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Problem with fixed price jobs-no escrow payment system

I recommend not using this site for the reasons below:
I posted a fixed price job, put my money in & both contractor & I agreed to cancel the job. I thought the money would go into an 'escrow' system but it didn't (nowhere on the site is this made obvious). Now I have lost the money, it is paid to the contractor & he didn't even complete the job! Now I have to beg the contractor for the money back! There is no customer support or contact email address anywhere!
Elance is a much better system, there is an escrow facility, if you cancel a fixed price job & both you & contractor agree to revised terms (lets say part payment for work already done) then Elance automatically refunds your money. I won't be using this site again.

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oDesk does not offer escrow.

oDesk does not offer escrow.

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Customer Support is here:

Bye, Here let me help you on


Here let me help you on your way out:

I like this site just fine.

"(nowhere on the site is this made obvious)"

It's very obvious for the reason you just stated.

Support is

Support is here: