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Best foreign language to learn for the future?

What do you think the best second language to learn for international business and trade in the future will be?

English? Spanish? French? Chinese? something else?

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I would go with Chinese... or whatever language "people" speak on Mars if they find some kind of living being

definitely English. Chinese

definitely English. Chinese can be a good try, but don't know how long it will take to learn this language.

Well if you need to LEARN

Well if you need to LEARN english you have no business here.
Personally would learn CHinese when Hell Freezes Over.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

I would list it this way, if

I would list it this way, if I had enough money to start learning and going to coursees.
#1 - Spanish - It's easily to learn this language and it sounds pretty good.
#2 - German - I learned it in school for four years.
#3 - Chinese - Can't explain but think it's a must.
#4 - Russian - Sounds good.
#5 - French - Because it's hard to learn.
#6 - Scandinavian languages - they are just awesome.

<3 Skrillex

Learn Bengali, there is a

Learn Bengali, there is a history of sacrificing lives for keeping this language alive. You should show some respect to those martyrs. Google it " 21st February"