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How i get job

Hi, I am shakil. I don't have any job in odesk from jun. How i get job?? any one please help me...

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Asalam o Alaikum! I had a

Asalam o Alaikum!
I had a look on your profile page, I saw that there are three fixed price projects there. How can you say that you have no job???

Anyway you should update your profile page. You should see for new job postings every hour. Continue to apply as many jobs as you can. You can verify your identity by uploading phone or electricity bill's, passport or ID card's scanned image and then you'll have more than 20 job app quota per week.
While writing a cover letter, try to confine yourself to the questions, asked by the client in job posting. If he/she did not ask anything, then don't write very very long love stories (I say it as love story, as nobody is interested in it) and inrrelevant things that you are an expert, you can do this or that etc etc.

When I do apply for such jobs, I simply write like this:

I am an SEO expert and can provide you quality SEO work.

As he/she did not ask anything, so what can i tell him? Also, I (and you too) have an experience of about one year, there are a lot of things in my mind, so I can't write all of them....!

You can also take a risk. You should offer your clients that if you could not deliver the results, you can "refund" their amount too, or a fraction so...!



Thanks Ghufran,

For your suggestion. Actually I have no work right now. here is two fixed price running job but its completed. I have a client in skype who give me a small job via odesk. I understand your think. but last 6 month i did only 51 hour's. I don't know why i can't get a new job. I have experience.