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Odesk creates a model for scammers

I have been using odesk happily for a couple of years. But I have to say that now, I am seriously considering leaving.

Recently I hired a guy who said he had experience and could start right away. Days go by, nothing. Finally I see him logging work. Still he isn't responding what he is doing and when he will be done and I was concerned that his screenshots were not making sense. Finally got the guy on skype. After making an inappropriate comment about my photo, I start asking him questions. It becomes clear very fast, that he does not know what he is doing. The job clearly outlined SSH and he did not know how to access our server via SSH. He admitted he could not do the job, apologized for wasting my time, and that was that. I went and ended his contract which thanks to the lag on odesk, did not reflect any time billed. It forced me to leave feedback which I just left positive because I didn't feel it was right to say anything bad about work he never did.

Suddenly I see time poppup in my payment history. So I disputed it. He response saying he did work and for odesk to check his logs. I thought that was strange because the logs had nothing on there that was mine and why would he say that so quickly as if he were confident this would work out. His screenshots consisted of one by one of him on the same homepage of my site, sites that were not mine and had nothing to do with my project, him looking at the job description for 20 minutes, Downloading files that were not mine etc. Nothing at all that showed any real work.

Yet ODESk just decided in his favor, saying that the logs and time was adequately documented and that they don't refund for not being happy with the work??!! I was like wait, what work? If I felt he had done anything whatsoever I would pay for it. He did nothing on my job. And apparently odesk doesn't really look at the screenshots or ask us to explain them.

What scares my about this, is that these contractors can make a business model of lying and taking jobs they are not qualified for, log time doing nothing, bill for the time and odesk supports them. I do not feel at all protected right now. ODESK says this system is so we only pay for time worked on our projects. But that is not true.

Just was told I cannot appeal this. So there is no way to have them review the screenshots to see that they were not mine and I get stuck paying this guy to do nothing. VERY NICE.

I am SO SO disappointed because I was in the process of bringing over all my other contractors to odesk to centralize and because I love the system, but now I don't even want to be here at all anymore.

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and you just encouraged and facilitated the scam. Well done!

By leaving positive feedback you taught the scammer that his trick worked just fine and encouraged him to do the same to the next client. That's brilliant, isn't it?

Had you left honest and appropriate feedback one or more or the other of the following would have happened:

You would have left a mark on the scammer's account to warn other clients

You might have got your money back from the scammer because he wanted the bad feedback to go away

As it is you kissed your money GoodBye, encouraged the behaviour, rewarded it with positive feedback, weakened your own position ( "she must have been happy as she left positive feedback," ) and put the scammer's next client / victim right into the hands of that individual.

I am in NO way condoning what that contractor did to you. It was, of course, plain wrong.

But you could have reacted in a more appropriate manner. This place works when people use the system correctly, responsibly and honestly. That includes using the tools at your disposal (feedback, for example) to deal with problems such as this.

Hmmm, you are on a roll

You must not have read his whole post

"I went and ended his contract which thanks to the lag on odesk, did not reflect any time billed. It forced me to leave feedback which I just left positive because I didn't feel it was right to say anything bad about work he never did."

The client clearly said that he did not see ANY time billed when he ended the contract and left feedback. Since he thought that he was not being charged, he did not want to leave bad feedback since in his mind they parted on good terms with no work done, no hours billed.

Just thought I would point that out since you obviously didnt have your coffee yet.

It also says

It also mentions that the contractor had clearly admitted he could not do the job so giving positive stars for quality and skill is not right. Communication issues are also mentioned, so leaving good feedback in that area is also misleading for any future client.

Furthermore the system does not "force" a client to give feedback any more than it forces a contractor to do so.

There is also no need to get personal. It doesn't make any difference to me, and only reflects on yourself. Just because I happened to not agree with something you said in a totally unrelated thread.....


As a client, you have to leave star ratings when you end a contract, but you dont have to leave a comment. So yes, the system does "force" you to leave feedback. I am not sure if you dont know, or only consider comments as feedback.

