 3$ + 2$ + 2.5$ and sometimes another 2.5$

Also one of the most bad things i hate about payoneer is it's impossible to estimate exchange rate so i always lose another 90 cents for declined withdraw please try to find a solution for that that doesn't include leaving another $5 margin.

Any way i think right now after cancelling local withdrawal method Payoneer is the best . Skrill takes 4% fees + 2.5 withdrawal fees.

I hate percentage fees i would love to have any withdrawal method that doesn't include any percentage fees , i don't mind any kind of flat fees

Thank you Peter, another

Thank you Peter, another question what about the Payoneer Fees that you pay monthly will you pay if the card has no balance 0$ also can it be used to buy on the internet ?

What is the bst way now to withdraw money ?

Please guys , can anyone tell us about his experience in withdrawal from the current withdrawal method? Please guys, i need help.

Best Regards
Amr Salah

use skrill

Hey guys I've used skrill to transfer my money it costs me only 2.4$ as they mentioned + the the bank incoming fees (it won't be to much, just about 20,30 EGP)

please note this fees varies depending on your bank and whether it has a correspondent abroad.

What is your bank Mohamed ?

What is your bank Mohamed ?



Please help me to use skrill

Hello Mohammed. I tried to use skrill but it asks for Identity verification in which I chose the second choice to verify it using my bank account. (the choice is: Verify your bank account (within 3 banking days).. We will make a payment to your bank account. In the reference field of the payment we will include a unique verification code which you will have to enter back at our site.

So I actually don't have any idea how to proceed .. When I chose that choice the following message appeared with no further choices other than entering the required verification code (In order to verify your bank account, you need to request a bank transfer withdrawal with an amount less than USD 15.00. We will then make a payment for this amount to your bank account and include a unique verification code in its reference field. This is the code which you will have to enter after you receive the payment.

Thanks in advance for your help. And sorry for the long post.


I used skrill and so far it

I used skrill and so far it is so good, at first i tried verfiication via address and i just recieved it yesterday, and now i can send the money easily. i also tried the 15$ way and money have been recieved to my account but i could not find a way to get the verification code from my bank. So i guess the best way is the address verification but be sure to write your information right (franco arab would be great) as well as to be sure of your own postal code.

The expenses are not that much 1$ from Odesk, 2.2$ from Skrill and CIB take 3.5$ for any sum less than dollar (the exchange rate will be the on of the day recieved , mine was 6.04 EGP/US$). so overall 6.7$/wihdrawl is not too much, actially it is less than the local wire transfer method.

The only issue for skrill is if they decide that money from Odesk is a bussiness money and change the account to a merchant account, the fees of merchant account would be much much more.

Thank you Amr for your reply.

Thank you Amr for your reply. Actually I have another question based on your message.
How many days did it take the letter to be delivered to your address ?


Hey Mahmoud, The verification

Hey Mahmoud,
The verification letter took only 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not know if i'm lucky to have it so fast. Also just before i receive the address verification letter i issued a ticket that i can not find the verification code for the 15$ and moneybookers replied today that if i sent them a screen shot of my bank statement they will verify my bank account too. So my advice is to do both ways, and i highly recommend the 15$ transfer as by doing it you would be sure that you entered all your data right. Also contact your bank, I only know CIB fees.

15$ Verification Payment

To get the verification code from 15$ payment you have to go to your bank (It will not appear in your account statement/movement) and ask the bank for this payment Details,Narrative or Reference. The code will be in one of this feilds and the bank should give it to you.

The code should be in this form ( TRN ID ********* VRF CODE **** ** ) THIS IS A DEFAULT FORM.

The TRN ID : is Skrill Transacrion ID of your payment
VRF CODE : This is what you need VERIFICATION CODE and it is 6 digits only.


Ok .. Should I send that money from my bank account to skrill ? Or should I withdraw them from my skrill account to my bacnk account ? I'm really very confused.. And if so, how can I send that $15 from skrill to my bank account ? There's no steps to choose that .. Please help me..

Mahmoud, There is a

Mahmoud, There is a "Withdraw" tab in your skrill account, click it and set your bank information.

Does anyone know if I can withdraw money from skrill to a bank account that only accept EGP currency?

withdraw in USD?!

