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Can contractor post job?

I would like to post a job on oDesk. I am a contractor, though. Am I allowed to do this? If so, how?? I do not see anywhere to "post job."

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it is covered in the Help

it is covered in the Help Center.

You'll need to create a

You'll need to create a client profile (not a new account, but from within the existing profile that you have) You can find details in the help section and read up before you begin. It's under the settings icon, from there you can create a client profile.

In order to hire a contractor you'll also need a verified payment method, a credit/debit card or PayPal will do. You can pay the contractor from your available oDesk earnings too, but initially the verification is required for hiring a contractor.

Do read up before doing anything though, so that you don't mess up and face problems later.

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