For contractors, you dont have to leave stars or comments unless you are the one who cancels the contract, and then you are "forced" to leave at least some type of star rating.

I dont see how you think Heather is being personal, maybe I missed somthing about you two, whetever.

But yeah Petra, really, it's hard to leave any type of feedback be it good or bad if you dont have work product. I think that the contractor was bad, and the client should learn the system on oDesk before dealing with a contractor.

And you seem to be acting kinda harsh when the client is clearly the victim in this instance.,,,,

just my humble opinion


thanks to whoever pointed it out that I didn't know he had charged me and didn't want to mar his record because at the time I didn't have any reason to be upset other than that he wasted my time taking a job he couldn't do. I did leave a comment that actually said something like " the contractor did not have the skills to do the job so no work was done, so I can't really speak for his work. He seemed nice, but I really can't fairly review him."

This was before I realized he was trying to bill me time of course and he has since made that comment private so no one can see it.

Thanks to those defending me, I have thousands of hours here, and worked with many good contractors to help with my work load. I know the system. This was an issue of the system lag which really is very frustrating. I did not see time added until later. Had I known, I would have had left appropriate feedback. This happens a lot. Just the other day I was closing a job out and looked at the contractors time. It said 20 hours. SO I closed the job and billed my clients for 20 hours. Then later 5 hours popped up. So I had to eat the 5 hours.

I have not worked on the contractor side, but I wonder if when a client closes a job they are warned to make sure to apply all their time? If that is the case, contractors can easily game the system because they can take jobs, waste time, say they are sorry and get terminated. Then when the client closes the job, add the hours. For those of us who have a lot of contractors going, we may not always know it. Or some clients may think its ok or just not pay attention.

I just got a response to a new ticket I opened that they are asking him to explain his screenshots. Hopefully the people looking at this understand what they are looking for so he can't just lie.

It is very unfortunate you

It is very unfortunate you had to deal with this scammer. Because of these guys it is very tough for new guys to get hired. Leave about hiring, they don't even ask for interview. I know bad things happened to you but from next time you can be more careful during interviews. Split your jobs in modules. That way you can manage. You have done thousands of hours here, I hope you do more.

Hang in there

Glad you won as you were in the right.

So many claim they are qualified. I bid a WordPress job once and specified that the contractor had to have skills in some WordPress plug ins. One guy was insistent that he knew everything. I asked him if he had experience on the "WordPress Automatic Expoencial Qualifier" plug in.

He swore that yes he knew it well and that it was no problem and I should hire him right away.

There is no such thing as the "Automatic Expo..." I declined him and wrote that he was a friggin waste of my scarce time.

I will say though if you contact Odesk management, they will take care of you.

On a side note, my only suggestion to Odesk management is that they poll some of us clients more regularly for feedback and suggestions. For instance I still find searching for a qualified applicant to produce way too many false positives---I would like to work with Odesk to tweek the contractor search tool but they do not seem to work with us low lifes...


wow ok, you didn't read my post thoroughly, I said, that the system showed 0 hours when I closed the contract so at the time I had no reason to think he did anything wrong other than take a job he was not qualified to do. I have had contractors before, take work and admit they can't do it and not charge for the time they spent to figure that out. Had i known he charged me, I would have had a reason to leave bad feedback.

Where do you go to check the

Where do you go to check the hours before closing a contract? The contracts page and the public profile, and the reports are slow in their updates and if you need a real time picture, you need to check the actual work diary with the screen shots. If that is where you checked and later found hours, this is probably a bug. I'm more inclined to think that after you mention another contract where 5 more hours showed up after you closed the contract and checked.

Secondly, the only a contractor can quickly add hours once the contract is about to be closed is via offline/manual time, which is NOT guaranteed, and you don't have to pay for it if you don't want to.

If it was the workdiary you checked and that's where the extra time popped u, you still might get your funds back. And do confirm if the 5 hours in the second instance were logged properly or were manual.

oDesk Forum Moderator

Always reach for the skies, for even if you fall, you'll still be on the top of the world...