I'm concerned about my account is in EGP.... How would I transfer in USD?

hi guys i withdrew to alahly

hi guys i withdrew to alahly bank using a wire transfer and that was more than 12 days ago and still didnt get my money to my bank account and i'm guessing the money is hanged between the bank and odesk's bank because of withdrawal issues? and if so what do you guys think is the best way to withdraw to egyptian banks?

Hi Amr,Thanks for sharing

Hi Amr,

Thanks for sharing your experience, I just want to ask about whether your bank account is in EGP or USD? and whether that makes a difference for the overall withdrawal cost?

Also just to be sure, the overall $6.7/withdrawal you mentioned (at CIB) is flat price for any withdrawal amount, or any of those numbers was a percentage based on the withdrawn amount?

It would be great if you could share anything that you found in the last month while using this method, as I'm about to follow your steps at CIB.

Thanks in advance...

Problem with Skrill


I'm new to ODesk, I made my first withdraw through skrill to my HSBC account in Egypt,
This was in 26/9/2012 and Skrill said the transfer was processed.

Until now I didn't receive any money in my account. I contacted Skrill & they said:
It usually takes 2-5 business days depending on your country of residence for a bank transfer to arrive at your bank.

Now it has been more than 6 working days...

If any one faced the same problem, please advise...


Please Mohamed Can u tell me

Please Mohamed Can u tell me if ur bank account currency in EGP or USD

Hi guys,I was wondering

Hi guys,
I was wondering about the lowest possible method to get paid.
I opened a Skrill Personal account, and the fees they claimed are 1.8 euro per transaction. And they noted about currency exchange fees.
So, in which currency I should use in Skrill (euro or dollar)?
And what is the final formula for my money?
Are there any fees taken by the local bank I deposite to?
What is the best bank to open a youth account at? I'm 19 years old.

Hello,Fastest way to verify

Fastest way to verify Skrill account, still u uhave to watch out for transaction limit as it may not suit you.

VISA, which must bear your name you entered to Skrill, and you cannot easily change that.

Easiest way to get Visa, through Arab African Bank, they got something called youth visa or something, costs 20LE, and another 100LE as credit.
After activating visa, skrill will charge random amount from 1.xx~22.XX USD, which u'll have to find out exactly and enter on skrill to verify, to find that out call the bank hotline.

other Skrill verification method is hard and not worthy of it unless you do need it; for withdrawal limits.

Need clear steps

Dear all,
As I see we are all confused concerning the steps and the bank, whether we open an account in USD or in EGP. I'm asking you all to write clear steps that we can all follow like :
1- open a USD account at .... bank
2- Make an account at payoneer or Skrill

.... etc.

I think that will be the most helpful way for us all.

Please if anyone has a previous withdrawal clear way please tell us what to do.

recommend his bank in Egypt

Can every body recommend his bank in Egypt with withdraw fee and delay.

cheapest method

seems like im the newest commenter on 2013. however, like someone above mentioned, if skrill considers money from Odesk as business, we have to make merchant account, therefore skrill can not be the cheapest methode to withdraw money from odesk right?

in that case, which one is the best methode?

Hello;I would like to


I would like to suggest that all of Egyptian use Skrill site with transaction and withdraw;

Skrill is the best choice for us and I can support any one who wanna to register or need help on that;

Register is easy and all operation take 1$ to ODesk and less than 3$ to Skrill as fees

My email address is **

Thanks and I hope that will help

**"Removed by admin"

Western Union

I think I will use WU service, I will simply transfer my funds to my PayPal account and then send them to my cousin in the US (So far there are no fees) and then ask her to transfer them via WU from US to EG, the fees charged by WU is not so much though and varies according to sums being transferred anway, but EASY, FAST ....
I haven't tried it yet, but I will when I reach 1000$, which will be so soon now.

Getting Paid Using Skrill

Recently I used the Get paid by skrill method and received my money successfully,You just have to register for an account and enter your bank account Swift Code and Account Name, you can only verify it after you receive your first withdrawal ,only way to verify your bank account is by providing skrill support with your latest bank statement with the withdrawal transaction shown in it, they will manually verify your bank account.

My Bank is NSGB, total fees paid for me to receive the money is 11.5$
1$ From odesk + 2.5$ from Skrill(Flat fee) + 5$ intermediary Bank Used by Skrill + 3$ From my Bank... Intermediary Bank is used because the withdrawal is considered as an international Bank transfer.

