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Can I draw my amount from account back to my odesk account?

Before a few months, I transferred an amount via Skrill account. Formerly known as money booker, but after a few months, they asked me to verify me bank account. They sent a verification code to my local bank account and asked me to get that code from bank, then to put in my skrill account in order to verify. But my bank said that except money, no other thing such as code etc comes into your account. Now I want my money draw back to my odesk account. Its still staying in skrill account. They told me that you should contact with odesk support to ask, whether its possible or not. Does anybody has an idea about it? Help from anybody would be greatly appreciated.

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You should contact Support.

You should contact Support. They'll be able to better guide you in this regard.

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Hey, Thank you for your

Thank you for your cooperation.
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Hi again, I contacted oDesk

Hi again,

I contacted oDesk support but they say that you should contact with with Skrill or Moneybookers to send your money back to odesk account. I'm too much worry, as Skrill is putting all of the headache on oDesk, and odesk on Skrill. In the mean while " I AM THE ONLY PERSON" who is suffering from problems so far. Anyone who had the similar problems or any suggestion that how it could be done?

Thanks in adv

Money Bookers Payments


There is an alternative way you can verify your money bookers account instead of getting the money back to o-desk. You can send the money bookers support a scanned copy of both sides of your national ID and a scanned copy of a location document such as an electricity bill or a utility bill dated less than three months ago which can be used by their customer service to physically verify your money bookers account. In short, try to negotiate with the money bookers on other alternatives you can use to verify your account. You can also request them to send the verification code to your postal address.