If you look at the reports it

If you look at the reports it says clearly that the information will be updated every 30 minutes (not true, sometimes it can take a few hours). If the contractor worked on your project and had his OdeskTeam application started all the information is uploaded to Odesk servers, even if you do not see the time showing up on your workbook that does not mean that the time was not recorded. You should have waited a few hours and then delete the time you do not agree with from the workbook.

That aside I advise you to filter better the contractors. For me this reflects a clear case of low paid contract and cheap contractor. I think that the statement "you get what you pay for" is already over emphasized here on Odesk.

No, that isn't what I read...

He left the feedback because he said he didn't feel it would be right to give bad based on no work being done he could really critique. He didn't know that time would still pop up, so in my opinion...this is in no way his fault and Odesk is in the wrong for allowing this type of behavior.

oDesk should ask an

oDesk should ask an explanation from the contractor you hired before they decided that way. Maybe you hired a cheap one contractor? Mostly, that's what client pay for.

yeah that is true but

yeah that is true but actually no, he wasn't cheap. I found most people between $15-35 an hour to be pretty good and professional. I don't even include anything under $15 in my searches anymore.

Really sorry to hear this!

Really sorry to hear this! The lag in the system that you mention is actually the weekly payent schedule, your credit card is billed the following Thursday. But didn't his work diaries show logged time?

Secondly, you said you talked to the contractor on Skype where he admitted he didn't know what he was doing right? Take that conversation to oDesk and any other exchange of emails/communications whether on or off oDesk that shows exactly what the contractor was supposed to do. That may help. At least they will investigate the contractor.

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Always reach for the skies, for even if you fall, you'll still be on the top of the world...

I offered to show them this

I offered to show them this but they have not asked. They seem more concerned about his explanations and have not asked me for any proof. I did go through his screenshots and showed how each one has nothing to do with my job. They are now waiting for him to explain now.

hell send it to them anyway.

hell send it to them anyway.

I agree with Petra,

Regardless of what the time log showed, the contractor admitted he lied to you about being able to do the work. AND if you were able to leave feedback, it meant there was time logged somewhere and money would be changing hands.

You're a business woman. If this had happened at a B&M job, would you have given that "employee" a good recommendation for the job for the next poor sap to hire him?


So don't do it here.

When he admitted it, he said

When he admitted it, he said that he thought he could and wanted to try and was sorry he wasted my time. I didn't at the time, feel he was being dishonest perse, just made a poor judgement not to tell me upfront which I scolded him for. I actually have had people take work admitting upfront they have not done that specific task, but asking if they can try and that they wont bill me for the time to try. It wasn't until I saw the time being billed and his response, that I realized it might have been intentional and that I most likely got worked.

I consider myself lucky I have gone this long without having any really bad experiences. It happens. I've learned from it. It wont happen again.

Quote:After making an

After making an inappropriate comment about my photo

Fair play, it is the sort of photo that invites inappropriate comments. Attractive and nicely done, sure, but not exactly a CV photo.
The job clearly outlined SSH and he did not know how to access our server via SSH. He admitted he could not do the job, apologized for wasting my time, and that was that.

The contractor was absolutely in the wrong here...this -rather than evidence of work done; which is time-consuming to verify and probably didn't get done very thoroughly- is what I would have based any dispute on. I think you should try oDesk again from this angle; with any skype logs you have to back it up.
Yet ODESk just decided in his favor, saying that the logs and time was adequately documented and that they don't refund for not being happy with the work??!! I was like wait, what work? If I felt he had done anything whatsoever I would pay for it. He did nothing on my job. And apparently odesk doesn't really look at the screenshots or ask us to explain them.

This is the crux of the problem. It takes time and money to arbitrate that oDesk clearly doesn't want to spend. The hourly job has a guarantee and that -without being backed up by a decent arbitration system- skews the odds in the favour of the contractor...particularly when you consider that if oDesk finds for you then they don't get their 10%. oDesk is in business for oDesk and everything else is secondary.
You might find it an idea to stick to fixed-price jobs where the terms clearly state that you decide whether you're happy and how much to least until you build up a bank of trusted contractors.