Verify your credit card if you have one (it doesn't matter because the only withdrawal method available for egypt is international bank transfers ) ,Credit Card verification will allow you to upload funds using it and increases your withdrawal limit, Also verify your address make sure you write it correctly and that the postal code is correct ,It doesn't take long to receive the letter to your doorstep, I received mine in less than a week actually ,the only benefit of Address Verification is that it increases your withdrawal limit.

I want to know if Payoneer is any better ?,I think Skrill Fees are a bit too much, I am looking for Alternatives, I already applied for Payoneer Mastercard but i want to know about anyone's experience with it also I want to know about their Global Money Transfer Method, Thank you. a merchant btw, came a merchant btw, came across the thread as an Egyptian. A note worth mentioning.

Ok i might be able to help,

Ok i might be able to help, but am let me confirm that it is all legal before proceeding with the advise. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon will post again.

Skrill is the answer

I used Skrill [ now] to withdraw my fund from it cost me like this :
I had 1000$
- 1$ Transfer Order to Withdraw
- 2.5$ Transfer fees to Skrill
- 2.5$ Transfer fees to my Saving Bank Account in Egypt [Bank Misr Visa Saving Account]
Net = 994$
Do you have any cheaper method ?

You are all talking about

You are all talking about 2.5$ Transfer fees!!
But Skrill charged me for 4.4$ !!!
I don't get that...

Concerning Skirll

Concerning Skirll: I have an account at Al-Ahali National bank and I have send money from my skirll account to the bank but till now I have not received the money.

So could you please tell how long it takes you to receive the money.and If you could help me,please tell me how can I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

possible solution for withdrawal in Egypt


Following my previous note above..

There seems to be a long confusion about withdrawal fees using Skrill or Payoneer..along with oDesk to skrill merhcant issue!

I contacted oDesk support and they expressed their regret for the current hold on local wire transfers.

I am not related by any means to oDesk, I'm just an oDesk member.
But I am a Loyal customer to both Payoneer and Skrill.

Contact was to try and help oDesk members from Egypt get their money faster and enjoy it for the holidays. I believe this is achievable.

As per the terms and conditions of oDesk, all transactions and communication will be done through oDesk only. I may also request that it be revised by oDesk staff in order to assure to complies with their TOS.
I assume oDesk charges 10% as fees!

The service offered is basically online Factoring, which in principle relies on customer's credibility and in exchange faster financial service.

As per local payments currently in Egypt:

Vodafone-Etisalat-Mobinil with a max daily limit of 3000LE/day/person
I think one of them, if not all, applies a 5000 limit per month/person
This is suitable for small amounts. Receiver may collect amount by cash from any of the listed branches, using National ID card. Also, an SMS letter will be sent to confirm transfer. There is an option of a secret word for withdrawal which can or may be used for any transaction conducted on oDesk.

Second option is s direct bank deposit option. If a mutual business is conducted through oDesk, official bank deposit slips (with exchange rate of date and desired bank, should serve as guarantee and completion of service

As high rated members, your credibility is sustained. However, it is preferable to start with small projects

Any personal fees related will be fair and convenient as much as possible.
Please feel free to contact me through oDesk for assistance or suggestions.


Hello Mr. Sherif, I've had a

Hello Mr. Sherif,

I've had a few jobs on oDesk but I only withdrew my money about 10 days ago or more, and I've still not received any money. What I did was choosing wire transfer from the payment options here on oDesk, I entered my account number, which is in EGP, swift code, full name, etc..

Did I do something wrong? Or does it normally take that long for the money to be transferred? Shall I call my bank and inquire about the amount I'm expecting? The thing is I don't know the name of the bank from which the transfer is to be sent to my account. That is why it's all confusing to me. I don't know what to do and I'm starting to worry. I also need to know the right steps to follow to take care of money withdrawals in the future.

Thanks for any help.

Hello Hanan

I'm sorry i need to clarify again that am new to oDesk.

Is this the first time you withdraw? If not, then no need to worry. Wire transfers may take up to 15 days, sometimes more, for the balance to reflect in your bank account. Two factors to consider, 1- if its a direct bank-to-bank or an intermediate bank involved, which I assume its the later. 2-current timing and holiday season.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.

sorry to burst your bubble, but this delay is definite Smile

If its your first withdraw, you can double check that you entered your bank info correctly on oDesk then follow up with your bank and ask them that you are expecting a wire transfer from abroad. Your bank can provide some info if they got notified of an incoming transfer,they can advise on its current status and ETA.

following up

forgive my question but from what you're saying I assume that odesk returned wire transfers to Egypt, yes?

