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Free Work!!!

Hi oDesk,

Well oDesk it has finally happened, after a tough summer of steadily decreasing job offer pricing I finally see the dreaded want to work for FREE job offer.

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Hourly - Est. Time Less than 1 week, As needed - Less than 10 hrs/week - Posted 5 hours ago
"Please note that instead of payment im only offering Great Feedback. If your okay with that then please apply...."

So yes were down to doing our work for free, my question is if I work for free you don't, you have costs, how do you pay your bills?

Is odesk going to a fully ad driven free site???

Last week I viewed a whole page of:

Don't Bid More Than $1.00/hour...
The work, advanced programming

A whole index page full of these ads.

I am not going to address limits, but how, how do you make money???

And, Yes, I flagged this project, as I have been doing with increasing frequency with more of these projects.
So now I am working for oDesk for free monitoring of their indexes.

To you contractors, yes there are still good paying jobs here, but have seen a disturbing trend of project requests for low pricing $1, $5, $6,... For advanced skill set requirements.

I understand the global marketplace, been working in it for many years, but tell me what country can afford its contractors work for FREE, so far I don't know any!

I try to pay for what I expect to get, never thought about FREE.

I try not to believe that low-ball pricing will put pressure on the entire oDesk system, but I'm starting to reconsider, the amount of these projects are now clogging up the index.

oDesk, you need to go over your numbers, you may have an increasing overall operating profit, but I wonder that in a very short time your site will be only low-ball projects, I mean all of them. Then what, I can't afford to work for FREE, you will chase away both good contractors and good clients who do understand the importance:
"You get what you pay for"
Or worse yet they get the work done, and are somewhat satisfied, but the whole thing collapses because no global market can work for FREE!

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And the contractor who falls for it won't even get feedback....

because when no money changes hands no feedback can be given.


I'm curious

How many contractors have applied so far?

****Edit: I went and looked. In 6 hours, he's had 25 applicants and he's "interviewing" 3 of them. Amazing! No wonder this site has a not-so-good reputation as a place for cheap (and apparently dumb) labor.

Natural selection at work....

I don't know, it's a bit like "natural selection" around here.

The dumb ones screw each other over. The bottomfeeders meet in the murky depths of the pond.

That leaves the richer pickings in the rest of the water for those with brains, talent and skills on both sides (contractors and clients alike)

Exactly this. Let the

Exactly this. Let the bottom-feeders and people with no business sense keep each other occupied.


you are a FREElancer, I guess you were meant to be paid you'd be called a Paidlancer or something....

Born Free.

Born Free.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Free work abuse for feedback

This can be flagged as inappropriate like what you did. Coercing or providing feedback for free work is against the oDesk policy. I assume that the account will be suspended soon or if not, shall be given a stern warning after oDesk has received the flag. On payment less than $1 requiring complex work and advanced skills, I shall advise that we use our common sense and just avoid these jobs that seem not to pay up at par with the complexity of work and the required skills.

ODesk won't do anything.

The job is still up there even after its been flagged. oDesk doesn't care, period. You can't count on the corporate overlords to do anything about this kind of BS. Best to leave it to the bottom feeders and just walk away.

So yeah...

Just received invitation from oDesk - they want to pay me $0.12 (that's 12 cents) per task

I jst received an invite to

I jst received an invite to work for 40/hr.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

If it's from oDesk - good

If it's from oDesk - good luck

I'd rather

dance.. to Oppan Gangnam Style for free... than work for free hehe Tongue

I had just

I had just watched a video of that. It looked so much fun, I couldn't help but dance along haha


I know this a bit late on this posting, but I had to respond. I am new here still looking around and getting the feel of things. I am also amazed at these "cheap" jobs that are on here. It is crazy for someone to post jobs that pay less than a dollar per hour. It is even crazier to respond to such an ad. They want all sorts of skills but dollar an hour? not to mention the work expected to be finished quickly? I actually saw an ad seeking a web developer that wanted all sorts of coding to be done. And can you believe the ad actually stated that you must know how to code joomla, wordpress? How does anyone code joomla and wordpress? Last I checked it wasn't even a programming language. All you do is install it and start adding pages and plugging things in...etc. Something needs to be done about the cheap pricing in here. There needs to be a minimum amount set on the jobs that are posted here and it should be decent enough to make a half way good living. I tell you if I ever had to sink low enough to accept one of these "cheap" jobs, I would not worry about doing a good job or pleasing the client.
Good luck fellow programmers.