People have been fairly unkind about giving good feedback, so I expect you have got the point by now.


HA! Until you made that comment, I did not realize there was an image of me on here. Its strange,I loaded my my logo which shows in my company profile, but I just noticed the other section that has my profile image from my facebook photo, which I am not even sure how that got there. Thanks for telling me that, I just changed it.

Actually the comment he made was on my skype image which isn't the same. Bu even if I post my image of myself in a power bitch business suit, I have the same issue. I guess I have to go back to using my SWG character or some random image.

However, this is still a professional forum and as a contractor, he should use better judgement than to do that with a new client. You don't want to be creepy mccreeperon on a new job.

It was a flirty photo.

It was a flirty photo. Should I -as a contractor- ignore it or attempt a compliment?

EDIT: I have no intention of doing either right now...philosophical question.

If Dani were a man....

If Dani were a man, you would not say that was a "flirty" photo. Because it wasn't.

It was an "arty" photo that showed half the face of an attractive woman.

Unless she was showing immense cleavage (which she wasn't) or a long, expanse of leg (which she wasn't) or anything else that could be considered remotely provocative, her photo should NOT be a reason for her contractor to be unprofessional. ***and not that you said that.***

I have yet, as a middle-age woman, EVER been able to discern what men consider "flirty" and what they don't. I am totally baffled. Wink

You make a good point. As I

You make a good point. As I remember it was arty; taken from above with few clothes in evidence; face and unclad shoulder and pouty expression upwards. It was a very good photo...given the pixels allowed it was awesome. I loved it.

So. Given the effort put into the photo, it's impolite not to mention it; preferably with a mild compliment. And there our argument breaks down because neither of us know what the "inappropriate comment" was and we're both fuelled on horseshit.

If the comment was "You look beautiful in your photo" then -given the photo- that seems reasonable and minimally polite.

If the comment was ***less polite than that*** then it would be reasonable to react in a hostile fashion.

Until further evidence crops up, we're spinning wheels.

The following is just an

The following is just an opinion. Not to be argued about nor comminted on.

If that is the pic I am thinking of, I found it a little too provocative and
not putting forth the image of a business person.

it was

it was just a tight shot of one of my eyes and the side of my nose and part of my mouth. No body or anything. In fact, I actually think it makes my nose look huge!

SO now he is messaging me

Ok he is sending me all these messages trying to justify himself and now I just think he is not a stable person. Keep in mind he applied for a job called MEDIA WIKI SPECIALIST that clearly asked for a specialist and requested experience and to not apply if they had not done the work before.

I also asked him directly in the interview to which he replied "yes I can do this".

Now see his message below where he thinks I should have asked him if he was a beginner, clearly forgetting the job he applied for outlined this and that I also asked him in the interview. What kills me is he is now saying he never told me he could do this? When his interview, he says he can. I don't get what is wrong with this guy. I told odesk all this. You would think that the fact he lied to get the job would be enough, aside from anything else:

"If I have my own business I will ask any developer before start the job, is he expert in that job or beginner. There is always beginners in everything. This doesn't means they will stop applying jobs and stop living. But if somebody spent time on my project he/she should be payable for his/her efforts, end of the day time is matter. There no point of spending $10k on odesk if you are still crawling for $10. I was going through your projects I don't find any of your contract which done in three hours. It was my bad experiences, You hurt my dignity. Just want to give you one suggestion, go fix bids if you want to get more profitable and suck the blood of fault was that I was just tried and after figuring out things I stop working. I never told you I am expert in updating mediawiki or I did that before. I don't think, I need to refund you any single penny. I put efforts on project and got paid, you also gave me feedback for that. Sorry."


I was trying to find this in the rules, but isn't there something in the rules that says contractors cannot misrepresent themselves or take jobs they are not qualified for?