I recently spoke with odesk support and a fact to state, they were very supportive, requested link to this thread and did express apologies for any inconvenience caused due to current regulations.

Also, as a Payoneer customer, they are always recommended.

For those facing trouble withdrawing to Egypt:
I thought of offering a "factoring" solution for a faster withdrawal to Egypt, and I revised all terms and conditions with oDesk.

If a business is conducted, guarantee is as follow:
you will be getting your payment in your bank first, with official deposit slip and as per local exchange rate on date of deposit, usually next business day with a grace period of 48 hours, for any unexpected situation.

oDesk will guarantees mine.

I was thinking of 3-5% as a fair charge for an expedite service.

Helpful info on banks

Some info that may be of help to all

Current banks of which I recommend

1. Mashreq bank - Heliopolis branch(crowded) and New Cairo (great)

2. Piraeus bank,fastest service for opening accounts ready with card 30 min process. EGP+USD account. Heliopolis branches are fastest.

3. Arab African, good for issuing an instant Visa internet card, and a good bank

4. Barclays Bank, you can open a USD saving in minutes for $25 minimum I think. somehow useful for faster wire transfers

I can recommend personnel for the first three banks for inquiries and assistance.
I'm a customer of the mentioned banks above.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays

Hi Sherif , Many thanks for

Hi Sherif ,

Many thanks for your help. Happy new year.

Actually I'm totally confused, I have balance in my account in Odesk, I ordered payoneer card twice but I didn't receive it. I don't know what to do next. How can I transfer my balance through skrill , Should I have a bank account to order a visa through Arab African Bank, Is there monthly fees for this visa? Pls Advise.

Best Regards,

Hello Rasha

Happy new year to you Smile

For Payoneer, after approval you get an email "activate your card" this email includes a note and link in case you did not receive your card, you need to respond to this email and inform them. They reissue a new one and send it somehow faster and also for free.

For Arab African bank, no need for account only your ID card. you can apply for an internet card issued in minutes. Withdrawals to Visa are usually accepted, but you need to check with Arab African if its for online payments "only" or can accept withdrawal.

For Arab African, you can open a saving with a min deposit of 4000LE, and you can get a credit card based on your deposit which also works online

Piraeus Bank: Min for opening is 3000LE I think and you get your card in minutes as well.

PNB Paribas soon to be ENBD: Min for opening saving account 1000LE + visa debit which can be used online "upon request" and they will activate online use for the card. Card takes around a week to arrive, but for USD incoming transfers they have a good service and they don't deduct from incoming funds automatically to open you a USD account like other banks do, call and revise their terms better.

NSGB: You can order Internet card after opening account with low deposit, but currently i don't recommend it as they are transferring to QNB and you might face delays.

I read that withdrawing from odesk to skrill charges are high cause you get charged as a merchant.

I suggest if you are not in a hurry, re-apply with Payoneer. Their services are great and can be helpful in future. Hopefully within a week or 10 days, you will get you card this time, once received activate US Payment service as well and usually US wire transfers are free. Then withdraw cash via the card.

Check Arab African and ask about possibilty to withdraw to the 4U Internet Card. Hotline No. is 19555

If I get updated with other helpful info I will post it on the thread.
Best of luck to you.


Dear Sherif, Many thanks for

Dear Sherif,

Many thanks for your helpful information. Hope we can all solve our problem concerning withdrawal from Odesk.


most welcome

and a small correction Piraeus account opening is 1000LE not 3000. card same day can be used online, 25LE charge for incoming wire transfer.

BNP is better with same features, except card takes a week to arrive.

Best of luck

Hello Mr Sherief

I am writing to seek your help.

I have an account at Al-Ahali national bank .and I have send money from my Skirll account in 3/1/2014 and Skirll replied to me that that withdrawal has been processed successfully in 5/1/2014 and tell me it will take 3-5 days in my bank account,But till now I have not received the money yet.

So could you please tell me How can I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Kholoud

I think you should contact Skrill and tell them this.
keep checking with your bank. The delay is beyond normal.


Thanks alot Sherif

Unfortuntaly, I have discovered I have done a fatal mistake because I put abank account of my brother and made withdrawal to it and I realized that the bank account must be in my name .

So,please,do you know if this problem can be solved or all the money I have send will be lost?

Thanks again for your help