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Invoicing question for Greek clients and contractors

Hi I have a problem with the invoicing system on odesk and I don't know how to deal with this. As a contractor it's required by the greek tax authorities to send invoices with my tax details and the clients details (in this case odesk corporation) however I don't know when and how I should send an invoice (when I withdraw money from odesk or something else?).

I know that Odesk doesn't need invoices by me, but this is required by the greek tax authorities. Additionally tax authorities in Greece want me to get an official paper from any client who is out of E.U and doesn't have a VAT number in order to verify that it's a business (I know it's crazy but that's what is required here)

Additionally as a client who hires contractors on Odesk, I need invoices from Odesk with my Tax details (vat , name , adress etc) and Odesk tax details plus an official paper that Odesk is a business entity (yes I know it's ridiculous).

Another question I have is if I can mix the revenues from clients on Odesk with the expenses to contractors on Odesk and send Invoices only for the money I withdraw from Odesk (the profits) in order to avoid this Greek burocracy (I am both client and contractor)...

I would really appreciate if any greek who works with Odesk (Client or contractor) can tell me how he/she deals with all these, plus since Odesk's founders are Greeks it would be great if they could help their compatriots with these problems Smile

Please don't tell me to take advices from my local accountant cause I have already done that and I couldn't get any further help...

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I can understand you. Have

I can understand you. Have you gone through customer support?

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Hi Rexvan, yes I have talk

Hi Rexvan, yes I have talk about these problems through customer support but they just told me that I don't have to send invoices to odesk and I have to take advice by a local accountant plus they cannot add my vat number and their own tax details on the invoices they send me which means that these invoices are useless to me Sad

oDesk is just an intermediary

oDesk is just an intermediary between clients (who buy) and contractors (who sell).

You can simply issue an invoice for gross amount using client's total shown in 'time analyze report' then show a deduction for oDesk fee (as commission) then adding your tax details as prescribed under the tax laws of your country. Depending on how your Accountant advises you, you might also raise an invoice for services net of oDesk fee.

For simplicity's sake, you can assume oDesk as merchant account who processes customer check-outs on point of sale (POS) terminal where buyers swipe their credit card and next day funds arrive into seller's account as batch total with a deduction of 2%~3% merchant fee.

Here, buyer are clients, you are the seller and oDest the merchant with 10% fee. Just like any POS that issues a sales receipt on every sale you can do the same at month end in form of invoices.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your answer

Thanks for your answer Mohammad, but this is not a solution, first of all odesk is not a merchant neither a payment processor. For accounting purposes odesk is my client whenever I provide a service and at the same time the seller whenever I buy a service, you can call it a reseller. Additionally my problem is that I need invoices in a specific way (the Greek way Smile ) and an official "paper" to verify that Odesk is a business (this aplies to any business out of E.U which is not Vat registered not just Odesk)

So the main problem is the Greek tax system and how I can deal with it if I need to continue using Odesk , only greeks who are aware of how things work in Greece could understand me and probably help me cause really the system here is one of a kind and out of this world Smile

Well its actually quite simple

As a service provider you can just issue an invoice to oDesk.

As a buyer of a service you are going to need an invoice issued by oDesk, run it through their customer support and they will guide you.

My suggestion; Ask a Greek accountant that is familiar with every aspect of gsis to answer your questions in detail.

Panagiotis M.

Hi Panagioti, thanks for your

Hi Panagioti, thanks for your answer, so you are doing it that way and you make your taxes in Greece?

I ask because as I mentioned above my accountant has told me that I should get an official paper from any business out of E.U that they are actually a business, additionally the invoices that Odesk send don't have my Vat number so as far as I know they are useless...

Anyway when do you send an invoice to Odesk? You do it when you withdraw money or something else?

Additionally since I will pay for the services I recieve throu Odesk from my current earnings on Odesk and not from my bank account, is it possible to mix these and actually send invoices whenever I withdraw money without having to get invoices from Odesk since?


Invoicing takes place when a transaction at your end is made

Ask oDesk support for 'proof of work' and ask them to include your Business / VAT info.

I send (well not actually send, just document) the invoice and sign it on my tax-office issued papers when I am asking a withdrawal to my local Greek Bank.

Don't overcomplicate things, since you are using your own earned oDesk funds to pay your contractors, just don't issue any invoice, nor request one. That's what I 'd do, regardless of the legal scope.

Concider a `bitcoin` scenario, would you invoice for bitcoins? You can `pay` for services with bitcoins, yet it is not a real currency.

Long story short, really I doubt any tax office would really much care about your earnings in oDesk to be honest.

I just invoice and have my papers ready because I know I am due to be inspected.

Panagiotis M.

oDesk is not your client

I agree with Mohammad T. - oDesk is definitely not your client. They just look after the money that your client pays. Your agreement is with your client. If your client doesn't pay a fixed price project its the client who owes you money, not oDesk.

You need to invoice your individual clients for the amount they pay you, and get their EU VAT code to put on the invoice.

I am UK based and when dealing with UK clients through oDesk I have to charge them VAT, and for EU based clients, I've had to get their EU VAT number and fill out the relevant EC Sales list.

oDesk issues invoices to

oDesk issues invoices to clients, so it can't be called as an intermediary or like a POS terminal.

Anyone who can help me

Anyone who can help me regarding the questions I state above?


Hi Kostas, have you solved

Hi Kostas, have you solved it? I am from Slovakia but I have same problem.

ODesk tax details


Does anybody have Odesk tax details such as VAT number, registered company address etc.?

There's no such thing as VAT

There's no such thing as VAT in the US where oDesk is based, that number doesn't exist. oDesk's address can be found by clicking the 'About Us' link at bottom left of this page, then click 'Contact'.

Invoicing question

I'm having the same problem. It is really not clear whether oDesk is to be invoiced or the client. People seem to have different opinions, that's why I think oDesk should state this in the Tax Information section in the oDesk Help Center.

It bugs me because according to my accountant I should invoice my clients, but some clients refuse to give information because they 'only do business with oDesk'. It would be a lot easier if I could just invoice oDesk in stead of having to go through this discussion with every client. Can somebody who is EU-based please tell me how you deal with this?

My country's VAT is modeled

My country's VAT is modeled after Europe's. To simply it, invoice oDesk even if oDesk does not have a VAT number.

Be ready for tax inspection with documentation proving that oDesk is a business outside your tax jurisdiction. Get an oDesk Certificate of Status issued by State Secretary of the US State of California. If your tax authority does not recognize the said secretary's signature, have it authenticated by your country's consular officer in the US.

Also, get official certification from your government that oDesk is not registered in your country/EU.