I get odesk makes their money, but I have thousands of hours on odesk, this guy has 100. I don't see why they would risk losing me over this guy who clearly is going to have more issues.

The guy was absolutely in the

The guy was absolutely in the wrong to apply; more wrong when he took your money.


Is all this really over $10?

no, it's not about $10

it's about sending a message.

just be careful next time, Dani. read the kb, test-drive your contractors, use common sense, stick to your long-time contractors, they'll stick to you.

As for you not even looking for professionals under $15/hr, boy did that baffle me! What was that? Is that what you consider? Contractors that work for under $15/hr not to be worth considering? I feel genuinely hurt and desolated, as I fall under that category.

Then you should up your rates.

Looking at your profile and your job history, there is no doubt in my mind that you could do anything someone asked of you in a support category. You're an expert at what you do.

However, if I were a client, and saw you were only charging less than $8 an hour, AND you've worked at jobs for far less than that, I would have second thoughts about your abilities.

Why you ask? Because charging that low a rate tells me that you don't value your skills enough for me to value them.

Trust me when I say -- if I had a choice between picking someone that would work cheap and might do the job, or someone who would work for a bit more money and might do the job, I'd go with the more expensive candidate. Because the more expensive candidate has more to lose by screwing up.

Just something for you to think about.

made me laugh, in a different way

Actually, $8 for a support position is pretty high on oDesk. Those range from $1-5 around here.

Thanks for taking a look at my profile, I worked hard to get it there. How? By taking lower-paid jobs and working up the ranks. Guess I replied to both your first paragraphs in one go.

Why low rates? Please define:Low in compared to what? Low in comparison to US contractors? Yes. Low in comparison to S or SE Asians? No. As for valuing my skills, I do value them. Just that I don't find clients willing to pay for higher rates. Why apply with a higher rate that is going to get me instantly denied and possibly flagged when I can apply with a lower rate, earn client's trust and then ask for a raise in a few months? Am I making sense?

The only thing that makes sense and that I agree totally with you is your 4th paragraph. Now where would I find a client like that?

Just something I had to say. No need to think into this, it's mostly without a value.

As an occasional client (on

As an occasional client (on other platforms) I have a rough idea what I'm prepared to pay for a particular skill or task and I agree with Cate that you're undervaluing yourself. I don't look at contractors who are too cheap; because I wonder what I would be letting myself in for.

That's why I queried that this thread was all about $10...even if the time billed was only an hour, I'd consider myself lucky if I got an expert on anything for $10/hr or less.

Sounds like I have to do some re-thinking

We have a saying : "When someone tells you you're drunk, laugh at them. When two people tell you you're drunk, go to sleep". Since you both are saying the same thing, then I must go do some reshuffling and re-thinking.

As for $10 in this thread, as stated before, this was about sending a message.

Let's just wait for the thread owner to post updates or something before we hijack it.

YARR! It be our thread now,

YARR! It be our thread now, mateys!

Seriously though, too low will kill your chances of landing a contract as much as too high.

Bogdan, some advice

I don't know if you're doing this or not, but if you're ONLY relying on oDesk for gigs, stop it.

Go online and look for other platforms to apply to. Network with friends and family to see if they know of any businesses in your area that need your skills. Buy some business cards and hit up some of your local trade union and business people for jobs.

In other words, you've got to do more than wait on oDesk to make you money. You need to learn how to sell your services elsewhere.

If I relied only on oDesk for jobs, I wouldn't be able to pay my mortgage. Its just not smart business sense to rely on only one client or only one platform for jobs.

You say $8 is high for oDesk and you're right, because oDesk has become, unfortunately, generally a land of bottom feeders clients and lowball contractors. Only occasionally will you find clients on here willing to pay the right price for quality.

Look around at other platforms and what other people in your category --- NOT in your country ---are charging. This has become a global economy where anyone from anywhere can charge as much, or as little, as they like. Don't undersell yourself.


