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Identity Verification Problem by Bangladeshi National ID Card

I'm trying to verify my Identity but there is a required filled "ID Expire On" but there is no Expire Date in Bangladeshi National ID Card.

Please help me to verify Identity.

Shimul Sikder

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You should contact customer

You should contact customer support. They'll be able to help you out with this issue

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Regarding Bangladeshi National ID Card

Bangladesh has passed the National Identity Registration Act 2010, fixing the validity of an ID card for 15 years from issuance.

Solution to Identity Verification Problem with Bangladeshi NID

Bangladesh has passed the National Identity Registration Act 2010, fixing the validity of an ID card for 15 years from issuance.

i also faced this problem

I had also this problem, then one agent from oDesk told me that you can set the expiry date 10 years from the date of issue.

Use Passport


If you have the passport use it.It will must work without creating any problem.

i have no scanner. but if i

i have no scanner. but if i try to upload photo of my passport then how many page to upload?
please reply me


Hi Shimul,

I am expecting my National ID card. However, i had my passport and i used that for verifying my identity. My identity verified within 24 hours!

So my friendly advise is, you should try your identity verification with Passport Smile


how can I get english documents in non-english-speaking country

Dear Rizvi,

I wonder how about your additional documents, phone, gas bill... Is it in English too ?
So in your country, documents are written in English?

I had a passport and its

I had a passport and its expired. Now I have to create a MRP which is really a hassle. You can not expect to get one within 45 days.

I also lost my ID card. Now I have applied for ID card and they will deliver me in the middle of February.

Also I can not apply for new passport If I dont have ID card.

Use Birth Certificate

Hi Mokaddim,

Since you have lost your National ID Card. You can use your registered birth certificate in order to apply for Machine Readable Passport (MRP). That is what i did, this is because i don't have a national id, expecting it on this month. And yes it takes around 30-35 days to get a MRP.
Happy Working!


Id Verification help needed

I submitted my National Id twice according to customer support advice but each time they rejected by showing various reasons like ID seems altered etc. I need to know if anyone has verified Id using Bangladeshi National Card?? How you have scan ur passport?? Are all information of MRP in one page like name, pic, address, birth date, etc... I see its on several pages on my handwritten one. If MRP is best way I'll get one and submit ..its important for me to become verified. Thanks in advance for your help !

Way to solve your problem

Easy steps for Id verification in Bangladesh.Use National ID card If it doesn't accept then try with any valid card which have photo attach.You can use passport,driving lisense,university student Id card etc.Thank

Can the verification be succussfull with Student ID/reg card ?

Can i use ssc/hsc registration card or the University ID CARD to verify my identity in BD ?