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Communication Media with Client

I am new to oDesk, I have doubt about the communication system.
ie. As I am a Contractor when I selected by a client, which communication
system is using to the interview by the client. If I start a "Fixed Price" contract
with a Client, Can i communicate with my client through the 'oDesk Team App', and
Can I send huge work files and Chat continuously with the 'oDesk Team App'.
I would like to get a clear information about this.

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Once you are in the interview

Once you are in the interview stage, you can exchange email ids/IM accounts/ Skype details to communicate regularly with your client. Usually clients don't use the team app to communicate with contractors (to the best of my knowledge) but you could use that too if they were online.

Once you are being interviewed or are hired, you can ask for the client's preference in terms of communications, how often would he like to hear from you? What tools to use and so on. Give your contact details and request theirs that way you'll find out about their preference.

As far as attachments are concerned, you can use the oDesk message center for files up to 5MB, anything above that either needs to be compressed or you'll have to send it via your personal email or tools like Dropbox. The oDesk message center should be your first priority as it helps keep a record of whatever has been completed delivered to the client.
Hope this helps!

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Thank you for information

Thank you for detailed information

Where can I get invitation message

I have one more doubt, when a client select me amoung the number of candidates, how the client inform it to me, is it through oDesk inbox. How can i able to know that i am selected ?

You will get a notification from oDesk.

Have you checked the message center? You have the option of receiving email notifications. Check out the Email preferences tab.

Thank You

When i post this yesterday someone asked me to read again and again the learning center. I am not very good in English, i read again, everything is explained well there, but i did'nt get any information as per my doubt about the 'client's responds to a selected candidate'. But now i understand well. Thank you for your exact professional reply.