No, its not over $10, I think he was trying to insult me, saying that I only hire people at $10 an hour Which is funny because he charges $11 so he basically insulted himself.

When I hire, I put $8 to $50. I actually don't look for cheap, I look for qualified, and to be honest, some of the best people I have found are in the $10-15 range, the ones in $30-50 weren't as good. This sounds terrible, but in the beginning I tried to only hire US workers in the highest range, but they were slow, entitled, and not very good. It was the Indian, Egyptian and Filipino workers that were better. I am sure there are good US workers here, I just never found any.

One of the contractors I have used for over a year started at $10 an hour. She has a masters in computer science and is amazing. I don't even look at her snapshots, I trust her 100%. She even helps me manage other odesk people. I asked her why she only charges $10 an hour is she said that its considered very good where she comes from. I give her bonuses, because she is great. I consider her a permanent member of my team now, just as if she were here.


If she's as good as you say she is, and I have no reason to doubt that, she is underselling herself. She's underselling herself by charging only $10 an hour and by staying on oDesk to get jobs without looking elsewhere.

Because elsewhere, no matter where she is from, she could make more money.

My rates are considered high for here. But I charge less on oDesk than I do other places because I know I'm topping out here...and I still get jobs. But I also get jobs -- and better paying ones -- elsewhere.

You're being disingenuous if you think those people you're paying $10-15 can't make more elsewhere, because they can. They just have to learn and believe they can.


Most, if not all people on oDesk, either oversell or undersell themselves. And yes, you can oversell yourself at $2/hr and you can undersell yourself at $40/hr, for example.

$10-15 range

Dani K. wrote:

When I hire, I put $8 to $50. I actually don't look for cheap, I look for qualified

I think you trick yourself.


how do I trick myself?

in my opinion

You look for qualified but you had hired cheap contractor who don't even knew what is ssh.
How сan this be?
This is a rhetorical question.

read my post

you didn't read my posts.

they guy I chose first, was the more expensive of the 3 qualified candidates. He told me he had experience, that he had successfully done what I was asking for, and that he knew SSH which I clearly required in the job posting.

This is the whole point of this thread, that the guy lied about his qualifications and I didn't find out until he was trying to do the job.

they guy I hired next to finish the job was actually cheaper and he did the job perfectly.

"Dani K. 23 posts - United

"Dani K. 23 posts - United States - Joined Jun 18 2011
No, its not over $10, I think he was trying to insult me, saying that I only hire people at $10 an hour"

"they guy I hired next to finish the job was actually cheaper and he did the job perfectly."

I understood you correctly, second contractor was more cheaper than first? less $10?

Hi there, I was just

Hi there,
I was just following this thread and found it interesting (or have several comments that attract me) like this one below:

It was the Indian, Egyptian and Filipino workers that were better. I am sure there are good US workers here, I just never found any.

Make me sad that Indonesian workers don't count as hard workers... JK

From my POV, after seeing the message he sent you on his dispute regarding refunding the money back it's quite obvious that he doesn't speak English well. I wonder how you two communicate on Skype (whether via chat or phone).

I still think that the contractor is the wrong side, and all you did as i can see was considered to be descent. But i don't think that this incident can be generally reflect oDesk weakness, as you stated earlier also that you had find a wonderful oDesk contractor which you can trust, in fact i haven't find any trustable employer also who i can be partnered with. If you allow me to share a story i could tell you that my first job interview here in oDesk almost got me scammed, i had an invitation for interview from an employer that asked me my Skype address. After i had given her/him (i can't be sure) the one that contacted me was a different person and stated he had no idea on who the person invited me to interview. I messaged the person who had me invited, he/she was not responding. While the funny thing is the person that was talking to me through Skype asked me to work for him without using oDesk. I clearly stated that i only do works through oDesk and yet he was insisted that he never get my contact through oDesk. I think to be fair said, there is also employers who had bad intention on taking advantages from oDesk contractors and vice versa, but i believe if our intention is good and honest things will sort out well. So let this incident be your experience and let others take knowledge from this, all i can say is if only i was the one who get the your invitation for interview i would have said that i practically not mastering SSH and only know that field for general use, and i will leave you to decide. That i guess the fairest answer a contractor can give if he/she mistakenly applied to the job he had no knowledge in it. But that just me, and i don't know about others.



By definition, that contractor was spamming if he replied to that ad and misrepresented himself.

A "specialist" is someone who knows what they're doing in a given field, not someone just starting out. Its a damn shame that any client should have to come on here and put up with this kind of behavior from a so-called "professional" but it happens all the time.

I applied to a job yesterday where I WAS the only fully-qualified specialist -- but got told by the client that my rate was too high and there were other "qualified" applicants willing to do the job for less. Well, no there weren't. There were people who didn't meet the job specs AT ALL and one guy who said he did, but whose listed educational degree would NOT allow him to be licensed over here.

"You hurt his dignity"....what a load of hogwash.


VICTORY! ODESK found in my favor and locked his account until he refunds me.

I am really happy to see odesk took the time to really look into it and made it right, I feel much better and safer here now.

He refunded me right away of course, saying "enjoy the money". He just doesn't get it.

The whole thing is so weird. At first I thought he was just clueless or there was a language issue and he didn't understand how odesk worked. He really seemed to believe that you can just apply for any job and that the client should pay for your efforts to figure the job out. When he said I should have asked him if he had experience, I had to wonder, did he not recall the interview process or clear job description?

Also when I reviewed the Skype conversations, it was something like this:

"What file do you need".

Him "ok."

"NO I need to know what you are asking me for. An What are these files you are downloading?"

"Yup" (and send me the files in a file transfer)

Me "Maybe I am not being clear. You are using FTP, this site requires SSH. You need backup the site using SSH, then upload the update."

"How about you download the files and send them to me."

"WHAT? Ok you obviously can't do this"

"Yes I can't do this"


But after his messages to me, its not a language issue. I still can't tell if its intentional or he is clueless. Either way, he needed to understand what he did wrong.

My mistake was I assumed that Odesk would look at all the recorded stuff and that I just had to tell my story and they would look at everything and tell me what rules he violated. That was no the case.

You have to make it very easy for them. Find the exact policies they violated, then show them proof.

After everything I sent, it ended up simply being the comments "I never said I was a specialist that I could do the job" which proved he violated the following policies:

-Misrepresenting skills, experience

-Applying when you are not truly qualified or cannot commit to completing the job

Good for you!

And I liked your pic BTW, thought it was arty and attractive without being provocative. Smile

The guy was just a jerk.

thank you!

thank you!

Dani! So happy for you! And

Dani! So happy for you! And considering his Skype answers, he really sounds weird! Makes me wonder ho you ended up hiring such a fellow in the first place? How did he do in the interview? I mean didn't you ask him any particular questions as to HOW he would get the job done for you? With that IQ he should have stood out like a beacon from the very beginning.

Still, it's great to know things worked out for you and for future, always, and I mean ALWAYS, do an audio Skype interview before hiring a new contractor, no matter what their portfolio or cover letter claims! That way you'll know before hiring if the person has the required skills or not. Ask technical and specific questions like What would do to resolve xyz kind of issue, or how will you manage this this part of the job?

There are good, honest contractors as well bad ones here on oDesk. So make sure you know exactly what you are getting into before you click that Hire button Smile

Hope you find a great contractor to take over the project!

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bait and switch

Yes I did interview him. He seemed ok at that time. That is part of why odesk supported me, because the conversation was normal. He said he was ready to start right away, he had experience, he said he understood the work. I had about 22 other people. More than half of them I declined off the bat either because they didn't match my requirements, or because I asked people to specifically reply with 3 things which is how I weed out spam.

So he won the job based off of his interview which he was not honest in.

After this guy blew it, I went to the guy that was my second choice (who was cheaper actually) and he did a fantastic job. He took care of things right away and I plan to use him again.